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Shirdi Sai Devotee Isha Shruti from India says : One Thursday there was my exam and I reached home at 6 pm and was very much tired . It is a rule that we have to complete our paath (chapter allocated for MP raeding) till 7:30pm to that it helps the tracking to volunteers, but I was so much tired so I slept and forgot about the paath. Somehow I woke up before 7:30 and then after seeing whatsapp messages I realised that I had not completed my paath.

I was very much worried and really not feeling well, so I requested in other groups asked that anyone could do the paath of Satcharitra on my behalf(I forget chapter no.). Now one of Baba's devotee got ready and she read on my behalf before 7:30 pm ie (In between 7 to 7:30)and then I reported my completion in parayan group.

I was still not in peace and feeling very guilty by thinking that It was my duty which Baba has given to me with so much of faith and belief and also some negative feeling came into my mind like "Why could I not read today's parayan Baba? Am I not worthy for it? Or done any mistake?" At the same time I decided to do my paath but It was already 7:20pm. Still I didn't quit and I said to Baba that "I am going to complete my parayan remembering You and if Archana di wouldn't have posted the completion image before my reading then I think that You accepted my parayan jaap and I am worthy of it, because main image posted by Archana di means that parayan is done by all ("main samay khatm hone ke baad bhi apne chapters padhne ja rahi hu jo mere aaj ke alotted chapter hai, aur agar Archana di ne mere paath khatm hone se pehle main completion image post nahi kia to mai samajh jaungi ki aapne mera paath accept karlia, kyuki mujhse jaan bujh ke galti nahi hui hai aur mai is kaabil hu").

Once I was done when I opened my Whatsapp and I saw that she had not posted the main pic and it was approx 8pm. I was so much happy and satisfied that Baba accepted my small puja and forgave me. Thank You so much Baba, without You, I am nothing at all and You know that.

I would also like to thank Puja di who provide such a beautiful seva to us and connecting us more to Baba, also big thanks to Hetal di because of her page "Devotees experience", I am connected more with Baba and came to know more about Baba and most special thanks to Archana di who always helped me a lot in my bad timings and still supporting me every time with lots of patience and always give me strength by her words which really helps me always and last but not the least thank you each and everyone. May Baba bless all and fulfill all your dreams. Baba please help me for my job and my biggest dream.

Om Sai Ram.
Isha Shruti

Reading till 7.30 is for assisting volunteers in their tracking service as there are thousands of devotees involved. Above all, all doing Baba’s seva managing and balancing with their daily wordly chores and responsibilities. As long as the day is not over its fine and one can inform the volunteer. This is fine sometimes. Even a small leaf offered with love and reverence is accepted and cherished by Baba, He doesn't want any paraphernalia but only our true devotion, He always speaks to us but we need His grace to have eyes that can see Him in others, Ears that can hear His call through others and a Heart that can feel His around us. Love You Sai. Jai Jai Ho Sai...!

-Pooja Garg
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