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Shirdi Sai Baba’s Udi Miraculously Cured My Husband’s Complicated Ailment MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |

Shirdi Sai Baba devotee Kokila Vaidyanathan from New Zealand says: I, Kokila Vaidyanathan, live in Auckland, New Zealand and I am part of Yellow team of the NZ Mahaparayan group on roll no 48. Loving Sairam, my wonderful Sai family across the Globe. First of all, a huge gratitude to our dearest Sai, to all of the instruments of Sai for giving us all an opportunity to be part of this Maha-Parayan. We are all a drop-in ocean of his love. He is bringing all of us together to enjoy His omnipresence, to show us that He can and will reach us in some form or the other whenever we are in need and look up to Him for help. I humbly offer my prayers at His Lotus feet and I invoke Sai to help me pen the miracles that He has made me experience. The only reason for my sharing a couple of the many experiences that He has been showing me is to help people sustain their faith in Baba no matter how hard and difficult the situations maybe that they are facing because Baba is not going to let go of our hands or fail us. Om Sai! I have various experiences in my life prior to Mahaparayan and also during my Mahaparayan journey, but, the recent experiences were very profound and I felt the urge to share it with my extended Sai family.

My husband has been going through some medical issues for the past 5 years. By the grace of God he has been on the road to recovery, albeit very slow. Recently in the middle of Jan this year he had an appointment with his podiatrist, whom he sees every fortnight. It was a Tuesday, the podiatrist was a little disappointed with the progress of the wound and made a remark saying,“ I thought we were doing well but looks like we have a new problem here. And I am not sure what this is. Let’s see how it goes for the week, and if we don’t see any improvements, I will have to refer you back to district nurse”.

This was rather shocking for my husband and he was very frustrated, disappointed and sad. He came home and explained the situation to me and all I told him was not to worry and that it will all be fine. We both have tremendous faith in Baba and thought He will take care. I have always thought of giving Udi in water to my husband but, I wasn’t sure whether he would accept it or not. Because his of devotion is kind of different than mine and also, I didn’t want to face rejection. I conversed with Baba internally and promised to read Chapter 15 of the Sai Satcharitra daily and surrendered my husband’s situation and the thoughts of Udi to His lotus feet.

Later, on Wednesday, I was casually sharing my distress about my husband’s pain with one of my cousins and she instantly suggested what I have been thinking of about the Udi. I expressed that he may not, but, she suggested that there is nothing wrong in asking him to take Udi water and if Baba wishes he may do it. Feeling a bit surprised I asked her if she has some Udi in her house as I couldn’t find the one I had at home. She also gave me a small water purifying mantra and advised to give my husband Udi water every day as first thing in the morning and last thing in the night and told that there isn’t anything to worry and that everything will be fine in just 5 weeks.

So I came and told my husband in a very assertive voice that I will be giving him Udi water daily and that he will have to take it. To my surprise he was ok with it and was ready to take it from the very next day. At that moment I felt as if he has already been relieved of pain and already been cured. So, he started taking his medications with Udi water from Thursday onwards, which was probably the last week of January. I was overwhelmed because he had never done something like this before.

On the coming Tuesday, nearly after a week of having his daily dose of medication in Udi water, was his visit to the podiatrist, as soon as she examined him, she says “hmmm there is a Miracle happening here. I don’t seem to find our second problem. It just seems to have disappeared. I can’t find what I saw last week. It must have been something that may have cropped up then. Looks like we are back on track here. Whatever has happened. It looks good. I will now see you after two weeks.

That was enough for my husband, he knew internally what the miracle was, but didn’t want to say anything. He continues to take his daily medications in “Udi”. Two weeks later, on his regular visit to the podiatrist, she checks and makes further remarks in an astonished way saying, “Looks like the miracle continues. Your wound (of over 5 years) is now completely closed out. And seems very dry. It’s looking really good. Very pleased with this. Just continue with what you are doing. I think I will now see you after 3 weeks and if this continues, I might have to discharge you from my visits (after over 5 years).” My husband of course was thrilled to hear that but, didn’t react and just acknowledged her services and thanked her for all the support and thanked Baba wholeheartedly. He almost felt like he was on the moon. It has not been an easy task to get him to get on this path. But, as Baba says “when the time is right I will draw My men to Me”, all we need to have is patience and Faith – that too unshakeable faith.

I have surrendered myself to Him so why worry when He Is there. To further strengthen our faith the chapters my cousin and I got to read during this time was all about Udi, chapters 33 & 34. Baba has been showing us miracles in every step of our lives connecting them to the chapters that we read every week. May there be love in each heart, peace, joy and bliss all around the Universe, Sai Ram.

Om Sai Ram
Kokila Vaidyanathan

Baba’s Udi is Baba Himself and It always works wonders in spiritual and worldly matters as well. Its one solution to all our problems provided we have that unshakable faith, patience, love and devotion. Thank You Baba for the wonderful Udi as like a boon not only for mankind but also for animals and immovable things too. Love You Loads Baba. JAi Ho Sai! 

-Pooja Garg
#Experience 167

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen. !

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