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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Manibala from India says : Om Sai Ram. I am from MP-142 Mahaparayan group. During this Mahaparayan journey Baba have blessed me by giving His darshan in my dreams. And those Dreams are so wonderful which would always make me to feel His Presence everywhere. In my previous posts I had shared some of my beautiful Sai Dream experiences and here is one more which I wish to share with all my Sai Family.

Last night I slept so late at about 3 am and I woke up so early at about 6 am. In this short time span of my sleep, I got a dream. After getting up at 6 am, I just keep trying to remember my dream. At last for about 2 hours of thinking, I could make out and then remembered all that of my dream which I had dreamt last night. My dream goes like this.

There was a old village, mostly it seemed like an ancient life. There was a land which was un fertile. It had cracks all over the Land. It was vast in area. This land was dry and not able to make crops and cultivation. I think it was my family who was the owner of that Land. I don't know the persons whom I saw in my dream but they seemed to be my family in that past life.

Then one fine day, I took large amount of Sai Baba's Udi and began to spread all over the uncultivated dry Land. Later my father (Father in that past life) began to raise "Cotton crop" in that land after I spread large amount of Udi over it.

Days passed, the yield was yet to arrive. Thinking about all these, one fine day the crop yielded about *84 Quintals of cotton.* We all felt very lucky and were very happy. We weren't able to explain our happiness. We thought, that all had happened only due to our Sai's Blessings and Miraculous Udi.

Usually that Land yields only maximum about 10 Quintals of crop, but here we had gained nearly 10 times of the yield. This is all happened only because of Sai and His Udi's miracle. Then an Old Man (Sai Baba) came towards me saying, "You Know Child!! This All Have Happened Not Because That You Are Praying Only Me, But It Have Happened As You Are Giving Food To The Poor. You Are Finding A Way To Provide Food To The Hunger. When You Do This All, God Will Find A Way To You".

Later after sometime, I was walking to a place over a long distance and it seemed like a dense forest. I began to make perambulations around a big Tree. I don't know the name of that tree but I was making rounds around that tree and was chanting something. Far away from me, nearly 15-20 meters distance away from me a Sadhu with long braids and another person who had spread Udi all over his body (like clothes) and with long braids and beard (Seems like Aghora)was coming towards me with a long and thick wooden stick. Then I trembled with fear and started running. There I found "Shirdi Sai Baba temple". Some people were going into the temple, along with them I too joined. My Dream ended here.

Here the happiest thing to know is, "The above described all that happened, was at Shirdi and this proved that I used to live in Shirdi in my past life". Even I have seen some visions in my dream and described about "Old Shirdi" in my Past Dream Experience Posts (which I have pen down in my previous posts). And now this is one more dream experience about the "Old Shirdi".

Baba have blessed me with such beautiful dreams during Mahaparayan journey. Feeling so blessed and happy to share all my experiences with you all.


Baba has always loved Annadaan(food donation) and always taught about its importance when He was embodied. He has His own ways to keep reminding and blessing His children. He used to take bhiksha only to take away some karma of His devotees along with it and thus bless them Love You Sai. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

-Pooja Garg
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  1. Really wonderful experience Manibala ji. You are so blessed. Koto koti pranams to you. Sai manifests through such devotees. Could you please let me know the links to your other dream based experiences? It would be great reading them as well.