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Shirdi Sai Devotee Bhavana Tirumalasetty from India Says : Sairam. Thank You so much Baba for making me a part of Mahaparayanam. I am Bhavana of MP-56. Mahaparayan is His leela to make us one more step closer to Him.

Coming to my experience I had the habit of going to evening arathi every Thursday during my stay in hostel. I asked my mother to accompany me to Sai Baba temple one Thursday in November. She said that she would come next week and asked me to go with my father. Every Thursday something or the other was happening and she kept on postponing. Finally on 15th February she agreed to come with me. We took an auto as it was too far from my home. While I was paying money to the auto driver I saw the holy book Sai Satcharitra with him. I felt happy.

Arathi was about to start so we stood in line for arathi. A lady was searching for something. I asked her, “are you searching for arathi book”. She replied yes. I gave her arathi book which I bought from Shirdi. She felt happy. I and my mom started singing from arathi pdf that I have in my phone. Arati was then over. The lady gave my book back with happiness. We came out and were about to join the darshan line. I was thinking in my mind and prayed to Baba, "You Said that whatever help we do we shouldn’t expect anything in return and help without any doubts but during the arathi I kept reminding myself that I should take back that book. That was not good on my part. Please remove my bad thoughts and let me help whenever I can selflessly. Then I thought I will give 10 Rs note that I have to Baba. We were waiting in line for touching Baba's idol. A man said "this God is named Sai Baba". I thought why was he saying like that? Anyone who comes to the temple know that He is Baba. Why to mention it specially? Then an old lady said "For me all are one. You say this is Baba. When you wear black clothes you say it is Ayyappa. All Are One. For me there is no difference. I pray all Gods as one. I am not concerned with the name. "

My turn came and I touched Baba's idol. I was standing for taking prasadam. Pujari announced that whoever wanted to do parayan could take Satcharitra from him and he would allot the chapters. I took prasad and sat in the temple. I started Satcharitra reading. I wanted to read one chapter a day,  daily. I completed first adhyayam and that same old lady came and sat beside me. Here goes the conversation.

She: What is that? Is it Baba's book?

Me: yes
She: Do you read it daily?
Me: Yes I am starting to read everyday
She : Is she your mother?
Me: yes
She: I have a very big family and have many children. They are making arrangements for my Shastipoorthi(60 years function ). I don't need all those arrangements but for their happiness I am going there andI feel happy to see my children happy. Would you like to contribute anything? After this I am going to Shirdi.

I gave the 10 Rs note I had without thinking anything.

She (Baba): Your mother will be taken care of and you will be married soon.

We came out. Then I realised it was Baba all through the time giving hints but could not recognise Him. How foolish I am. He gave a message that SAB KA MALIK EK HAI. All Gods are one. The function He was referring to was the Centenary celebrations going on everywhere. He blessed me and took the money I wanted to give Him. He also made me give the money without having any thoughts in my mind and within minutes of me praying. He listens to every thought and every talk we have with Him. Even the chapter I was supposed to read for Mahaparayan was about how Baba attends the ceremony with two more members but Mr . Dev could not recognise Him when Baba came for His mother's Udyapan ceremony. His leelas are numerous. Bless everyone so that we never leave Your holy feet.

Let all our thoughts be on You.
Bhavana Tirumalasetty

Thank You Bhavana ji for giving me an opportunity to edit such a beautiful experience or rather your moments with Baba! Yes Baba so wisely in lady’s disguise conveyed His message of Sabka Malik Ek Hai. And why would anyone ask for his or her birthday celebration? And if that lady would have been an ordinary human asking for money why would she be satisfied with just Rs. 10? If she had come to temple and was immediately going for her 60th celebration why was none of her family members with her as she being elderly as well and also it was an important day of her life? The lady also mentioned that she has a very big family who all are making arrangements.Yes She was Baba Who again very wisely referred His Centenary Celebrations and all His children across the globe who are making the arrangements. She blessed you but also referred about your mother too which was surprising! Really His Ways Are His Ways and truly amazing! Love You Baba. Jai Jai Ho Sai…!

-Pooja Garg
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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen...!


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  1. Koti koti pranams baba. You are soo blessed bhavana ji to get Baba's blessing in person and to donate to him directly.i had goosebumps while reading thank you for sharing.

  2. Indeed a very beautiful and an amazing experience. You are really blessed..Sai's leelas are simply unfathomable..Gave me goosebumps. Jai Sai Ram,Jai Sai Ram

  3. Great experience. I too had one such an experience as soon as I started reading parayan. I hv shared. Don't know whether it is published. HE , our SAI is Para Brahma

  4. Sai loves everyone who have shradha and saburi in all his decisions. We should trust Him and He is ours.

  5. This is such a wonderful experience! You are blessed to meet Baba in person. This reinforces the devotees faith in Baba. Om Sai!!

  6. Bhavana ji, your experience gave the answer to my puzzle. I wondered if praying to Baba was equivalent to praying to the creator of this universe. I don't have much personal experience with Baba for the past four years and i think that he has forsaken me. Hence that doubt in my mind. Thanks for sharing your experience. Baba may, after all, be God himself. ����

  7. Thank you for sharing such wonderful beautiful experience. Indeed SHE was BABA.

  8. Sairam 🙏 what a beautiful and divine experience..we also feel blessed to hear your experience..

  9. Such a beautiful experience Baba has so sweetly referred to His centenary celebrations...Sai is so merciful..May you your married life and your mother and family all stay blessed by Sai...Om Sai Nathay Namah...Swami Samarth

  10. Om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram
    Koti koti parayanan baba
    It's a very beautiful and amazing experience sai Baba.

  11. Om Sairam Such a beautiful experienced Bhavana ji. Sab ka malik ek is very true. Even I had the same experience. Last Thursday I was very tensed because of some financial problems. But baba in form of Tuljapur devi came to my dreams and said that I should pay him 120 rupees.So immediately I went to the Bhavani mata mandir and donated 120 rupees. With in four days all my financial problems got resolved. Thank you very much Baba. Om Sairam

  12. You are truly blessed! Such a wonderful experience! Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Initially, when I came across this Mahaparayan, I started it without any expectation. Once I started it, many issues have been taken care of starting from getting a job, to my son’s little medical test, to my health which is on its way of getting better without having to ask for it. He keeps reminding me that he is always there. On Sai Ram��