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Sai Baba Granted My Desired Job During Mahaparayan

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Anonymous Sai devotee from India says- SaiRam, First of all I would like to thank Pooja ji, Hetal ji and each and every one whoever is involved in this Mahaparayan. Here I am sharing Baba's miracle which happened after starting Mahaparayan.

For many years I was looking for a good job with good salary as previously I worked in a small company with less salary. Now for the last one and half year I did not have a job due to some reasons. This year from June I had started searching job seriously. I attended interviews and got selected too but due to some issues offer was not released. I was thinking that am unlucky that’s why not getting a job even though I got selected in interviews. Suddenly after the 2nd Parayan(5th October), I got a call from one of those companies for which I had attended interview earlier and they now told me that I had been selected.

They asked me to send the documents on 7th October. I sent all the required documents but I received no call again from them post this later. I got very disappointed due to this, because previously also the same thing had happened to me. However My Sai Baba had different plans, after the 3rd Parayan(12th October) ie-on 13th October I got my offer letter.

I was so happy that I cannot describe in words as to how to express my feelings, I was full of tears in front of Baba. But the work location was very far from my home, again after 4th Parayan they changed my work location which was near to my home. Now am also praying Baba to shower His blessings on my parents and sister to come out of their problems too, just the way as He helped me. Please bless them Baba. Thank You Baba, Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Although we are doing Mahaparayan only out of love as a Tribute to our dear Baba still He makes sure that He returns us something unique which can only be possible through His blessings…! Thank You Sai for considering us.Love You So Much Baba. Jai Sai..!

 - Pooja Garg
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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen..!

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