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Shirdi Sai Baba Saved Me And My Family From A Fatal Accident

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Sai Devotee Jesal Desai From India Says: I am Jesal Desai, Green House captain from MP 67 Rajiv Sai. I would like to narrate my experience with Baba Sai Ram as follows- As Baba truly mentioned that He will save all of us from all dangers so did He live up to His promise too in my case, I am so grateful to Him Who saved me and my family’s life from a dangerous accident.
While writing this experience my tears are not stopping. On 11th October Me and my family were traveling to Surat for my major operation via NH 8. While we were travelling we met with a dangerous accident. It seemed no one was going to live but by Baba's grace we were all safe not even a single scratch was there on us, It was a miracle. We reached Surat all safe and my operation was successful too, The next day was a Thursday and my husband read my Parayan Chapter with tears in his eyes, I am just a particle of sand near Baba’s feet but still He is so merciful and saved us all. Thank You Sai Maa. I am ever so grateful to Sai Baba and each and everyone who is linked with Mahaparayan, Baba bless each and everyone.

Baba not only protects His direct devotees, but their families too comes under His suraksha kavach.

Om Sai Shri sai Jay Jay Sai.
Jesal Desai

When we are under Baba's wings we need not fear about anything. He takes care of us and our loved ones like a mother to Her Children. This reminds me of the saying which I have heard from my childhood, “Jaako Rakhe Saiyaa Maar Sake Na Koi..! “ Jai Sai..! Love You So Much Baba..!!! - Pooja Garg
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