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Shirdi Sai Baba Cured My Son And Sent His Angel To Help Us During The Crucial Time

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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Shraddha Joshi From India Says: Om Sri Sai Ram, I am Shraddha and my Experience is as this. With Baba’s blessings I have a three year old son. We had been to Goa on 18th. It was 2:00 am when my three year old son started vomiting in hotel room. By morning 4:30 am he had vomited at least 5 times. Unable to understand and with no assistance from hotel staff, we took our son in our car to find nearby hospital or pharmacy to get medicine. We couldn't find even single hospital which was available 24/7. We travelled all the way from Candolim to Mapusa. We were disappointed that not even single hospital or pharmacy store was opened. On the way my son was still vomiting, I was losing hope to find any help.

Then I saw a Sai Baba photo sticker behind a vehicle and prayed that we find way to heal my son. Just after that moment, we stopped our car where one person had parked his bike and was talking over the phone with someone. When we asked for help, he asked us to follow him and took us to Galaxy Hospitals in Mapusa. Though there was no doctor at that time, pharmacy was opened. I called our pediatrician in Bangalore and took advice from him and bought medicine for my son. My son was all fine after that.

That Person who helped us was such a kind person who was ready to help us without any personal gain. He waited till we bought medicine, he also said that he will wait until my son is all fine and was ready to take us to another hospital if required. He gave us his visiting card too, we were so pleased with his generous act. I felt, Baba had sent him as His a messenger or Dooth (in hindi) to help us in that crucial period and heal my son faster. Baba’s Picture Darshan Is Not A Mere Coincidence It Is A Sign Of His Presence And Kind Grace On Us.

Shraddha Joshi

Baba is always there for His devotees, just waiting for a call and true remembrance filled with faith and love. Thank You Baba for being our Guru. Jai Sai Maa. Love You Baba.
 - Pooja Garg
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