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Anonymous devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba from India says : Sai Ram,I have posted my experiences how Baba started blessing me before starting Mahaparayan regarding my love, family and career. Now that I totally lost interest in my love and came out of that depression and stopped being a burden to marry the man who was pushing me away from 4 years saying some reason. I used to get answers that man proposes God disposes. If you don't want that to happen remember Sai Baba. I used to think of my marriage that God has other plans and my love will not marry me. Maybe it was happening. My heart goes for my crush. Things get better with him on every thursday. Every thursday he does something and say indirectly that he wants to get married.

One day I left my office early as I wanted to spend time with my crush and invited him to movie along with my other friends. That is on thursday(yesterday 21.12.2017). I asked Baba to please bless me with some memories of him and make us close if You want us to get married. My crush said he will come to movie. I was happy. But on that day he could not come because of extra work and had to do over time. I felt very sad. I told him kati, don't talk to me, like a kid. He showed his little finger and said kati and hold my little finger, pulling my little finger saying talk to me. But I was very disappointed that I could not spend time with him.

After few minutes, when I went to my friend, my crush was there only and said that some people in office used to hold little fingers with others like how couple hold hands with little fingers and walk in marriage and say that we got married(for fun). He was saying indirectly that we also got married. I know this seems silly and stupid but I feel good and happy. Baba blessed me by saying those words from him. He indirectly said that he wants to get married to me by holding my little finger and not leaving it.(all this stupid silly words, he holding my little finger on Thursday makes me feel that Baba blessed me in this way). Baba made me happy with those words. Though Baba didn't bless us to spend time together, Baba blessed me by showing his interest on me.

I wish Baba bless both of us get married to each other, fingers crossed. Please Saimaa, please I beg You to give me beautiful love life. My crush is the person whom I always dream about. You are making me realise that I can be happy with him on every Thursday. You make us meet on Thursdays and create situations to become close and know more about each other. I hope and wish You will take this to our marriage and lovely kids as a happy family. I surrender to You Saimaa with all my heart. Please take care of everyone. Also I got a call from my friend suggesting a new job and how good it is for me on Thursday(21.12.2017). He said he will try to give that job for me. I'm so relieved and happy that I won't face financial issues. Thank You so much Appa for everything.

Om Sai Ram!

Release Yourselves Of All Your Heart Aches And Bondages As Sai Baba The Supreme Match Maker Knows Whos Truly Our Soul Mate And With Whom You Have A Deep Karmic Connection. Jai Sai Maa. Love Saimaa!

-Pooja Garg
#Experience 109

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen..!

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