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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Sathya Sridhar From USA: I am a Sai devotee who is also participating in Mahaparayan reading Sai Satcharithram world wide. I would like to share my experience here. I pray not but I talk to Him every day asking Him to be with me and my family. Many many wonderful experiences with Him - but this one has again proved that He is there with us every single minute.

We had gone to Vermont this Christmas and it was very very cold. Though we like winter and snow, we could not handle such severe weather. On that particular Wednesday my husband had decided to do snow mobiling and as usual I was not in favour but had to play along because it was better to be with the family rather than staying alone.

We went to the mobiling pace and ended up wearing really uncomfortable costumes with gigantic gloves ( it was -28 degree Fahrenheit) with an helmet. I was very uncomfortable. Much to my discomfort, my daughter decided to ride her own bike. She was very confident. My husband’s fingers were frozen and he was not very sure but he insisted that we should continue. The activity started and we ended up driving behind my daughter. All of us were going slow and we suddenly saw my daughter veering to the left and she went down and hit a tree! Three slender trees standing next to each other ( Sairam, Hanuman and Karumaari Amman, whom I Pray every day). I continue to ask myself: how did she go and hit the tree where as she could have missed it and gone down the slope. She could not control the break because her fingers went numb because of the extreme weather. Behind the tree was a slope though not a dangerous one. She hit the tree and she did not fall forward. It was a miracle that she did not fall off the bike. The people were extremely helpful. Ambulance came and took us to a hospital in Burlington, Vermont. She was in lot of pain in both her arms. In ER, the doctor and nurses were very helpful. They took an X-ray and said the following- “her left wrist is broken into small pieces, she will need a cast and may be a surgery. Right arm will know only in couple of weeks- may need a surgery there also because of the position of the bone!” They put cast in both her arms and we went back to the hotel at 11pm.

Mentally we were shattered and exhausted because we saw the whole thing happening in front of our eyes. My daughter was really down. General mood was sombre but I was very optimistic (for a change) and I knew He had only saved us without an ounce of doubt. I knew He was there and is with us now as I write this. Back then, I was very calm and confident ( some unknown feeling that we are being protected- can’t describe the feeling) and was also happy because the whole situation could have been a lot more serious. We were back home on Friday. We got an appointment with the orthopaedist here in Dallas. He changed into a more comfortable cast and also said no need of surgery at that point of time. Two weeks later no damage in her right arm and she was out of the cast and left is healing very well and he confirmed that she does not need any surgery. She is out of cast now. Healed well and back to her routine. I believe, that Sai Ram tried telling us not to do it- but we still went ahead because of our ignorance but He did not let us down. He was simply there with us every step of the way until now and believe He will be with us forever and ever.

We should have faith in Him and be patient. He is there protecting each and every one of us every second. Om Sai Ram

Om Sai Ram
Sathya Sridhar

Sai our most merciful mother, our Saviour is with us and protecting us. Blessed are we to have Sai as our Sadguru. Love You Sai. Jai Ho Sai.

-Pooja GArg
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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen !

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