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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Swati Ghosh from India says : Sai Ram Mahaparayan team, Please find my experience mentioned below. My name is Swati andI am part of "MPE-140 Ankita Sai" team. My humble obeisances to all of you who are toiling hard day and night to make this Mahaparayan happen. May Sai bless you always.

Jayatu Jayatu Sri Sainath Maharaj! Dear Sai devotees, like you I am one of our Sai’s daughter, basking in His shower of ever-divine love and grace. I am in Ankita Sai’s Mahaparayan group MP-140 and part of VSP, SMP and Naam japa as well. Thanks in advance to you for going through this extremely lengthy post. Before I pen down my experience let me invoke Sainath’s blessings for writing this experience. It is with His grace only that we can do anything in this world, be it spiritual or temporal. Since He is the Doer, hence I rest all my incompetence at His feet.

Sai, I know You as my Mother and my Father first, then as a Guru or a Friend. Without You, I am nothing. I really do not know what I should say and pray. Since You reside in all of us, I believe that You know me better than I know myself. Hence, it if for You only to decide what I should pray for. I am just a puppet in Your hands. Hence, I have no worries, for I know that You will take care of everything. I am Your creation; all my vices have also been bestowed by You. Hence, it is unto You only to cleanse me of them and show me Your light. I see people doing so many sadhanas to get You. They are also endowed with so many virtues that Bhakti and other required spiritual attributes come naturally to them. But You are aware of the lacuna and vices in me, which keep cropping up now and then. Hence it is again unto You only, to replace them with Bhakti and never-failing love for Your Feet. When You have given me birth, it is Your responsibility to raise me up to be Your kid. I am just not going to take any responsibility for my salvation.

Thanks Pooja ji, Hetal ji and the Mahaparayan team, for being the torchbearers of Saism in our lives. It is through divine souls like You that Sai is instructing us and binding us in a spiritual discipline. Earlier, I was not regular with Sai Satcharitra, Naam Japa and Vishnu Sahasranama Parayan. But these Sai movements have eliminated that factor. This is Sai’s way of taming irresponsible souls like me who only commit in words and put nothing into action. Though Sai helps me in all ways, each and every day, yet there are a few which I would like to put forward in this platform. And here, they go.

Giving me a job – I am into IT and was jobless for almost 4 months and was trying out various interviews. But I was unable to crack most of them. Then came one from a reputed company, which I easily got through (almost without a proper technical interview) and the HR was after me to accept their offer. But the following is written in Sai Satcharitra – “A child wants sweets, but its mother gives bitter pills; the former spoils its health, while the latter improves it. So the mother looking to the welfare of her infant, coaxes it and gives it bitter pills.”

Before the offer letter came from this company, Sai foreseeing some danger made me read a story about a traveler who resting under a tree was unable to drink water to quench his thirst. Later on, that water turned out to be snake’s poison. And, thus was the moral of the story that sometimes immediate gratification of our desires is dangerous. The stories and Sai’s words which we come across is always His medium to instruct us. They are not just any co-incidences.

When I read the story, I did not understand its significance. But later, seeing the turn of the events that followed I did. Sai re-confirmed me this when I cast chits to get His decision. He did not allow me to join this company, though it would have made an earlier end to my joblessness.

Similar thing followed with another company as well. And my bad luck continued. But Sai would always keep my spirits up. Even my family motivated me a lot. Later on, in October last year, I got through another company and that was by His sheer grace. How I cleared it was again a series of miracles. I was late for the interview, and to reach the venue I had to change my means of conveyance thrice. But He saw to it, that I reached there in the nick of time.

It always seemed as if He had kept those buses and autos ready for my travel. In the technical round also, the lead seemed to prepare me for the next level of interview and so the next round also went on smoothly. It all looked like a setup. The lead was asking me to join soon and I was amazed at the turn of events. Though I don’t like taking favors and recommendations, yet they were all here already in place for me. It was all Sai’s setup.

I was still unable to get in terms with the situation and before I reached home, I had cast my lots and He said “Yes, Accept”. Then I understood that it was all His play. He wanted me to join this company. I joined it last December; the location was inconvenient, quite far from my house and my family also had to suffer in some ways. So, we had to change my house. It was a big leap for us. Even at office, things were not easy. But I still trust Him and I can feel Him helping me in all my work. Incompetent that I am, things often seem to go awry for me, but then I can feel Him backing me up, lifting my spirits and asking me not to lose heart, but to fight hard.

Getting our advance back from our previous landowner – As mentioned in the previous miracle, we had to change our house due to my new job. Most of the Bangaloreans would have faced the nightmares given by the landowners here. We had paid a lump sum amount as advance to our previous landowner. But we were not sure if we would get the amount back when we vacate the house. We always took good care of the house with even ensuring that our kid does not write on the walls.

The landowner demanded that we paint the house before we leave and would say things, that would make us wonder if we were going to get the money back at all. The general rule says that a month’s rent would be deducted from the advance payment. This amount would include the painting as well as damage charges. But here in our case we had done the painting as well as the necessary repairs. We had already shifted to the new house and my husband had to commute long distances (Bangalore’s traffic is hell-nasty) to get the old house painted.

Despite the efforts we put, we were not convinced if the landowner would give us the proper amount back. I always felt that Sai will take care; but yes, sometimes hearing the owner’s words and seeing my husband getting tensed, I would get infuriated.

The day of handover came and the landlord had come down for inspection. There were some door and wardrobe locks, which we had never used all the while when we were staying there. Few days before handover, my husband had tested the locks, and they were not working. But that day, during inspection, by our Mother Sai’s grace everything worked perfectly fine. All the locks, electrical wirings and other attachments passed the owner’s tests.

I had invoked Sai’s help and He really did. To our amazement, the owner refunded the entire advance amount. It was beyond our expectations. Though my husband is perplexed as to how did this happen, yet I am sure that it was our Sai Who saw to it that we don’t lose money to injustice. Truly, when Sai is there, why should we fear.

Letting me reach the bus stop in time – In my previous house, I would have to walk some distance to reach my office shuttle stop. Often, I would be late and would be running to reach the stop. I would chant Ram Naam or Hanuman Chalisa or Sai Naam on the way. Many days, Sai would help me by sending an auto or by arranging some lifts(from my neighbors) or by ensuring that the bus is delayed.

There is a Hanuman temple across my stop and I can feel the divine feeling which one gets while doing Ram Naam jaap in front of Hanuman ji. Some days He would see to it that I complete the entire jaap of Ram Naam for 108 times and then the bus would arrive.

Once I had to visit the Meenakshi temple. But I was in a dilemma about whether I should visit it before going to the office or after returning from the office. I put my doubts at Sai’s feet and that day I missed the office shuttle. I understood it was Sai’s way of letting me know His decision. I took an auto to the temple, had a memorable darshan of my Holy Mother and Lord Shiva and from there I went to the office.

There are many more miracles which Sai plays in my day to day life; Sai never fails to amaze me. I know that holding His hand, I can successfully cross this bhav-sagar. Sai please be with me and millions of Your other children. We are Your dependents and if You forsake us, then we will be lost. We would have nowhere to go and find shelter in this stormy world. Hence, please keep us always at Your feet and shower Your love on us and bless us incessantly.

Jai Sai, Sri Sai, Jai Jai Sai, Jai Ram, Sri Ram, Jai Jai Ram.
Swati Ghosh

Baba is everywhere, at every place and is present at every moment with us. So when we come across situations and people that and who are catalyst in our smallest to biggest endeavours the least we could do is to do naman on our Baba’s feet mentally in our hearts and show gratitude for every blessing that comes our way for Baba too loves His devotees acknowledging His Love and Grace. He will never forsake His children or anyone. Love You Sai. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

-Pooja Garg
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