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Various Experiences Of Shirdi Sai Baba Post Mahaparayan In My Life MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |

Anonymous devotee of Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says : Sai Ram Devotees, My humble pranams at Bhagwan's lotus feet. Sai, let me perform this work of writing, being Your instrument to the best of my ability and offer at Your lotus feet. Sai, let me offer this doing to You. You are the doer.

Devotees, what to say of Sai leelas? I get confused regarding what to include and what to omit. I am a devotee residing in US and Baba has chosen me to be a part of His Mahaparayan. My sincere thanks to Him. It is not that I registered and I am selected to be a part of it. It is Baba Who made me read the blog, who informed me about Mahaparayan and it is He who decides who will start MP on what time/what day. All is His divine plan. This life is something that He has already willed and planned and we just have to do our duty with strong faith in Him. I pray to Sai to give me immense faith so that I just keep spending my life through His name on my lips and service through my hands. Bless me Sai.

I started my mahaparayan from Nov. I have been Baba’s devotee since many years. But, the real meaning of spirituality has been taught by Baba since I came to US. Baba has converted me to a vegetarian before my start of Mahaparayan. That is why I think He started my curriculum 2 months later. By Baba’s grace, I have been a vegetarian and will continue it. It is Baba’s miracle that my husband supports me being a vegetarian though He is a non-vegetarian. Devotees, I say this is a miracle because He always fought with me whenever I mentioned him of being a vegetarian and there used to be some discussions when I did not partake non veg items because of some spiritual reasons.

This is Baba’s leela where my husband supports me. Today He has supported me in front of my relative because she said me I should eat and it’s quite early that I became a vegeterian. As God resides in all creatures, I could not be cruel enough to eat those items and will not. All is Baba’s will and I thank You.

Right now I am at my relative’s house. While leaving my apartment, I was somewhat sad thinking I will not be able to do Baba’s puja and light diyas. I was feeling sad. Just before I took bath and then prayed at their puja’s room. They have many Gods and Goddesses photos/idols. I bowed in front of God and asked them to bless me.

All prayers reaches to one God/ Sai Baba. Whatever name we take, God is one. I visit to my relatives’ place often and whenever I am here I pray at their puja room. Today while bowing, I happened to see a small image. It was small locket of Shirdi Sai/Sathya Sai. They are not Sai devotees and I am very surprised to see Baba’s image in their puja room. Only Baba knows. Oh my God! Baba blessed me and confirmed me that He is always with me and made me see that very tiny locket. Baba gave me another chance to continue doing puja to Him and I lighted diya to Him. Thank You Sai.

Talking about my personal life, my spiritual journey to Sai began from my childhood because my mother is a Sai devotee. We have inherited it. My maternal grandparents, uncles, aunts all are Sai devotees. I am married to a person who also believes in service/God but not that ardent devotee of Baba. Sometimes, there used to be discussions because of my worship to Sai and my husband also commented me that I only say Sai Sai. Infact, I believe in all Gods but I am more tilted to Baba because He is my everything. All my life is His blessings. All the lessons that I learnt, all the success that I have achieved, all the principles that I follow, all the good and bad I judge is all because of Him.

I do special puja on Thursday. In past there used to be times when my husband hurt me through his ignorance regarding Sai Baba and my worship to Him. I started watching Mere Sai serial. Since few weeks, my husband has also started watching. Now, He also feels that the lessons are good. He also says Jai Sai Ram. He also sings Om sai Om Sai Om Sai.

He also asked me desperately if the serial comes on weekends or not. Baba has started pulling him and I am happy. It was his birthday and He said me lets go to Shirdi Sai temple. I have stopped requesting him going to Sai mandir because in past he used to say all God is one, why not Hindu temple? Though I want to see Baba in his temple too, I had stopped saying him to go to mandir. All and all Gods are one, I happily go to any mandir he says. Fortunately that day, He said me to go to Shirdi Sai mandir and He by himself donated for Guru archana and arati. He also bought a shawl for my Baba (puja). This is all Sai pulling my husband towards Him. Before He used to comment on Vibhuti and never understand Its mahima.

What to talk about His leelas? Yesterday I had severe ear ache due to pressure change in the flight. I never had such experience. It was very hard for me. I prayed Baba to help me. I chanted Om Sai Ram and after a while I was relieved.

Sai, please take care of my health related problems. I have been suffering alot because of it. Please take care of it. I have also started reading stavan manjari daily and I am sure Baba will help me. It has been 10 days since I have started reading it. Thank You Sai. Please shower Your blessings on all of us. Devotees, let us stick with faith and patience and keep Namasmarana through our heart. Baba will definitely take care of us.

Sai Ram

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Lesson For Life - The Universal Prayer

If we love and have Shraddha in Baba, not only we but our entire family comes under His umbrella of grace and kripa. Not only this even if our family members worship Him or not still He considers them as His responsibility as we are His devotees. None can understand Baba’s mercy, love, benevolence as its much more deeper than what we can think or imagine. Ever Indebted to You Baba, love You. Jai Jai Ho Sai!

-Pooja Garg
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  1. Your experience reveberates mine. Om Sai Ram. May Sai bless you and your family to the fullest.