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Shirdi Sai Baba devotee Amarprit Brar: Om Sai Ram all. I want to share my experience. I was not feeling well since last 3 weeks. I went to doctor and He told me it might be pre menopause symptoms and I never knew they would be so horrifying. Since last 2 years I am continuously doing Saptah Parayan without break.

On Thursday the anxiety attack was very bad but I tried my best and could not start Saptah Parayan.I was crying and very disturbed and Baba sent me message through His cards that Beti read Sai Satcharitra and it will release you from Karmic bondages and obstacles in life. New doors will open and you will be happy. Reading this I hold Baba statue in my Mandir and cried Deva You know, for me everything comes after You no matter how sick I am, I have never missed my Parayan than why this time.

He told me I wake you up 3.00am but you don't have trust in me, you started calling India for solution of your health. I am your doctor. There is nothing wrong with you. Thousand of women are going through it. I know it is tough but every women has to go through this phase for 2 years. Don't panic and involve yourself in spirituality and you will be fine. Relax and calm your mind. You will not shake. Don't panic and just put all your worries and tensions at my feet and enjoy.

I was dumbstruck. I called my Aunty in India who is homeopathy doctor and to my surprise she told me everything my Baba told me and informed me to take Biocombination 28 tonic. So I told someone to bring from India.

As I was about to sleep I was worried that if again attack will come so I prayed to Baba that please as You promised me, I surrender completely myself into to Your holy hands and please take care of me. I was sleeping and a dream came. I saw one person who is very prayerful and is in our prayer group. He was wearing dress like south Indian pandits and came to my house and I was like what is wrong with Him.

There was some Puja going in my house and He came and sat down. Again a person came with big sack of Udi packets and I just lied down bowing in front of Him. Wow Baba’s Prasad had come and I woke up. To my surprise time was 8.45 am. I never slept like this before and I woke up so fresh. I am still dumbstruck.

Thank you Poojaji, Hetalji, Manglaji, Gowri di, Kanika Dutta, Manjuji, Archanaji, Kanika Sahdev, Gayatriji, Jyothikaji and every member of my lovely Sai family for giving me this platform where Baba Himself is present 24 x 7 and answers our prayers. I am highly indebted to you all. Sorry for my big post but was excited to share. Baba I love You .

Om Sai Ram
Amarprit Brar

When Baba our Biggest Doctor, takes up our case then there is no cause of worry. Thank You Baba for always being there for us no matter how trivial or big the problem is. Love You loads. Jai Ho Sai.

-Pooja GArg
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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen!

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