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Shirdi Sai Devotee Ramya Says: Sairam I am Ramya. I started praying Baba since childhood. I ask Baba whatever I want for a particular situation and He fulfils my wishes and has been so for me till now! As Sainath’s devotee I want to share few recent incidences happened with me which are about my career and want to insist that pure devotion is all we need in everything.

When I started doing MAHAPARAYAN it was only for selfless needs and devotion towards Baba that made me take a step to start. I am pursuing my MBA and in search of jobs. When I started searching for jobs I was so confident that I would get a job and get placed in a good company. So I gave interviews, I got selected in few companies but didn’t get results for few companies.

The companies which I went for interview or got selected were either night shifts or they took none of the candidates who attended the interview. I lost hope on myself and asked Baba is this what I can achieve in life and prayed Him saying place me in a good company. From there, which ever company I have given interview I got selected. Finally, I have chosen one MNC but they delayed giving my interview results officially. That MNC company didn’t say me officially that I got selected. So, I felt so bad and left my hopes as many situations happened earlier that they didn’t give offer letter after saying a candidate got selected. I used to do MAHAPARAYAN and asked Baba that results should be so positive. Every Thursday be it morning or evening I got a call from that MNC company for process completion saying, background verification, conformation call etc. The joining date was also on Thursday. Finally with Sadhguru’s blessings and love I got placed in this company. Likewise, I faced positive incidents on Thursdays after starting MAHAPARAYAN. When you need something and want to achieve it ask with devotion to Baba to fulfil. But then remembering Him, chanting His name in our good times is also so very important…!

Keep praying

Baba’s ways are unique and beyond our intellect. If we take one step with devotion towards Him He takes ten steps; If He once holds our hands then He sees to it that he never leaves it no matter however stormy it is. Blessed are we have Sai as our Sadguru. Love You Our Sai Mai. Jai Ho Sai.

-Pooja Garg
#Experience 139

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen. !

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