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On Mahaparayan Day Sai Baba Saved Me From Missing My Flight

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Sai Devotee Uma Rajagopala From Chennai Says: I am Uma, Jai Sai Ram and my experience goes like this: On 19th October 2017 I started to catch a flight to reach my city Chennai from Vizag after completing Mahaparayan as allocated to me on Thursday and reached Vizag airport thereafter to get boarding pass but I was informed by the lady staff that the gates were closed now and I could not get my boarding pass.

Here I want to remember Bollywood Badshah’s words as told in MERCEL movie, the controversial film that released during Diwali that one who feel themselves as great persons should be treated as an ordinary person on airports then they realize that they are equal to all, even the great actors Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan also got this treatment on airports as all are equal, this was dialogue of the movie hero Vijay during the opening of the film.

Coming back to my experience I always feel I am a very small dot in this entire enormous Universe only having my name as identification and my father’s name as my surname. When the lady stopped me from entering in; I didn’t know what to do and I just remembered Baba’s name and asked Him whether I did anything wrong Baba in my Mahaparayan that I have to face this? Immediately the lady called up to the ground staff and asked to allow a lady only with a hand luggage and no check-in luggage, to which they agreed to let me in and said ok and a staff came along with me to scan tagging and left me at that gate where Indigo bus was waiting and took me into that flight. This must have not happened to any celebrity too and it was only to me as I am a small devotee of Baba which gave me a greater value and respect to that staff. Thanks to one and all for reading my experience and also sharing by Mahaparayan team. Jai bolo Sainath Maharaj Ki.

Om Sai Ram
Uma Rajagopala

Yes with Baba’s hand on us, we ought to be a VIP devotee and a true Celebrity.

As is said in Sai Satcharitra (Ch 8), after many acts of merits and good deeds; it is fortunate to get a human body, better still to be born in a Brahmin family and best to get an opportunity of being close to Baba’s feet that is to be His devotee. Truly all Baba’s children gets the feeling of VIP one day or the other when millions of His devotees call Him earnestly at the same time and still Baba makes them feel His presence to each of the earnest call! Jai Sai..! Proud to be Your devotee.
- Pooja Garg
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  1. Each mp devotees experience is unique in baba's own way and poojaji your little notes after each experience is very nice . Thank you

  2. Om Sai Ram

    With Sai Baba nothing is impossible