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Baba Gave Me Confirmation For MahaParayan

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Anonymous Sai Devotee From India Says: Thank You for the great platform to serve Baba. Please keep me anonymous. Just before starting of Mahaparayan I went to my hometown. I saw a book similar to Sai Satcharitra. But I thought it was an old one which was in our house. It was looking new. I forgot it completely. Later my mom told that the book was given to my father by a priest in Sai Baba temple. Till then I was in doubt whether I could do this parayan for one year without any breaks. But after getting a new Satcharitra I took it as a confirmation sign from Baba. This happened just before 30th Sep 2017. Today (Oct 5), I completed my parayan and posted in whatsapp group. I was about to go offline I got a message. It was a picture of Baba (picture attached). It was just immediately after I completed my parayan. Baba is only making me complete my allotted chapters each week. Om Sai Ram. - Anonymous

Yes Baba knows who will read what, when and where. He is The Best Planner. We just sometimes fail to understand His ways and get caught in a whirlpool of doubts. But He makes sure to come for our rescue in some or the other way. Jai Sai. Love You Baba! - Pooja Garg

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