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A Memorable And Blissful Experience With Shirdi Sai Mahaparayan

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee From India Says: Sai Ram dear friends, I am from blue house Maha Parayan. Since then I heard of the Maha Parayan details during the month of August 2017, I thought if I am very lucky then I may get a chance to be a part of It. By His grace He made me a part of It. Thank You Sai.

I had been always in the warm hands of our beloved Sai since my college days but I came to realize the same only from 2010. Sai has blessed me in various ways through various miracles and ups and downs in my life. The life I lead, the happiness, everything I experience day to day are the blessings of dear Sai. Thank you Hetalji for maintaining the site such that our devotion towards Sai strengthens as and when we need His presence and we feel that He's always there by reading the devotees’ experiences.

Coming to the experience of Mahaparayan, this week Nov 29, I was allotted two chapters and by Sai's grace I had a blissful experience by the Almighty. I was supposed to report the office at Chennai by 10.00 am that day. I have to travel three hours from my residence to reach my office, since there was rain and my work was too tight, I did pooja at home and thought of doing Parayan during travel hours. Usually as my route was full of traffic and the bus too is always be full of passengers, I get seat only after 45 minutes after boarding the bus. So I prayed Baba, saying please give me a place to sit so that I shall read the chapters during my travel time without problem. As and when I boarded the bus, though the bus was full of passengers with some standing even and it was raining outside, just think of the situation in a winter morning 6.30 am. Because of Sai’s grace amidst of all these issues I got an independent seat as soon as I entered the bus. I was so happy, settled myself and started the Parayan. After I completed the Parayan I prayed that I should go to any one of Baba’s temple on the way to office.

Since that was a new route I was not aware of the stops and the temples addresses, I was browsing to find a Sai temple nearer to the bus stop on the way. But I was not clear about the exact locations, I was just travelling and two hours passed, the bus crossed tambaram and was moving towards OMR. Suddenly the bus stopped at one point and the passengers talked with each other that the bus had broken down. As I was wearing headphones I couldn’t know the reason, soon after that passengers dispersed from the bus, as it was raining I too got down from the bus and since it was peak time all the passing buses were very full. I didn’t know where we were and how to go in time. As I got down I saw a flower vendor on the stopping and enquired her if there was any conveyance to OMR from that area . She said share autos were common there and shall reach OMR by 20 minutes from there. I felt a bit relieved. Suddenly I enquired her if there was any temple nearby. She Said me to look straight. To my surprise it was the arch of Gowrivakkam Baba temple. I moved with tears, I started to the temple and had a blissful Darshan of Sai Maa. Amidst of heavy rain, flocks of people were having darshan of our beloved Sai Maa.

I kept on crying, I didn't have any feeling except the gratitude towards our beloved Sai Who had shown blessings to this very tiny devotee and considered my wish. I have lot of prayers to Sai, I keep on knocking Him, but He has His own way of solving problems and blessing us. We need not ask Him, He knows the deep desire of our heart and makes our dreams come true if we surrender Him.

Thanks to Sai, Thank you Maha Parayan team for giving the opportunity to travel with all Sai souls. Thanks you Hetalji for publishing experiences of Sai devotees and maintaining the ray of hope, Bow to Sai Peace be to all.
Just How Enthusiastic We Are To Have Baba’s Darshan ,He Too Waits To see Us too Come To Meet Him. So When Are You Going Next to Meet Baba In His Temple…?.

Sai Ram

Baba is so loving and caring for small small wishes of each of His devotees who remember Him wholeheartedly. I always wonder with my just one kid Saiesh, I go mad, how Baba looks after His billions of His Kids along with their zillions of their wishes. Jai Sai Maa. Blessed to be Your child. Love You Loads!
-Pooja Garg
#Experience 73

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen..!

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