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Shirdi Sai Blessed Me Through Mahaparayan

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Sai Devotee Rakhi From USA Says: Om Sai Ram. I am Rakhi Lalit Balwani a very small devotee of Baba from USA. On August 31st my friend Neetu Jain told me about Mahaparayan and I registered.

After reading about Mahaparayan on, everything seemed to me as a dream. But that was not the dream. It was proved real by Poojaji Garg and Hetalji. Within few days got a call from Harishji that he was including me in his team. Later I was included in Mahaparayan Khichadi (Brahmha Muhrat Parayan) through Anita Gupta and Kanikaji. The thought that all the devotees from Khichdi group doing Mahaparayan from 5 different continents holding 'The Sai Satcharitra' at the same time gives me goosebumps and shivers my body. Poojaji You made it possible!

As soon as I was added in Khichadi group, I saw many devotees of Baba posting lot of surprising miracles. Amongst, all the experiences the one experience which is close to my heart is about a devotee from Ghana who got Udi from Baba's Photo. After reading it, tears rolled out of my eyes. I told Baba that I think still my prayers are not pure and went to bed and Wow here The Great Baba comes in dream. He touched my head and I was about to open my eyes and I heard an order "Don't open your eyes if you want to feel me" and Sai started giving me massage on my head and started saying "Now-a-days you think a lot, so let me give you some relaxing massage" then I told Baba please put Your hand on my daughter too. Baba said Ok. I told Sai "How will I know that You blessed my daughter as my eyes are closed, I need a proof. If my daughter placed her hand on my shoulder then I know that You have blessed her. Immediately my daughter placed her hand on my shoulder and in that joy I opened my eyes but still in my dream I saw a hand throwing black dust on wall of my bedroom and Ahoy there was Baba's face made with The sacred ash - The Udi! What an awesome feeling! Although Baba didn't give me Udi through photo but gave me blessings in my dream.

Love You Sai.

Rakhi Balwani.

Rakhi ji me too had a similar dream during Mahaparayan work stages when I was really very tired, had lot of pain in my neck and headache due to work load and incomplete sleep. But our Mother Baba came in my dream and gave me a massage with my head on His lap and pressed certain points behind my neck which I could feel in real. After waking up, as it had to be; all my pain had gone and I was very fresh even though I had not had my proper sleep. Seeing how smoothly Mahaparayan is executing and the way all happened and Baba made my wish come true sometimes still makes me wonder that hope it’s not a dream. Wonder of wonders is the Khichadi Parayan group itself. The very group itself right from its formation and ongoing experiences is full of miracles. (I want to soon share all about it!)

Rakhi ji,very rightly said the very feeling of Sai devotees from all five continents reading at Brahma Muhrat (IST) for the khichadi parayan at the same time leaves me dumbstruck and full of gratitude for our Sai Maa. It is not me Rakhi ji who made it possible! IT’S ONLY AND ONLY OUR MOST MERCIFUL SAI MAA WHO MADE IT POSSIBLE! You may say that I am very, very fortunate enough that He chose me as one of the instruments for His Mahaparayan Project!

It is tremendous hard work, pure love, devotion and efforts put in by all the volunteers across the globe to serve Baba and make this Mahaparayan possible. It is commendable team work with Baba’s grace, love and guidance at each and every step; else I alone could have done nothing. Thank You Hetal Di for all Your help, all the devotees and volunteers who came forward and made my dream as their dream. Jai Sai. Love You Baba so much…!
- Pooja Garg

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  1. SAI RAM. Poojaji,i still cant get access into M P devotees exp: I've been asked for pass word & I can't remember getting p.word,i was not happy to disturb you again but this A M I dreamt of loads of HOLY ASH so I decided to contact you for help to send my experiance too. as I too have had beautiful experience along with peace of mind,Sorry for any inconviniance caused. SAI RAM.

    1. U just have to mail ur experience to

    2. SAIRAM.I have been successful in getting access to M P Experiances. Thanks a lot for your help.

    3. Hi Pooja ji, its been more than two weeks I am waiting for an email for Maha parayan.
      I am sorry for not keeping Patience, but when I am reading These Blogs, it gives me a boosst to contribute. Please involve me for any work related to Baba. I will be more than happy.


    4. please send me your contact number. JAi Sai

  2. Om Sai Ram

    Really nice experience. Baba coming in dream is very auspicious. You are really a blessed soul Rakhiji. It increases my faith in Baba.

  3. Om sai ram . Thanks for sharing this wonderful miracles of Baba.

  4. This is completely amazing and mesmerizing. Love you Baba ❤

  5. You are really blessed to have such a miracle, by sharing your experience will only help us to persevere more and more to be blessed with such experience
    Om Sai Ram