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Unbelievable Leela Of Shirdi Sai In Organising Kirtan On Ram Navami At My Place MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Laveena from India says : Om Sairam to all. I am Lavina Agarwal part of Mahaparayan and Anant Akhad Sai Mahajaap. Baba’s leelas have come in many different ways from the time I am part of these groups.

Also from the time I am part of Mahajaap many things came around me which was emphasizing word kirtan. Don't know why but I was feeling to do Baba’s kirtan but I was like kind of ignoring it although I did not want to. Then suddenly on 28th Feb Wednesday I was about to sleep as I get up 3 o'clock to be part of Khichadi Brahmha Muhrat Parayan group. My hubby realized that there was no water as there was water shortage and following was the conversation between me and my husband Vikas.

Vikas: “tomorrow you have to wash your face and sit for pooja.”

I: “no I will get water”.

Vikas: “no water comes at 6 o’clock so you won't get.”

I: “Yes I am sure I will get”.

Vikas: “if you get then it I'll be a miracle as there is not a single drop of water in tap.”

I: “let's sleep, you don’t worry”.

I prayed Baba for my overconfidence and slept. Next day morning I got up and opened the tap. Can you all believe? I got half bucket water which was enough for me to take bath and so after filling that half bucket I myself closed the tap. After that I got ready. As per my hubby 6 o’clock water should have come but that day when my son was about to go to school at 6.45 water didn’t come and then it was my hubby who had to go down on the ground floor and get water for my son to take bath.

This was not over. After that I completed my pooja and went back to sleep after reading my allotted chapters. Suddenly I got a dream that 25th March Ram Navami I have kirtan with Ram Navmi Zhula(Cradle) at my place in the parking. Some ladies have come for kirtan to sing songs. I had invited around 50 ladies to be part of it. I saw all little details of that programme like how many chairs I booked, how many mattress I booked, the catering I booked. I also saw what I had to wear and actually each and every minute detail that is not possible to write here all. I even saw how Baba’s Darbaar was decorated. I wanted some flowers decor but then I was in dream only instead of original flowers my mom had good artificial flowers hanging; every small detail I saw; even what photo I had kept of Baba and all little things.

This is not all. Stay tuned. In that in between of this dream I had to wake up for elder son’s school. I got up, gave him all and went back to sleep as I was having a good dream. Can you all believe what happened next? It has never happened before with me and you too would be convinced it’s all Baba’s doing. When I slept I again got the dream exactly from where it had stopped before as though Baba was showing me a movie. My dream continued from there again and then I saw what all was left. Then I slept till it was completed and when got up I realised that my hubby was ready. I spoke to him and asked let's do kirtan on 25th. He was like I will have to ask this to my in-laws. I was like ok but somewhere was scared if they say no. I asked Baba (by picking up 1 chit of yes or no )Should I ask them but if they no it will break all my heart. And I got the answer as ‘Yes!’

I called my mother- in- law. I just said I want to do kirtan on 25th. She was like ok, no problem She said , “you know na that our family is big and you will have to do in parking and it I'll b around 50 ladies”.

It was the same figure I saw in my dream. I was shocked. I was ok mummy,  no problem. She asked me to talk to dad and see. So I called my father-in-law and came to know that he was out and so I said him that it was ok no problem and that I would call him later. But then surprisingly he said, “no you speak”. I said him, “Papaji, I want to do kirtan on 25th”. He was also like that you will have to do it in the parking. It will be like 50 to 60 ladies programme which won't fit at home. I was in a shock hearing same things from my father -in-law and that he too said ok and the same things as in dream. I actually started feeling it to be like a dream because of the dream that I saw which was more than a reality and becoming real too. I actually screamed aloud after I kept his phone. I didn’t know that it would be so simple. I started booking same people whom I saw in my dreams and then when I was about to book the caterer for the same one which I had seen in my dream he said that he was booked for a big function and can't come for such a small one. We tried with local restaurants but somewhere my hubby disagreed and said me to call my dad as that caterer is having good relation with my dad and ask if he agrees. My dad spoke to the caterer and he said that his 25th programme was postponed to 26th so I I'll take the booking for 25th.

Again a miracle…still getting goose bumps. I had seen him only as my caterer for the kirtan and till date everyday a new miracle to is getting added ..... I'll post my continuation of this after my kirtan is done on 25th Till now I am not understanding was it a real dream or my feeling my thought one thing only can conclude it is just big Baba leela feeling blessed under His shelter and last thanks to Pooja who gave me chance to be part of these Mahaparayan and Mahajaap groups and opportunity to take up Baba’s seva....! To be continued...!
Jai Sai Ram
Laveena Agarwal

It is one of my best experiences that gave me constantly goosebumps from head to toe while editing. Dear Readers what to tell you all even the publishing of Laveena ji’s post has been a miracle today. Laveena ji is another gem that Baba has collected in His basket for us during Mahaparayan and has been truly very dedicated and instrumental for all Baba’s work.

 Ritu ji the editor for Mahaparayan blog had given me experiences till 26th March. But when I took it for final editing and publishing I found that 25th March and 26th March experiences could not be used as they were some how duplicated with previous ones which has never happened so, as Ritu ji does it very carefully. Then I remembered that when Laveena ji had called me to tell about this dream I had told her that we would publish it on Ram Navami. After that she inspite of being busy with preparation of kirtan at her house and Baba’s seva for heading Tuesday Mahajaap group, Vishnu Sahastarnamalio Parayan of Tuesday group she did send me but I too because of so many things going on in parallel thought to publish it later as after this also many more leelas have occurred regarding this Kirtan at Laveena ji’s place which were shared by her to me verbally. But Baba’s ways are Baba’s ways; He so made the situation that I realised its Baba’s wish to get it published today on Ram Navami itself. Eagerly waiting to edit the upcoming post in continuation to this. 

It only proves that Baba only doing everything. has something very special coming up for Laveena ji or some thing else. Request the readers if you all too have felt something while reading it do share it and post your comments here.  It really matters a lot in all aspects spiritually, emotionally, socially and technically too…! Baba will bless you all. Love You Sai Maa. Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg
#Experience 126

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen..!

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  1. Once when I had met Suresh Chandra Gupta, he was one of the elderly devotees of Baba, authored many books, he started crying seeing me, he thought I would be not so young πŸ™ˆ however he said these tears are my happiness to see you. Whenever I get good vibrations for Baba I shed tears & I don't know how many such tears I have shed in my whole life.

    Same thing happens to me. This experience has so many positive high points but I cried in the end. Felt His Mercy to the core. Blessed you are and felt blessed to be have come across such souls.

  2. Wonderful experience felt so blessed to read it and u r so blessed lavinaji.Hearty thanks to hetalji, and pooja ji for devotees experience , MP, nam jap/saptah, VSP, and SMP. Hats off to both baba's daughters for organizing such a big events to run so smoothly and enabling ordinary person like me to participate in all. Million thanks to sai ram.

  3. This is an amazing experience. I had tears rolling from my eyes when I read this

  4. Wonderful Leela of Sai Deva!!!
    Blessed is Laveena Ji

    Om sairam πŸ˜‡☺️πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒΊ

  5. Such a blessed soul she only she is experiencing baba's leela...May baba bless everyone Om sai ram

  6. om sai ram...
    truely his ways unexplainable..and this experience really gives goosebumps...u are truely blessed laveena ji....waitinh eagerlyfor continuation post...

  7. Amazing experience . The Lord gives hint About future through dreams to some devotees . I will share an experience in which Baba saved my mom from a collapsing building in dream . Exactly after a month of this dream she falls sick

  8. Reading this experience made my day... Thanks so much for sharing Laveena ji.The experience is so blissful and wonderful that I feel like reading it again and again. Our Baba is always reassuring us!

  9. Om Sairam. Laveenaji your experience is truly blessings from Baba...reading this feels blessed. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram!

  11. This is an Amazing experience yesterday I was thinking if I get to see Ram Navami Pooja near my house will Shri Ram show a miracle that his blessings are there.When the pandit asked everyone to tell their wishes in mind and place the hand on the archana Thali and kept it suddenly the lotus flower placed on Shri Ram photo fell.I was looking at my son but my mom and other devotees saw it.Panditji declared Shri Ram has granted all your boons to assembled devotees.Also yesterday being my first Naam jaap in the S
    AASM 2 Saturday series I felt blessed .Also I'm a part of MP 122 group.

  12. Wonferful experience. You all are doing great job. I wish i can be a good devotee like you all.

  13. Tears rolling thru eyes ...what a heart felt experience. So greatful to Hetalji, Poojaji, Laveenaji, and to all beautiful souls participating . Thank you thank you thank you.

  14. Wonderful experience .felt amazing can’t explain my feelings in wordsπŸ™πŸ™

  15. Unbelievable leela.. Simply mesmerizing and unfathomable... Sai, You have enchanted all Your children with your plays.. You have simply rendered us speechless. Really can't find the right words to describe the emotions this leela has invoked. Jai Sai Ram..

  16. Wonderful experience laveena ji.Iam blessed to read it! While reading I literally got tears. Thank you for sharing such a lovely experience.
    Jai Sai Ram!