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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Suparna Shankar From India Says: I am Suparna from MP 58, roll number 47 my experience is as this: I am actually under lot of chronic medication since 2002 for various ailments. I am sick of medicines and medication. Of course, I always pray that I don’t want any more chronic diseases. On 02- Dec-2017 I had my bi monthly blood tests and to my shock, report showed my sugar levels high indicating medication. I called up my Doctor over phone and he confirmed, that medication would be necessary however, he asked me to check on one more test. I was upset and planned to go for the test the next day (03-Dec-2017).

My husband said, he also wants to get his blood checkup along with me as he had not got his master checkup for many years. There was a huge doubt that he also could be diabetic, because of his late heavy eating pattern, sugar cravings and body weight changes etc. So we both went for routine blood checkup. On the way, I saw a message from Mahaparayan group from Mrs. Pooja Garg that Today Being Datta Jayanti those who all can, please read ch 12 from Sai Satcharitra …which insists us that “We should have firm faith in our Guru and nowhere else “.

I read and completed the chapter on my way to the hospital from my mobile phone. We both gave blood for testing. My husband is a person who believes in Sai tremendously but not by visiting temples and rituals or any routines. He gets a bit or rather over annoyed if we ask him to come to the temple. Knowing him very well, we never ever ask him to accompany us to temple.

Though my blood checkup was already done except for the one, I repeated all of the blood tests again which I had done previous day (praying to Lord Sai) plus the new blood test which my Doctor had mentioned. I remembered Mrs. Pooja Garg’s message from Satcharitra, that we should have firm faith in our Guru and nowhere else “ .

I prayed to Baba, “Baba, On way back, I will ask my husband to take me to Sai temple now. If he takes me to the temple without any “No” or “Not now” responses, I shall assume that You have blessed us and both reports would come out normal. If my husband cribs, scolds and gets annoyed and still takes me to temple then one of us will have a bad report and if he does not take me at all then I will presume that we both are having reports showing diabetic.

I told myself that Baba I trust You wholeheartedly. Surprisingly, when I asked him to take me to temple, not even one question was asked, no frowning, no annoyance and he took me to temple and also he said, why don’t you take your parents to Shirdi temple, may be next weekend ? You better book flight tickets soon and go to Shirdi he said. I was overwhelmed.

Evening, I got the report. All the readings are in normal range. Is this not a Sai leela ? One day before, my blood report was showing out of range readings and the same tests next day is all within range. Baba has proven that have firm faith in your Guru and nowhere else.

Om Sai Ram
Suparna Shankar

Trust in our Guru and nowhere else will help us to cross this worldly ocean. When our Guru will be our helmsman then we need not fear or worry even a bit for anything. He will take all our care when we surrender Him wholeheartedly. Jai Sai Maa. Blessed are we to have You as our Guru! Love You so much! 

- Pooja Garg
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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen..!

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  1. I am also in mahaparayan,want to share my experience as I am not too familiar with composing and sending emails I am going to share it here.l am very long time diabetic so never in good health always having some issues especially from April to September 2017 worst in August baba saved me not once but twice from near death experience.When I started to read hetalji's blog after 2 months gap first thing I saw was about mahaparayan even though it's after last date baba accepted my prayer and included from vijaya dashami itself.The biggest miracle of our baba is I am well and healthy (except for minor issues which baba takes care of) after mp, this I myself realized only while reading today's heartfelt thanks to sai's blessed daughters hetalji and pooja ji. Om sai ram.