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Shirdi Sai Devotee Vaishnavi from India Says : This is an incident about a key. I had kept one of the important keys in my house. Since I had to work for the clients, I travelled outstation and the key was of my office locker so it was not needed to be carried with me. But at that time my mother had held up with the cleaning work and somehow she misplaced the keys during the clean-up.

When I came back from the outstation work I had been granted a vacation of 2 months in the office due to tiring work for quite a long term. This time the management had decided to shift the lockers of 4 to 5 employees and I was one among them. Since I was on vacation I was asked to shift it after I come back to office and when I searched for the keys I couldn't find them. My mom said that she might have kept it somewhere else. So we both searched the house but we couldn't find it. We searched the entire house more than 3 to 4 times but still we couldn't find the keys. I had time and somewhere I had the confidence that I would get back the keys. Everyone might think what's there in the key? Now a days if keys are lost we could replace it easily. But the thing is that key was very important since I had the most important documents of the organisation and the replacement of which would have cost me a very big sum of money and it would have caused negative impact to my credentials in the workplace for being ignorant in this matter.

With my hope in Baba that one day He would give back my key, my vacation days were diminishing and at last I had only a week or so to get back to work. That time I was restless regarding the keys and once again not only myself but my mom also searched for the keys. My whole family searched the keys that day but all ended up in vain. Now my mom told me "I lost hope that we will get it. I think it might have been mistakenly dumped with the scrap while cleaning. Leave the search and talk to your management about the same ". Now something struck me. A previous experience of pooja didi(Pooja Garg) ( Leelas Showing That Lord Sai Baba Is The Architect Of Sai Mahajaap 24x7) where her mother lost something and her whole family was searching it where even her small son helped her in the search and then she asked her family members to stop the search and that they would get back the item once she finishes Sai Stavan Manjari reading which she was alreading doing and later as she said they got back the item after naam jaap too which was another signal that Baba agve her to start AASM. So I prayed Baba internally that before I finish reading Sai Stavan Manjari I should get the keys back and you won't believe I just read the title Sai Stavan Manjari and my mom and brother shouted that they got back the key. I thought to myself "what's this?"

I didn’t even start a single word of the manjari. I just read the title and I got what I wanted. What to say? This was nothing but the miracle of Baba. I was on the verge of crying; not because I got the keys back (yea I was happy and relieved to get them back )but tears rolled down on realising that Baba heard my prayer and removed my worries in no time. And through this leela He gave me answer to one of the most important question which was nagging me for a long time. Sairam all this might be a matter of a small thing but it is a significant one not only to me but all because Sai made me realise that whatever asked with complete faith in Him will be granted in no time be it a key or anything. Whether how small or big it is; is not what that Baba sees. He sees the faith you have in Him and so don't give up on our deity Sai. His timings are perfect. Just do selfless service to Sai and be patient. Sai will help and turn our lives into the best possible thing which we would ever cherish.

Om Sairam!
Vaishnavi Satish

Dear Readers You all will be awestruck to know Baba's leela behind today's post and would be convinced that He is only doing everything. Vaishanavi ji had submitted this experience on 4th April and somehow Ritu ji the editor of this Sacred Mahaparayan Blog missed it which usually never happens (As yesterday's post was of much after 4th April. )Although Ritu ji  after the first editing had uploaded an experience for today's posting on the drive, I was unable to see it for further editing and publishing since yesterday. Finally today evening when again I could not see I called Ritu ji that I will do the needful for today's post and the one that she had for today we would post it tomorrow or whenever her internet problem is solved. As I was getting late I thought I would take up some smaller post for today's publishing as it was already too late for today's posting too. Then I opened the mailbox to find that this experience which should have been published some 20 days back was somehow missed. So I took it up and since I knew Vaishnavi ji for her dedicated volunteering for different sevas, I called her up for knowing whether she wants to be anonymous as nothing was mentioned. I usually never call especially when I am getting late to go out, but Baba made me call her and edit this missed one post although I did not want to as it was a bit long one and the time was less. When I called up thinking how would she feel to know about it getting published; I hung up the phone myself with tears in eyes and goosebumps all over only to know from Vaishnavi ji that it's her birthday today! WOW!!! Baba what a wonderful birthday gift! Your ways are amazing! Happy Birthday Vaishnavi ! Such is our Baba's love for His children who selflessly serve Him! Love You Sai A Lot! Jai Jai Ho Sai…!

-Pooja Garg
#Experience 271

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen...!


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  1. Omsairam, Amazing miracle. Happy birthday to you Vaishnaviji..


  3. Happy birthday vaishnavi ji thanks for sharing your wonderful sai ram.

  4. OmSaiRam
    HappyBirthday Vaishnavi ji

  5. Thanks a lot for all ur wishes .A special thanks to pooja di and team for giving me the best bday gift I could ever crave for . Thanks a lot di and thanks a lot baba for making my day a very happy one .sairam

  6. Stories such as this reaffirm my faith in Baba. Happy birthday Vaishnavi ji.