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Shirdi Sai Baba’s Various Leelas In My Life

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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Vikram Singh From India Says: Sai Ram dear friends, I am from blue house Mahaparayan, I am very small devotee of Sai Baba and I don’t even know when and how I became His devotee. But today, He is everything to me. I do each and every work only after seeking His blessings. Whenever I have doubts or concerns, I use chits with yes and no and place at His holy feet to get my answers and do as per His wishes.

I have few experiences which Baba has allowed me to post here but since last 6 months I was waiting for something good to happen which can be shared and now He gave me another chance to share His leelas with you all. I always thought that it is us who can share leelas when we feel we should, but its the other way round. It’s Baba Who asks us to write whenever He feels is the right time. My myth broke with below experience.

Experience1: Today is 3rd Dec’17, I was about to write this post a week before but Baba had something else in His mind. I spent almost 2 hours to write my experiences and when I was about to post it (I had already clicked on submit button and was waiting for it to be sent) suddenly I realized I should have thanked admin team especially Hetal mam for doing this wonderful seva for all Sai devotees. Also, I was skeptical for one experience as the way I wrote it, I was not actually satisfied with it so wanted to edit but I had already clicked on submit button so nothing could be done. Here comes the leela! Baba kept on showing the site in sending mode (the icon you see when it says ‘processing’ means some background job is being undertaken to submit and it is still in process) and after 10 mins of wait, nothing happened. I kept on waiting and tried to refresh/re-post but nothing happened. I was surprised and amazed! I was happy and upset both as I wanted to edit it as I missed some part and on the other hand, I had to rewrite everything from scratch. But as Baba knows what is best, He creates such an environment that it happens exactly the way He wanted it to happen. So, I am writing today on (Dutta’s Jyanti) which Baba chose for me to share my experiences. Isn’t it wonderful?

Experience 2: This is related to my dad. My dad is suffering from various ailments related to stomach and He is never normal due to unending issues with His medical problems. Once He was using some Ayurvedic medical treatment for abdomen issues, and it didn’t suit him and backfired him. It was late evening and He thought it would be subsided in few hours but it didn’t. He took all local meds with home remedies but nothing materialized. He was literally bearing that pain which was unbearable and I couldn’t see His suffering and I ran to Sai (statue in my pooja room) and asked Him to relieve him from his pains and let him sleep. I will chant ‘Om Sai Aroygashemdaya Namah’ 108 times tomorrow morning. We all slept (family hoping that pain will subside by morning and I believing in Baba). Next morning when I woke up, my dad was doing daily chores of watering plants etc. And He was in such a good mood that it seemed as though nothing happened last night. I was so happy to see him fine. I did chanting and thanked my Sai. I would like to say that I usually avoid bartering with Baba unless I am totally helpless and over excited about any issue which I can’t handle with patience. I believe one sincere prayer is enough for us to connect with Baba but as a human, sometimes we just cannot control our emotions and thus we do such acts (though it doesn’t harm anyone but it should not be a part of your usual practice and that is why I avoid it).

Experience 3: This is the most important and perfectly timed leela from my Baba which yet again proved that He listens to all our prayers and knows exactly what we want and gives us at the exact right time and place. This is related to my soulmate. She is currently in US and we have not spoken since last 6 months. She left for US in Jan’17. Like every couple, we had certain relationship issues since last 3 years, we went through many ups and downs, suffered, cried, laughed, enjoyed but rightly said by Baba, God has made this humankind as no one would be entirely happy. We had many fights, ego issues, misunderstanding that eventually lead her to take decision to fly US. But our love is so pure that even after so many part-breakups and totally opposite mindsets, we still love each other so intensely that we want to live and die together no matter how bad our relationship goes. (This is what we both know internally but we never express this to each other). To cut short, I was really upset with her decision of going abroad and even she realized it but as she having her own nature with quite uncommon behavior sometimes, she never confessed that she has committed a mistake in arrogance.

We did communicate in earlier days of her stay in US, but she again started showing same stuff attitude of carelessness, not listening to me etc. which made me very upset and then I decided that now I will not speak to her until she realizes her mistakes and come back to me happily on her own accord. I prayed Sai to bring her back to me if she was the right person for me and we stopped our contacts since May’17. She never contacted me again since then. I was dying day and night crying every night asking Baba why He did this to me? Why she is not contacting me and looking at my sincere love for Her.
Months passed by with no response. In Nov, it was my birthday and I asked Baba that if you think I deserve her, I am right person, please make her contact me. This would be your birthday gift for me, let her send me blank message or a miss call, still I will take it as Your blessing. And wonders of wonder, she mailed me at my birthday night! I was so very happy to see her name in my inbox and even before reading it, I went straight to my Sai and thanked Him from my soul and said Sai that whatever she would have written, at least I am happy and satisfied that You think am I not wrong. I read her mail then and I literally cried! She apologized for all her attitude and decision of going abroad. She realized that she had done a mistake but as per her nature and communication issues, she did not express it clearly again. But I know her that what she meant by that mail and why she had written to me. She accused herself of all blunders we went through this relationship and wrote that she is not expecting any response back from me, just wants me to be happy. She does not deserve to be my partner. But I know her very well that she is seeking my response every minute. This all became possible only by my Sai. He only made her to write to me and that too at the perfect time of my birthday! Isn’t it His leela? He knew what is the right time and who is doing what in our relationship. I am so happy and my faith has doubled through His leela.

Experience 4: This is the last leela of my dear Baba in last 1 month (all above leela’s happened in month of Nov’17). This will surely imbibe huge source of faith and trust in all devotees as this is what we call ‘miracle’ when Baba does these type of acts in our life. This happened on 3rd Dec i.e. today after my soulmate responded me on my birthday. I would like to confess here, as I wrote in starting of this experience that I wanted to edit something earlier and how He made my entire post go null and that’s the reason I am writing it today. It is all happening totally as per Baba’s wish. I am just being a writer. One fine day I asked Baba what should I do, whether to respond her back or wait for her to clearly tell me what she wants etc. and asked Baba if You think I am going in right direction, if You also want her to come back to my life (not just me forcing You to send her back) and if she is the right person for me, You have to drop the flower which I have kept at Your holy feet today (I have a small statue of Baba which I worship daily) before I complete my today’s pooja. I did for 1 hour and even completed it but flower didn’t fell. I was still positive and went out to offer water to sun (Surya arghya) and when I came back, flower was lying away from His feet.

I was so happy that He finally responded in positive! But soon I realized that it was my sister who mistakenly dropped off the flower from His feet while taking out one of the cloth piece tied with coin in it which was under His feet. (There are 2 cloth piece one for my sis and one for me as we both are doing nav-guruvar vrats for our wishes). I got upset that Baba did not make it fall it off but still I was happy that I did not know it who did that I just saw if off His feet which I wanted. So I started writing this leela but as said earlier, Baba did not allow me to post it that day.

Today I realized why Baba did it. Before starting my pooja, I asked Baba to please make the flower fall off today. I really need to know what You think about us and lo! Just when I was saying this I saw flower was already down away from His feet. This time no one was there in room and only me with Baba. Now this is what I call a miracle. Now I understood why Baba stopped me earlier to write the Leela as He wanted me to be fully sure that it is Baba Who dropped the flower and He wants us to be together. His leela’s are unfathomable.

I still did not understand why He did this (H would have dropped it that day itself as He knew that He was going to drop it one day). Maybe He was testing my patience and wanted me to have full trust on Him. Whatever the reason, I am now fully satisfied with Him that He actually listens when you asks from core of your Heart with sincere feelings. I am still not sure when will she clearly confess and would return and but one thing is sure that Baba will make this happen very very soon. Actually He has hinted me the approximate time also but I will disclose it once it gets materialize.

This was all about my Baba’s leela which made my faith and trust on Him 1000 folds and made me a better person while teaching me importance of faith and patience. I request each and every reader to just have faith and patience and see what Baba does. I know it becomes very tough at times to show patience and we just lose it at the last moment but this is exactly what Baba wants us to learn! No prayer will go unanswered that’s His promise believe it, live it and digest it! Sorry for writing such a long post but it’s Baba Who wanted me to write so that I could infuse some positivity for all those who are struggling with their issues.
Sai The Wire Puller And Doer Of All – How Can We The Foolish Ones Even Comprehend His Conducts , Only His Kind Grace Can Give Us The Vision To Understand That He Is The Unfathomable And Profound Sai Deva

Om Sai Ram
Vikram Singh

Blessed is to get the human birth and the best is to have Sai as our Sadguru, Who is always on His toes to respond to the smallest of the heartfelt calls of His innumerable devotees and thus show the right path like a Mother to her child. Jai Sai Maa. Love You So Much Sai Maa. We Are Blessed To Be Your Children!

-Pooja Garg
#Experience 74

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen..!

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