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Unbelievable Leela Of Shirdi Sai In Arranging Kirtan For Ram Navami Part 2 MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Laveena From India says :Om Sairam. I Lavina Agarwal first of all thank you everyone for reading my first post which is the first half of this post and now as Baba has encouraged me to post my second half which again has too many leelas connected writing every leela might be difficult but yes I'll share few with you all. So let's start with Baba Jai Jai kar "Bolo Shree Sachidanad Sainath Maharaj Ki Jay!"

As I said in my last post about How Baba organised the Kirtan on Ram Navami beyond human intellect, I had started preparing with my work list and I booked the caterer. Now came next mandap thing; I said Baba You didn’t show me any sign for this mandap thing. For caterer You had said Suresh but the mandap thing how will I get now? I started calling some through Just Dial, came across many, didn’t find a good one. Then I came across with Suresh mandap wala, I gave him my requirements. He quoted me the lowest and best rate which was 1 year back rate quotes according to everyone. So Suresh man was again repeated and was finalised.

Then came to clean the place, washing the parking. As I had said in my last post that there was shortage of water; how to get parking washed then with this shortage was the question. Actually with everything that I was booking some or other problems were coming, so I decided to read 7 day parayan which would give me solutions and end to such small problems. I knew it's all His leelas but somewhere in some corner of my mind due to human nature there was a scared feeling how things would work? But doing weekly parayan have always given me results so I started that. Coming back to get the parking washed I again contacted people through just dial but nothing came out to be useful. Then one of my friends said me to talk to a tanker cleaning person. My friend helped me with the numbers too. I called that person the person said that they were from "Sai Krupa " tanker cleaning! Did you listen? Yes, Sai Krupa! As soon as I heard it I said that to that person that Baba has only sent you, but I need to wash my parking with minimum water as there is water shortage. How can you help me? He said that they do with a machine which hardly requires water and that they would do. I asked him for money and he said, “you are doing Baba’s kirtan, so give me what you wish to give.” I requested him to say as Baba always wanted to pay people for their hard work liberally so he said to pay him only the Labour cost. Was it not Baba’s leela for all the help needed?

Now it was time to go Shirdi. I wanted a frame of Baba which I had seen in my dream and then I thought to get Baba’s Udi from Shirdi that too to give everyone who would come for the kirtan (this was my feeling I didn’t see this in my dream). After my Samadhi darshan I was in queue for Vibhuti and the person gave me only 1packet of Vibhuti as per the trend. I asked for some more and he said a clear no. I got a bit disappointed, took Gurusthan darshan and then went to the next door donation box. That day I had taken a dress for Baba which I wanted to hand over. Then security person guided me to room no 2. I then tried again, requesting him for some Vibhuti packets for which I was also ready to pay him. He said a no and that they were not allowed to do so. So I requested him to help me and told him that I wanted to distribute this to people who would come for kirtan, so again requested him to help me. He went and somehow managed to give hand full packets. I was happy and as he was not allowed to do that so I kept that in my purse thinking that might be around 25 to 30 packets. I then thanked him a lot for helping me. Then I went to room no. 2 and handed the dress. I then asked for few more packets and he gave me some 8 to 9 packets. Now still it was like, I need 20 packets thought to request the security out of room no 2. Somehow managed to request him for few packets and he asked me to wait and said that he would see about it and he disappeared for a while. I thought he made an excuse so I went again till Gurusthan asking for some packets but no one helped me. I was disappointed and again went to room 2 to check that guard. I saw him coming and so ran towards him and asked him. At first he said no as due to security purpose. Then I pleaded him for some 20 packets more. Hearing my 20 packets thing he started laughing and gave me some hand full packets which I thing were nearly 10 to 15. Now I was like let's count and so I was having 48 packets. Still I wanted some 5 to 7 packets and so tried with every guard but no help I got. Then thought to take one more time darshan so that as I would come out then I would get few packets. I tried to request a localite to help me for darshan but I didn’t get any help. I was getting disappointed some were in my heart but as I was getting late I wanted to go to take Baba’s photo and take darshan of Dwarkamai and Chawadi too and so as I was getting late for my bus I just left Samadhi mandir with a sad heart.

I then went to buy a photoframe which I had seen in my dream. Seeing so many pictures I was getting confused about which I had seen exactly. Then I chose one but was not sure that it was the one that I saw. I said the person to please keep it on hold and will come back. I then went to some 2 to 3 shops. There nothing clicked me and so prayed Baba to please help. As I went back to the first shop I was like that frame is what I wanted. The person said you were seeing this photo only from so long, I was like what should we think for this now? Then took the frame and went to Dwarkamai and wanted to get it touched. Can you believe as I stepped Baba Dwarakmai which I have always heard that as we step all our sorrows turn into happiness and in my case was then happening as if giving me the proof because as I entered I saw Baba’s Vibhuti packet fallen on the floor. It was an unbelievable sight and so immediately I picked it up. I was so happy and then thought that kisi ke hath se gir gayi hogi (somebody must have dropped it). But then what! I walked few steps and again I found another packet. Felt on cloud 9! Then behold as I stepped near dhuni again a packet ! Wow and I said Baba love You for what You are giving. Then I touched His holy feet, kept my frame for sometime there. Can you believe I got 1 coconut which was next to the photo near His Paduka. Wow! All my sorrow turned into joy. How can Baba let leave someone sad from His Dwarkamai. This was not over As I stepped down I got one more packet. I was thinking that agreed that someone may have dropped so many packets. But are the people around blind? No they are not and yet no one picking them up. Does it mean that only I can see them? Because no one will stay calm if they see a Udi packet fallen down. This was not all that when I came near Tulsi plant again I got a packet of Vibhuti ! Said Oh my Baba whats happening? I am so happy, on top of the world! I sat there for few minutes and it was time to leave.

Baba what next now? I was about to step out of Dwarkamai and lo I got one more packet! Yes got one more packet! Baba Himself poured out packets of Vibhuti for me. Sai friends while writing this too there are tears in my eyes. I was feeling so happy that the thing for which I was sad had just vanished. I was feeling blessed. I can't express how happy I was. I got exactly 55 packets that I wanted. Yes now came the kirtan day. Things were falling the same way as I had seen in my dream the same d├ęcor, same way Ramji Zhula and many more. Wow I was living my dream in every way in reality. Every where even before programmes started I was getting positive vibes and my friends too who had come down to help me with decor said me, “Lavina I am getting very positive energy” and then suddenly we smelled agarbatti (incense sticks) around 3 clock in afternoon. How come that happen that too in parking? She said that may be someone must have put. Then I said it's 3 o’clock who will put in afternoon at such an odd time. I said it's just through these vibes we can smell it. Wow everything too started on such a positive note.
This is how exactly I had seen in my dream right from photo frame, decor, Zhula, colour scheme and everything!

People then started coming. It was double the crowd we expected. My husband was scared for Prasad but as we all know Baba’s Prasad will never fall short. He kept that faith concrete. Although we had told the caterer just for 70 people but still more than 120 people were served. Now comes the khichadi episode. I can’t recall whether I had seen Baba coming and having Khichadi in my dream was really a part of my dream or my illusion. So had a taught to make Baba’s favourite food khichadi. I wanted Baba to come and have it. I was like whoever will come and ask for it I will give that khichadi to that person only and that will be my Baba for me. So I wanted to serve that person with all my love. Was thinking who will come to ask as everyone was leaving and everything was about to pack up. I was again and again going out of gate to see someone coming. Suddenly my mother- in- law was like what to do about this khichadi? I said, “mummy This I will serve to some poor person. She said okay and that she shall give to our worker who had come to help us. Then I could not say no but I was still holding that bowl and seeing out of the gate. Don't know then he was asked to take Prasad he said, “I I'll have khichadi only. I don’t know was it that he heard me and my mother -in- law talking or was it Baba? I was like Baba You fulfilled my this wish also that I I'll serve to that person only who I'll ask for it but somewhere I wanted Baba to come in His form only so that I can hold on to Him. I was thinking its okay He didn’t want me to hold Him and things like that …so I was feeling little low which also was ended by Baba in a miraculous way.

Next day in afternoon when I was reading my chapter suddenly I saw Baba’s eyes. Can you just believe where? I saw them in my mehandi which I had applied for kirtan. It was a smiley face which suddenly I saw doing my pooja. I saw Baba’s pic. I went mad thought He came as I wanted to hold Baba so see friends how He came? Whenever I put mehandi for some purpose I write their names example as on Rakhi I write my brother’s name, on karwa chauth hubby’s name and now for Baba’s kirtan; so Baba’s name which was on left hand; but this face was on right hand attaching the pictures with this leela. I have also attached the decoration pic.

The zoomed portion of my Mehendi Design Showing Baba's Eyes

                               Eyes of the Baba's photo frame that appeared in  my mehendi design

It was same outline of eyes which my frame had that I got from Shirdi. Yes the same Baba! Can’t Thank You enough for Your unconditional love. I was feeling mad and was loving the madness. Actually could not believe my eyes. I was feeling is it I am going mad that I am seeing Him everywhere or is it ireally so? If I say someone they will make fun of me so I again picked up the chit praying that is it You Baba? Should I share this feeling of mine with everyone and believe me the answer was a yes! I felt like dancing again. I called up Pooja ji, shared the pic with her. She was like Lavina did someone come for khichdi? (as I had shared about my vsion or illusion about it to her that I saw Baba coming for khichadi) I said Pooja please check what's app and see can you see Baba in that figure? We will talk about khichdi later as this is above all. She hung up and checked and she too said yes it's Baba’s eyes! Wow! I showed my friends, my kid who is 10 years said me, “see na Mumma it's same exactly like what is in our frame how come?” His leelas are never ending.I have attached the zoom part of my mehandi design.

I pray Baba just to bless me the same way. He is happy and I can feel my happiness in this divine world of Baba. Thank You Baba. Thank You tons for helping me to write this and share with my thousands of Sai friends Who are fan following of Yours. Thank you Pooja who too encouraged me to write this post.

Although the dream has exactly turned into reality, I still feel is it a dream? In real sense A dream come true…

Om Sai Ram
Laveena Agarwal

The whole leela has been beyond our intellect even for publishing. The first part had got published on Ram Navami and the second continued part on Hanuman Jayanti in their own miraculous way as already shared before. You are truly blessed to experience Baba's unconditional love immensely. The fact that you had your eyes at your gate for Baba to come; and whereas the presence of His eyes on Your hands showing that He always has an eye upon His children and is with You all the time. Only Sai Baba can love His children so much. He is our Baba as well as our Maa too. Jai Ho Sai!

Pooja Garg
#Experience 131

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen. . !

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  1. Laveenaji wonderful experience. Om sai ram. I had tears reading bout ur experience. I was taking a afternoon nap. I saw sai and ganeshji in my dreams. I was feeling the bliss of it, meanwhile saw poojaji's Msg in group about your experience. After reading it my happiness doubled... Hail sai

  2. Koti koti pranam!!!what can I say....tears and love, grace all over. So beautiful...thank you fir thus beautiful post , this meant really lot for me ,as I feel everyone who reads this are being blessed. Blessings coming thru this post fir everyone. Thank you Laveenaji, Poojaji, Hetalji and all the beautiful souls. ��

  3. Always joy spreads if it is baba's it spreads super fast.baba's leela this joy of yours filled my heart to the brim lavinaji. Thanks for sharing. Om sai ram.

  4. Laveenaji you are great soul .Baba'choicest daughter.Very lucky having such wonderful Baba's experience.And that vibhuties experience is really unbelievable.

  5. Superb experience....Had goose bumbs while reading it...may Baba bless u abundantly

  6. Hi Laveenaji, That is called Blessing !! I'm thrilled at the way you get the Sai Udhi Packets in Dwarakamayi. You are so Blessed . We too are blessed to read such miracles and these kind of miracles happens when you have unwavering faith on Sai. . Thanks for sharing. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai !!

  7. Hi Laveenaji, That is called Blessing !! I'm thrilled at the way you get the Sai Udhi Packets in Dwarakamayi. You are so Blessed . We too are blessed to read such miracles and these kind of miracles happens when you have unwavering faith on Sai. . Thanks for sharing. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai !!

  8. Very Nice Experience. You are a blessed soul. It is really Baba's Leela. Especially your Shirdi Trip. Om Sai Ram

  9. Very nice experience especially about getting Udi packets,mehendi matching with Baba's eyes.Really feeling blessed to read such a divine experience.

  10. Learning is an ever-evolving process. Each and every instance shapes our life in one way or the other.

    madhusudan naidu

    madhusudan naidu muddenahalli

  11. As I read your experience, I was crying. Very moving experience