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Shirdiwale Sainath Blessed Me With A Job During Mahaparayan

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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all the devotees. Please Sainath make me write this wonderful Mahaparayan miracle, Sainath’s ways are perfect. He helps us at the right time and gives whatever is good for us when we leave decision on Him. Sainath blessed me with a job that too in MNC. Still I can't believe this. It seems like a dream and not real. Sai Baba made this real. He fulfills all our wishes in this materialistic world too. Sai Baba can do anything for His devotees, How kind is our Sai, You are Father, Mother, Guru and everything to me Sainath, My Experience and My Sainath’s Miracle is as follows:

I went for an interview, suddenly I heard one announcement and I was really shocked as in that announcement, they said they will select only 6 among 538 people. Then I decided that I won't be selected and it was good to go back home. Suddenly a thought came to my mind WHY FEAR WHEN I AM HERE. So I changed my mind and stayed there hoping Sainath is with me.

I entered inside and met some friends there as they had also come for the same interview. All laughed to see me, I do not know why? They said,mm “hey you why you come here? This is not a spiritual place. This is our place only not for devotees like you. Leave from here and go to temple as you do daily”. I felt sad but my hope wasa only Sai so I did not mind and stayed strong and believed in Sainath. Then the further Interview process started.Technical Round of Interview began. I sat and switched on the computer for technical test and suddenly I was shocked to see that computer monitor as it displayed Shirdi Sai Baba’s image. Then I saw other monitors they had usual wallpapers I couldn't believe that why they set God's image during interview process? Anyway I thanked to Sainath for being with me and I answered all questions and came out.

After the technical session, they announced the result and my name was also there so I had cleared and was eligible for next round of interview and we all were called next day again for further rounds of interview. Next day I entered the office and my friends again laughed at me and said that now be ready to go because its a Group Discussion round here and no discussions about spirituality. I didn't care about them and believed in Sainath.

After GD session, they announced the result. My name was announced again and I cleared this too and got eligible for final interview. After that I didn't get any call from the company. Some other shortlisted candidates whom I knew also called me to inquire If I got a call from the company as they had not got any call from the company. I said told them no. They said the company filtered some people in the selected list and those who will get call are lucky.

After this again I felt down and was demotivated but still kept my faith firm in Sainath. After a week, on a Thursday I read Mahaparayan allocated chapter. That day I got a call from that company, they said final interview will be held on 16th October 2017(Monday) so please come without fail. I was so happy but scared also for this and prayed to Sainath to please bless me.

Sainath blessed me like this through some devotees from different Mahaparayan groups by sending positive and assuring messages as below- Meghna Sai- Sai will show you the right path. He is with you trust Him. All the best to you Varshita Sai- Believe in Sai Baba, Sai Baba’s blessings are always with you Kripa Sai- I would cross even beyond seven seas to help you Harshit Sai- Only Sai Baba can turn victim into victory Uma Sai- With Sai all things are possible Sharief Sai- Why to fear when Sai Baba is there Rajesh Sai- Don't worry God is always on time Neeharika Reddy Sai- I' am your strength my child, fear not Kartikeyaa Sai- My blessings follow you everywhere I felt free after reading all this and it gave me a lot of strength.

Thank you so much to all the above devotees, Thanks a lot Sainath for all Your blessings Then came the final day(16th October 2017)- At 11 a.m, they started the process for 48 people After final HR session, they announced the result at 5 p.m. All my friends were dumbstruck because all those people were rejected and with Baba's blessings, I was selected. I'm really very happy I can't express my happiness, All the credit goes to the one and only one my Lord Sai Baba.
My Shirdi wale Sainath proved that even if the whole world makes fun and laughs at you, Do not cry as Sainath will surely give you a reason to smile.

Anantkoti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahm Shree Satchidanand Sathguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Anonymous Devotee

It was your unwavering faith and Baba`s infinite grace that led you to achieve your goal. Baba never disappoints His devotees` heartfelt prayers and His timings are just perfect. 
Jai Sai! Love You Baba So Much…!

 - Pooja Garg

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  1. Very nice experience. This teaches us not to lose hope/faith. Baba is always there for us and his timings are perfect. If you give choice to Baba he will give you the best

  2. SAI RAM.Very beautiful heartfelt experience, I like the saying Shiridi wale Sainath..... I will always remember this sentence. Goodluck in your job.

  3. This experience gave me goosebumps.. Really His ways are inscrutable.. This only makes me a more proud Sai devotee. Why should we fear, when our Sai is near?

  4. I like the way you kept yourself strong when people are bullying you. Omsairam. Even I told baba to take every decision in my life. He gave me job in my dream company which I asked him 3years back in my college days. I was surprised and shocked to get placed in my dream company. Each and every thing was a miracle on my interview day. I was so tensed hearing that 8 rounds are there and definitely I won't get this job. But I started clearing rounds. When technical round came, I got health issues suddenly and slipped my turn which made me to wait for 5 6 hours extra for my turn again. In this while, consultancy people leaked questions and advised the answers also which is impossible or to think of even in dreams to happen in that international company. They even made us to practice saying the answers. I just say this is a miracle of miracles in my life to give put in my dream company. I can't thank enough in words. Baba blessed us financially. I asked for 8k 9k 10k salary and baba gave 18k salary. Baba always says, I will return you 10 fold. It happened for me. By joining here, I came out of depression regarding my love life. I met a man and avoided him for my 6years love(me stubborn lady). But my 6years of stubbornness to marry my love came to end and gave up on my love. Then I registered for mahaparayan, things got better between us. Every Thursday, somwhow our feelings come out to each other. Last Thursday, he said that we would get married indirectly. Haha. Now I am leaving the company in few days. That man won't come out to meet. Don't know how I will meet him or contact him. I wish, I really wish baba bless us both to get married.

    This first job taught me so many things. Baba showed me how cruel can be people and killed my stubbornness to get married to my love. All these are his leelas to put us in right path. To keep us happy.

    Last Thursday, my friend called me and said about he position and his words are like he made all arrangements to put me in that job position. May be baba already set a new job for me. Thank you so much appa for everything. Thank you for protecting me everyday and giving me so much of happiness.

    From 6 7 years,you always proved that your plan is much better than my plan or my thoughts.

    Thank you so much for giving me whatever I asked. And making me realise and say that I don't want this, this is not good for me. And make say, I want this(which you want to give) haha. Your leelas are always unique and amazing. Love you appaa.

    Thank you for blessing everyone with jobs.