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Shirdi Sai devotee Anupama Arora from Australia says : Om Sai Ram to everyone. May our Sai Baba pour His love and compassion on all of you and vanish your pain, suffering and agony from your life.

Just sharing with you all a small yet significant experience which happened with me last week when I was flying back to Melbourne from India. But before that let me tell you that few years back I was very very scared of flying. I used to get panic attacks and anxiety at the thought of flying. Anyway in 2015 I went to Shirdi for first time and I realized that Baba has reduced my fear of flying to almost nil. He has somehow stabled my mind while flying, every time.

Now coming to my experience, last week, with my family I was flying back to Melbourne from India. After about 2 hours after the take off, suddenly there was panic in the flight. One of the flight attendants came running and rushed to the back of the plane saying "There's fire"...! Then another air hostess followed her running saying "There is fire in the plane". I was shaken and terrified at that moment and started saying "Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram" loudly thinking the end of life is here now. But after about 10 seconds I thought "OK, Baba You are testing my faith on You, aren't You?".

Immediately I smiled and surrendered. And thought why am I scared? Either I can have Faith or Fear. Only one... Fear means no Faith and Faith means no Fear. And I was totally calm thinking that Ok Baba either You'll come to save me anyway or You'll come to take me with You. Only 2 options. The situation around looked bit panicky and serious but I became very calm inside and in the present moment was just waiting for Sai. And see what happened, as soon as I surrendered immediately in a second the air hostesses went back to serving drinks saying it was false alarm and behaved normal as if nothing happened.

On asking, they didn't give proper explanation exactly what had happened? Just told that someone used deodorant in the toilet, the vapors caused the alarm. All this drama happened just in 20 seconds. I was like did I just see a dream? Baba just wanted to know (I don't like using word 'TEST') how much I love and trust Him. Just like we are always eager to know how much Baba loves us through His miracles.

And also I should mention here that before the flight took off I got this message on whatsapp that "Sai Can Solve Any Problem In A Second/Chutki". Next message I got was "Nothing Is Impossible For Sai". I somewhere felt is this indication of some trouble coming Sai? And my intuition was right and I remembered these messages during the trouble or mid-air drama. Anyway all is well that ends well. Sai has His own ways to teach us and make us stronger and shiny. Bolo Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai .

Om Sai Ram
Anupama Arora

When we faith have in Baba we need not fear as Baba will never allow His devotees to fall. He has His own ways to mold us and shape us for our betterment and lead us in our daily lives along with our spiritual journey. 

On Guru Purnima today let us all bow and do shat shat pranaams to our Parabramha, Our Sadguru Sai Baba the Supreme Lord who incarnated as a “Guru Avataar” — an incarnation of God Who came to teach mankind the way to liberation and God. We will be ever indebted to our Baba for enclosing us under His tender love and care. Baba be ever kind on us like this and be our shining and guiding lamp always, forgive us for if any shortfalls and vices and bless us to be Your desired disciples and children. Blessed to have You as our Guru Baba. Love You Loads, would be ever indebted to You. Jai Jai Ho Sai...!

-Pooja Garg
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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen...!


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