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When Lord Baba Plans Impossible Transits To Possible

I feel honored to be given this opportunity to pen down first post of this blog – Experiences of MahaParayan. I am very much thankful to Lord Sai Baba for inculcating idea of MahaParayan in Sai sister Pooja. Her soul is very selfless and pure, thus I feel He chose her. While discussing matter with regards to this experience, when it wasn't resolved, she showed her confidence on Lord Baba that He will take care of it and somehow we would witness fruits of MahaParayan. So she said if problem gets resolved, she would like me to inaugurate this Experiences of MahaParayan Blog with my experience. On her insistence and thereby reciprocating her feelings towards me, I start my experience. Lord Baba, You always write making me medium, kindly do so this time as well.

All happenings are of few days back, just a night before we started MahaParayan and that too BMP Khichadi 4 AM on Dusherra of 2017 (September 30). A day before it, i.e. September 29, I worked on blog till 4 PM and then got busy with my son Krishaang’s studies. I had an unexpected guest at home for dinner and all were done with it except me. I just took my plate to have dinner and Pooja called. She informed me that our blog (Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba) is not working and someone from USA had just dropped message on Whatsapp to her regarding the same and he is willing to help in whatever way possible. She took my permission to share my number with him and asked him to call me. I realized what had happened and was clueless as to what will happen next. But Lord Baba has pre-planned things and happenings well in advance, two months back!

July 18, is my mother’s birthday. It was planned to go to her place after Krishaang returns from school. When he got down from bus he seemed cranky and upset. To cheer him up I told him, “Yay, we are going to Aaji’s (grandma as called in Marathi) home. Usually he jumps with joy on knowing this but he gave me plain NO to go. I was surprised but still couldn’t believe that and told him to stop throwing his silly tantrums and we needed to rush. After reaching home he lay down on couch and started crying hiding his face. Now I was tensed. I asked him what happened; he said his teacher hit him at school. I couldn’t believe him again as now a days students of pre-primary are not even scolded then a beating was totally out of question. Though his teacher is little strict and shouts in anger which scares kids but I consider that necessary to handle hyper-active kids counting to 25-30 numbers in a classroom. I repeated same question in different manner and trouble shot to every possible aspect but his answer was the same. I was now frightened, tensed and worried to the core. Today’s kids are not even safe at school owing to child abuse cases, what if he was a victim to it, was he really beaten and such negative thoughts were surrounding me. Surpassing them, I somehow managed to convince him to go to my mother’s place where he wanted to sleep on reaching.

When he woke up he was still upset and down with fever. I and my father took him to hospital as we felt it’s high time for diagnosis (and/or counseling) as he was not active as usual and did not eat anything after he returned from school. Doctor said it was throat infection and nothing to worry. While taking medicines from the store, my father did not have enough change. So I offered him my credit card while Krishaang was insisting me to pick him up as he was feeling weak. My father said he will first try to get change, if person denies he will use card. I took Krishaang near two wheeler and made him sit on it. My father returned with medicines and we returned home.

After a week i had to go to grocery store. That time I searched my wallet to take out my credit card, I couldn’t trace it. All pockets were emptied but no luck to it. Recalling incidences I realized that I took out my card outside pharmacist store the last time. My father remembered returning it to me but I was totally blank. I felt may be I have dropped it on road thinking I am keeping it in my sling without noticing. He was confident but I was not able to remember that part of the moment even after repeated thinking and trials. Two days I spent in searching card in all my wallets, slings, handbags, drawers and what not. Recalling incidents of using it last time was making me more depressed as Krishaang wasn’t well, but what was haunting me was the beating he said he got at school. The same day when Krishaang was taken to hospital, I called up his classmate’s father who is in turn my school mate. He told me that Krishaang had not got any beating but his son was scolded for not finishing his meal. As we discussed the matter we even predicted that teacher might have touched his cheek gently but in anger and so he took it as a beating, but we couldn’t conclude anything. However we decided to catch hold of parents of their classmates in school over phone or social media personally and ask if same case was with their kids. We got in touch of few parents and received reports like their kids complaining about teacher scolding in loud voice and also they sometimes did not want to go to school. I was more tensed as with so many pros and cons we decided on a school for Krishaang and when such consequences come forward, as a parent it’s a moment of high alert. However when I discussed whole matter with my husband he said we first need to take care of Krishaang’s health and we can get into school issue later. But back of my mind I was restless. After few days my school mate talked over phone with head of department in school and she took necessary action, the issue stands solved now. If Krishaang wasn’t sick, this matter could not have come to our notice and that Lord Baba took care of brilliantly.

Now, no hopes of credit card to be found were seen, so I asked Lord Baba via chits to block it or not. His answer was Yes and I did it in no time. But I was afraid that my husband would get another chance to note down my carelessness. However when he came to know this and my state of mind when I lost card, he said nothing but confirmed from me that I have blocked the card properly. He works in bank so I am always lazy at bank works and never try to peep into its process. The re-issuance of credit card did not affect anything except one. Technical readers must be knowing that a domain has to be renewed every year and when I started getting reminder emails from one of the blogger (actually it’s a service by Google) companies regarding renewal, I tried to log into the account (which I was doing from past 9 years) to update billing settings as my credit card had new credentials. I was unable to do so. I tried several times for few hours but could not get through. I was tensed because that was the only way to renew domain otherwise it will go in auction or some other person or company can buy it at premium rates. In anxiety I called Pooja, though she wasn’t aware of such technical aspects, she heard me patiently and even replied I don’t have credit card otherwise I would have given you, very innocent answer from her. But then I explained her that credit card wasn’t issue, but changing credentials while logging into it was. However we both didn’t have any solution and I decided to leave it to Lord Baba and also shared with her that after hanging up the call, I will ask Lord Baba regarding another domain which was similar to the present one, if He replies affirmative, i will do the needful the same day. But Lord Baba's answer was No and i thought He was the saviour and i need not worry at all regarding this issue now. I told Him that I have put all my burden on Him, whatever He does i agree to it. Till September 29, it worked well as I shared in opening of this write up it was working till 4 PM.

Now Lord Baba starts His Absolute Sport. Sai brother Rohit was assigned this task of retrieving expired domain by Him. He was on continuous call with Google service people with credentials I remembered. But he couldn’t complete the task on the same day and then it was weekend. Not sure how he did but I feel it was a hard time for him to be on calls and follow lengthy process which required lot of patience. However he was stuck many times in between because of opposite time zone and few details were to be provided only by me. With grace of Lord Baba and his continuous efforts, our case was escalated on high priority and Google representatives were in constant communication via email. Once a domain expires it is never possible to get it back, but Lord Baba did this impossible thing through His devotee and our blog is live again. Seriously in these nine years I have never faced such a situation that I can’t see light at the end of the tunnel with regards to blog. I have always handled technical aspects and I knew it’s not possible to retrieve any expired domain, but Lord Baba did it within one hour of getting password reset link from Google.

Dear readers, last week I found my lost credit card in a drawer which I may have searched many times before! But it was of no use because it was already blocked😥

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  1. Its Baba's Miracle and his Love ❤ towards his kids. Om Sai Ram

  2. om sai ram. only baba knew wt is gud for us. where when what why baba has every answer. so just pray to baba dt he bless us wd sadbuddhi n we always follow the path of satkarma.

  3. Baba's ways are unfathomable. Om Sai Ram 😍

  4. Baba.... The most merciful..... Thankyou and love you always.... Om Sai Ram

  5. Dear Hetalji,seriously i don't want to be busybody , Baba is moving in me to put up comments - First of All - I would like to Congrats to yourself,Poojaji,Manishaji,DiJaan,Star Sai-Venkat and Entire Team for putting up great effort in spreading Sai Babas teachings,stories and quotes in a wonderfull way including promoting the reading SSC as daily habits in Sai Devotees through Mahaprayaan.Thanks very much.
    Another info, is we are struggling our karma hassles with our limited energy...................................JAI SRI SAI , JAI JAI SRI SAI

  6. Dear Poojaji & Hetalji,just to fill-up gaps above, we have all sufficient energy in ourselves , just we need energize with help of Divine Sai...........................................JAI SAI RAM

  7. Hello hetal ma'am I am rinki and I wanted to do mahaparayan and I filled the p form also but I didn't received any response from your side. Plz give me also chance to serve my baba.