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With Sai Baba’s Blessings - Deepawali Manayi Suhaani

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Sai Devotee Poonam Pall From Canada Says: I am Poonam, Blue House Captain(Roll Number 13) from MP 89 group. Last Thursday I went to Sai temple on 1190 midway Mississauga and asked Panditji what was the plan for Deepawali. He told me everybody wanted to sit in Lakshmi Puja and it was not possible to invite everyone for the same, so we were doing draw system and one family would be selected, so I should also enter my name for the lucky draw. Knowing this I also did that.

Then in the evening I got a call from temple that my name was drawn in lucky drawn for Lakshmi Puja, I was so happy that I can't explain in words, so we did Puja in Sai temple yesterday. It was a unique experience as I felt Baba's presence there.

While the puja was going on an old white man with grey hair wanted to enter the temple with his dog from the back door as our puja was done facing that door only. For a second I felt Baba came to bless us. Since the old man was wearing shoes the lady didn't let him enter the temple. Within my heart I have a feeling that Baba blessed us with His kind grace.
Deepawali Manayi Suhani, Mere Sai ke Haathon Mein Jaadu Ka Paani, Truly Baba is Maa Lakshmi Himself.

Baba has His Own ways to make His children happy and make them feel special when there is total surrender and zero expectations. Jai Sai. Love You So Much Baba…!
- Pooja Garg

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