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Shirdi Sai Devotee Divya Sharma from India says : Om Sairam! Today I am going to narrate the biggest miracle of my life that has given me the immense happiness. Mahaparayan has changed my life which cannot be expressed in words.

I am Divya Sharma who became part of Mahaparayan which was in itself a miracle. Last year in the month of July I was sitting at home and suddenly a thought came in my mind that lets read devotees’ experience of Sai Baba today as many days have passed and I have not gone through it. There I read about Mahaparayan. I sent the mail and with crossed fingers waited for the confirmation mail as there were limited seats. But it was Baba’s wish that I got the call about my enrollment. I felt Baba had chosen me. There are so many wishes in my mind but the biggest of it was to get married to the person whom I love which I know will never be possible due to certain big issues. I pray to Baba that I know the person whom I love is not in my destiny but will Mahaparayan not change my destiny.

Time passed and in the month of December my parents fixed my alliance with someone else as they had no knowledge about my affair. The day boy and his parents were coming to see me I broke down in front of my parents that I can’t marry anyone else. My parents said that they will support me but I have to tell them the whole details about the boy and his family. I said that I need some time. I was in deep thinking as I knew that when I will disclose the name my parents would just kill me and would be highly disappointed that what foolishness I had done. At night my mom came to me and asked me to tell about the boy. Thousand times she asked from me and then finally I disclosed the name with this feel that now my mom will slap me. But wonders of wonder my mom said ok and that she talk with would my dad and we would surely support me. I was wonderstruck that was it the reality that my mom didn’t give any reaction? In the morning mom talked with dad and another miracle dad too said ok. There were many issues but our parents ignored which was the biggest surprise. In reality it was my Baba Who was doing all this. My brother also did not object. It was another miracle for me.

Slowly and gradually Baba made everything happened. Our families met, they liked each other. There were certain doubts in mind of my family but everything was made well by my Baba. The biggest thing of my life happened that finally my Baba changed my destiny. Baba failed the predictions of astrologers and I got married to my beloved which was an impossible event. Can’t fully express in words that how it was impossible. Only I can say Baba can do anything provided we have faith. It was my vow to write experience if my wish gets fulfilled. I have some other wishes also regarding permanent job and shifting to new house. Hope Baba will fulfil. Love You Baba. Please bless all of us. Thousand times thanks from the bottom of my heart. Baba please be with me. I love You.

Om Sairam.
Divya Sharma

For Baba nothing is impossible! When unwavering faith and patience becomes possible Baba too makes the impossible possible! Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg
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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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