Shirdi Sai Baba Cured Me From Chicken Guniya Ailment

Shirdi Sai devotee Shanmukhi Srinivas from India says: I am Shanmukhi Srinivas, Namaskar to all Sai devotees. First I would like to thank Neha Garu for giving me an opportunity to participate in this Mahaparayan and also, she has made us comfortable in sharing our relationship with Baba and His miracles. The recent experience which I had faced is: From the last week I was suffering from Chicken Guniya, actually my bones and muscles are completely drowned and I am unable to walk and can’t even sit. I had approached the doctor taken the treatment of allopathy medicines but due to those medicines I got reactions and swellings and my BP got low, finally doctor said to my parents to admit me in the hospital. But I didn’t stay in hospital, I said let me wait this night and if this situation continues then in the morning I will definitely join in the hospital.

Situation continued till next day. Morning I prayed to Baba, cried a lot that I am unable to bear this pain Baba, that too that day was Thursday and I had started reading slowly the allotted chapters of Mahaparayan but didn’t complete, suddenly I heard that my brother-in- law was going to Shirdi the same day,as tickets and everything were booked before.

So I got up slowly, prayed Baba that I will come to Shirdi as soon as I recover and then tied a Mudupu in a white cloth with 21 Rupees and Pasupu and Kumkum and Akshinthalu in it and gave that to my brother-in-law and asked him to it give to Baba in Shirdi.

After one hour he left the house and one of my aunty who lives beside our house came and she had bought a thread of Lord Dattatraya’s and tied to my hand and told that I would be recovered very soon and asked me not to worry. She said that she had gone to Dattatraya Swamy’s Pooja and they had given her that thread.

Then suddenly changes were seen in my body, like my BP came under control and temperature had cooled down and my body pains also reduced and I started walking alone the same day itself. I thanked Baba and also that aunty so much, for sending and tying the thread. Love You so much Baba for showering Your blessings on me. Thank You is a small word Baba which is not even equivalent to Your love shown on us, I am unable to express Your love and affection shown on me during this period of my suffering. Sai please take care of all those who are suffering in this world, make us always feeling blessed by you.
Baba Is The Dhanvantari God Himself

Jai Sai Ram.
Shanmukhi Srinivas

We are blessed to have Sai as our Guru, Friend, Father and merciful Mother too Who Himself suffers and takes the pains and sufferings of His children upon Himself. How can we ever repay Your debt Baba? Will always be indebted to You. Love You Sai Maa. Jai Sairam!

– Pooja Garg*

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