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Baba's Vision In Dream

Anonymous Devotee From India Says- Sai Ram. Yesterday Pooja Garg Ji shared one devotees’ experience that Baba had given Darshan to her in dream. I was feeling very depressed that Baba does not ever give me His Darshan, thinking like this I slept.
 Guess what Baba did read my mind and fulfilled my wish. Baba came to meet me in my dream, I saw a long photo of Baba and I was praying in front of Him as I was stuck in a difficult situation and I was crying while I was praying. Then Baba though not talking to me, but with His eyes He was telling me that don’t stop praying and you will soon come out of this problem.

I cannot express how and what it was but the feeling was beautiful and I was filled with joy. Baba through this dream gave me assurance and fulfilled my heart’s desire too of getting His Darshan. Truly Baba listens to the smallest wish and passing thought in our hearts. Om Sai Shri Sai Jay Jay Sai.

Anonymous Devotee

Yes Baba does responds to the earnest and smallest of the desires, bubbling in a truest heart. Jai Sai. Baba love You so much…!
- PoojaGarg

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