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When Shirdi Sai Baba’s Akhand Diya Started Talking MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Shubham Sharma from USA says: Dear Sai Bhaktas, from many days I have been thinking to share my experiences from the day I started Mahaparayan, finally penning down today.

When I started parayana I kept hearing a voice quite often asking me to offer khichdi. I usually go to a nearby temple for volunteering but somehow from many months I was irregular in going to temple. Finally one Thursday I made up my mind and planned to offer khichdi at temple, but that day I got late and I was sure that they would put the curtain by the time I would reach temple, so I might miss to offer khichdi. I started from home for the temple, I was very nervous and was rushing. When I reached the temple, can you believe it, that day for some reasons there was delay in Arthi. Only after I had kept the khichadi in-front of Baba, the Arti started, as if they all were waiting only for me. This was His call and He made sure that I could offer Him.

My Second experience, I am a devotee of Baba since 2000, but my husband is not. He does not mind me praying Baba though. We are at USA and this year my husband visited India alone. My parents live at Pune. He visited them. I was doing my first saptah parayan with Akhand Deepa(Lamp). Somehow I wanted my husband to visit Shirdi but I didn’t want to impose my desire on him and I just told Sai that I want my husband to visit You but I will not ask him. If You want You make it happen. Can you believe it? My husband is a strong devotee of Lord Shiva, he does not pray any other Gods except Shiva and Ganesha. But he called me and told that he was going to Shirdi on his own, and he went there and also attended two arthis. He was late but still he sat right in front of Baba and had full direct darshan. Believe me it was like getting goosebumps in happiness that He did it. He is a South Indian and does not speak Hindi but still went all by himself. Baba made this happen and I can’t thank Him enough.

My Third experience, while doing saptah parayan I experienced two things, first my Akhand diya was talking to me in some way or the other. Every night I used to fill it with full oil so that it’s lit whole night and I was sleeping in the same room. One night i.e mid night around 2:30-3, I woke up with loud sound, some kind of noise and it was coming from my diya, when I saw it, the oil was almost over. I still remember and feel so blessed that akhand diya woke me up to tell the oil was over and asked to refill it. That time of night when all of us were in deep sleep it made such loud noise that I woke up.

My Fourth experience during saptah parayan was when I saw Baba shadow on my wall which was opposite to diya, first I thought it was because of Baba’s statue and diya light and so I thought I will click a picture of the shadow. So I clicked immediately a picture and when I saw in my phone the picture came as blank. When I saw with my eyes I saw Him sitting one full body shadow but when I click a picture it comes blank. I thanked Baba for giving that darshan and slept. This happened every night during saptah parayan and it was not a dream.

My Fifth experience, we were expecting a good news but my reports came negative, I cried to Him and said why was He testing me so much and that I want an answer. Later the same day I was checking messages casually in BMP khichadi group and guess what the first message someone in our group had posted “ If your reports are negative today, it will be positive in the future” see He is answering every time.

Today I had mammogram and it is a painful procedure. I am scared to go for it every time but yearly once I have to go. Today when they started the procedure I just started calling Sai Sai Sai non stop and can you believe I didn’t get even 1% pain. Every year for this process I used to feel giddy and used to be dull whole day but today absolutely no pain.

Sorry for such a long post but thankful to each and everyone here who is reading and everywhere in the world who is my family through Sai. Lastly a message for all of us. “He is watching, He is listening”. We just have to be sincere and surrender completely. I have surrendered my life completely to Him. My soul is doing naam jaap 24/7. Om Sai Ram. May He keep us all, blessed all the time under His shadow.

Om Sai Ram
Shubham Sharma

Thanks Shubham ji for sharing such blissful leelas of our most loving and Merciful Deva. Sai Has never left His Bhaktas alone or left any of their desires unfulfilled, He never did and will never do. Ever Indebted To You Sai. Jai Jai Ho Sai…!

-Pooja Garg
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