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Anonymous  Shirdi Sai Devotee From USA Says : My humble pranams at Your lotus feet Sai. With Bhagawan’s grace, I have been a part of Mahaparayan and there are countless miracles. This life is a grace of Sai and whatever happens is all His grace. I would try my best to narrate some of the experiences which will be a booster of faith and patience in all the devotees. Infact, this body took a birth because of His will, this body is functioning well because of Sai, the nature I see around is His creations, and the basic living life style are all His blessings, whatever is happening either small or big accomplishment is all His mercy. Still, I would try to be short and narrate few of those instances.

Devotees, through my last sharing, I mentioned how our car was damaged and with Baba’s grace, we upgraded a new car (white in color). Sai called us to His mandir and we were able to take His darshan and we did our vehicle puja in Shirdi Sai mandir. Baba always wore white kafni in His lifetime and therefore, I think Baba wanted us to select a white SUV. Thank You Sai. Within a week, Baba helped us to get our money from the insurance and He helped us to get a new vehicle. I was really confused whether to repair the car or to get a new car.

I totally surrendered at His feet and kept all my problems at His feet and He took care of the situation. Sai has always given us assurance that He will take of everything and He always does. We just need intense faith and patience. Baba, please give me total faith and patience. I just want to totally surrender to You. We took the financial loan from the dealer and it was a bit expensive. Before my husband was reluctant to try loan from any other credit union, but, now Baba has changed His mind and He applied loan for His new vehicle from a credit union and it saves some amount of money. Thank You Sai for guiding us.

My husband has high triglycerides. He has started taking medication for it. I always apply Vibhuti on my forehead for him. By Baba’s grace, His triglyceride level is going down. I also have some health issues. I apply Vibhuti on my forehead and also drink Vibhuti mixed water. He has always taken care of me and will always take care. My husband had applied for life insurance and there were chances it could have rejected because of abnormal lab values. Our compassionate Sai took care of the situation and with His grace, life insurance has been approved.

In two months, we are moving to a new place for a new job. My husband went for 3-4 interviews and we were confused which one to choose. I wanted Baba to select the job because we humans are ignorant and we cannot make the right decision. Baba gave me a sign because the last interview was scheduled on the 28th Sep 2017 (Shirdi Sai Baba’s birthday). My husband liked the job offer and the place. I am happy that we have a Shirdi Sai Baba’s mandir in that place too. I always wished to go to such a place where I can have His darshan. Baba listened to my prayers and He offered us that job. Regarding apartments, we went there and saw some apartments/ town houses. We were confused between the two townhouses. We selected one (a bit cheaper than the other one) and signed the contract. Situations changed after that, our car got damaged and got a new Audi.

This car was expensive and felt that we need a garage. Baba helped us to reconsider our decision, break the lease, sign the new contract (expensive one town house) and helped us to get a garage in our new townhouse. Before, we were confused between two townhouses and we chose the cheaper one analyzing money and all. Baba had already predicted our future that is why He had given us option for a townhouse with a garage. Baba wanted us to move in that particular town house, that is why that particular town house was not booked and we got it with His will. This is all Sai’s leela.

My father is coming to US for the first time and He is coming alone. My mother has merged with Bhagawan. I was also worried how will He come to US alone, how will he travel and all. I had kept this problem under His feet. Sai has started taking care of it. He has arranged someone from my home country to accompany with my father. I do not know him/her and I believe He/She is Sai’s instrument and my Sai has arranged him/her to travel with my father.

Last week I was not able to pay a dollar amount for parking in my library. I tried a lot but credit card got rejected. A female came in the form of my Sai and helped me by paying that amount. I am so thankful to Sai for helping me.

Devotees, I would like to conclude with a note that let us realize everything happens with His will. Let us try our best to live in a bliss with love because we have our merciful Sai with us in our heart. Let us not only worship Him, but, let us be His ideal children and follow His teachings. Let us pray for the others who are suffering, let us help others, let us ask Baba to help those who are in need, let us serve with our hands and let us do namasmarana with our lips. We are Baba’s mere instruments. Let us breathe for the welfare of all the beings in the world, let us pray to Baba to remove the negative qualities in us, let us foster love, let us try to see all with an equal eye. Sai, I have many negative qualities in me, please purify me, please help me to become a better human I also want to be one of Your ideal children. Please give me the opportunity to serve You and see all the world as Your form. Let me see the world through Your eyes, let me feel as You feel, let me be in bliss and love. Thank You Sai. Thank you devotees. May all be in peace! Thank You and Sairam.

Om Sai Ram

When everything fails, Sai enters and in a jiffy creates magical situations and turns them from unfavourable to favourable. He is the most merciful and ever concerned and takes care of all His children for every small or big matters. None can equal Your love and grace Sai. Life without You is unimaginable. Ever indebted to You Baba, Jai Jai Ho Sai…!

-Pooja Garg
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