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Shirdi Sai Baba Saved Me From A Fatal Accident And Enrolled Me In His Darbar Forever

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Shirdi Sai Baba devotee Dinesh Pathivada from India Says: I am Dinesh and belong to MP 56 group of our Baba. I would like to extend my heartfelt Pranamams to Baba before I speak anything. He saved me from a dreadful situation which changed my perspective towards life. Mahaparayan has been a blessing in disguise for many of us and I am very happy to read how lives of devotees are transforming after starting this. An extended family of Sai Baba in the form of these groups have always stood as a support for me during low times. For this I thank Pooja Garg Maam and Karthikeya sir. My fortune favoured me to come across the Mahaparayan experiences that Pooja ji had before the start of this global work. I felt really inspired when Pooja Ji shared about her experience of about how she got a Neem leaf as an indication to start MP. I am an ignorant devotee until then but Baba favored me by giving an opportunity by registering for MP.

My Faith in Baba is like every other person who remembers Him only during their worst times. As mentioned in Shri Sai Satcharitra that man turns to God only when the calamities overtake them. Similar kind of a student I am and Baba has been waiting for me to transform my life in every step of my life. I get my lessons instantly whenever I commit some mistake. What happened today has given me something I can't forget in my life and am happy for Baba have thought of me this way.

Today when I went to a shopping mall along with my friend on a scooty and we were in urgency to return back home soon after our shopping. We were about to take a U turn on NH 8 road (And a U turn in my life too) I was sitting at the back. I noticed a Innova signaling from the front but as destiny had to happen my friend thought it was not near and took that turn and the Innova car came so fast that if the driver of the car( in form of Baba) wouldn't have put efforts to apply break at that situation I would not be writing this now. For 2 seconds I looked behind and noticed that the car was very close to our bike and was thanking Baba in that while that we were saved. My friend in this little time tried to save us from this accident by moving fast but he almost dashed another passing car and it drove fast on his foot. In these two cases we were saved and moved very fast in a fear that the driver would scold us. That driver came from behind and abused us from being so careless. My friend and I got tensed looking at this and he forgot to control the bike during this period, as a result we happened to dash one more car unfortunately, but by Baba’s grace we were saved from that too.

All our way to home we saw many people around us looking furious at us. It all happened in a minute and a small mistake here could have costed us our lives. But Baba had some other plans for our future and we are blessed by Him with another life. When this happened I felt like I am going to be hit by the car for sure and closed my eyes immediately and remembered Baba. Within a milli second gap Baba came to our rescue for remembering Him. I remembered the chapter that I had read today which tells about how Baba foretells the calamities occurring to His devotees and how He assured them.

Wonderstruck with His omniscience I decided to go to His temple and I was trying hard every Thursday to find Baba’s temple which I had once visited before few months. Every time I couldn’t find the temple; I felt sad that I am failing to find His temple as Baba was not allowing me to His Darbar for my bad conduct in life.

Then today with the help of my friend I found that temple and thanked Him for saving us. Before going there I wished to donate some amount and forgot after looking at Baba's smiling face. As Baba collects His Dakshina in His own ways as mentioned in Shri Sai Satcharitra, I too was reminded me of my wish to donate. Before leaving I remembered my wish and went back and donated some amount. After coming home I happened to check a list of shortlisted candidates for a placement exam we had given a few days back. My name was not there in that list and I felt more dejected.

Then when I opened my WhatsApp and one message from Kartikeya’s Shirdi Sai Baba's Omniscience group flashed the very moment through which Baba talked to me and advised me saying dear child don't worry about your future, if I am delaying something for you, it means I am coming up with some really good opportunities in future. Leave away your depression and your bad ideas and move forward from now on and see what I am offering you in future. For the first time in my life I felt the omniscient nature of Baba and was in tears reading those words. It reminded me of my past mistakes and how I was taught a lesson.

A ray of hope passed again and I felt stronger than before after looking at many such messages in the group after this incident. I placed my life at His feet for He is the sole doer of our actions and am very happy to share this best experience of mine with you all. We always look for miracles to happen but can't take some bitter days before witnessing some. This is our human tendency. Today while looking at the list I too have felt the same situation. I know I didn't give my exam well and was expecting me to get shortlisted. Devotees should expect a fruit only after sowing the seeds of their good karmas but not merely by thinking that God will do some magic. God helps you only when you keep your clean and complete efforts. Faith and patience are described in the entire Shri Sai Satcharitra and we people are ignoring those lessons during our tough times and blaming Him unnecessarily.

Today, my life is an example about how He takes care of His devotees if we remember Him with faith. Can't imagine myself writing on this blog without His Blessings and Grace. I can imagine Him through my entire day only because of this global work and 365 days Parayan. If not these groups my entire life would have been bowed down to this evil world. Do favour me by remembering my name and see what I can do for is what Baba always says.

I have learnt my lessons with this today and am thankful to the entire team of MP and devotees who are supporting this work. Really I feel blessed and fortunate to be one among you all. Sorry for the long text but I hope it renders faith in every heart and take their life in a positive way from now on. May Baba bless you all.
Nothing And Absolutely Nothing Can Cause You Any Harm The Moment You Chant “Sai” Naam.

Om Sai Ram
Dinesh Pathivada

It’s Sai-incidence and not just a coincidence to read and find some relation to our allotted chapters or to come across Baba’s messages. If we take one step towards Him, He takes ten steps towards us. Blessed to be Your Child Baba. Jai Sai. Love You loads. 

- Pooja Garg
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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen..!

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  1. Amazing experience thank you sai for giving me guidance through today's experience to donate money in sai temple (i asked baba to guide me somehow whether to donate money in temple or donate food) om sai ram

  2. Thanks for sharing Baba's miracle & saving one's life. Om Sairam ��

  3. Thanks for Baba's miracle.
    Om Sairam ��

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience.
      OM SAI RAM

    2. Thanks for sharing your experience.
      OM SAI RAM