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Shirdi Sai Devotee Saigomathy from India says : I am Saigomathy from Trichy Tamil Nadu. I have lot of experiences in my life by Baba. My husband was having chronicle eye issues. I prayed Baba and went to His temple at Mekkudi Sai Baba nearby Trichy. Nine weeks I went there and I got happiest moment when I completed ninth week because His eye issues got cured.

Another one miracle at my home: My hubby's friend is an ardent Sai devotee and Baba comes in his body. He came to my home and blessed me and my family Suddenly he entered my Pooja room and sat there and blessed me with Vibuthi. He asked me for a small pot of water. I gave him and he told me to remove the oil in lamp which is always lighting kamatchi vilakku. I did the same and removed the oil and he then asked me to pour water into the lamp. I poured water from my hand as he asked me to lighten the lamp. I did the lighting and what a miracle it started burning brightly. I was so happy that miracle happened at my home. It's unbelievable but true and it was done by my hand.

Now also when am suffering from any sorrow; he will come to my home and give the solutions. He came 2 months back to my home and blessed me and my family. He gave a pen to my son to write exam. Now he is writing 3rd year B.E with that pen. My son is writing well in each of the exams and he never said like this before that he did well in his exams. But now daily he called me and said that he did well in his exams. Miracles are happening in my life always by Sai Baba. Will share soon my future miracles also. I am doing statue abhishegam every Thursday at my home.

Thanks Sairam.

When a man goes to a true saint with a pure mind or even otherwise (fraudently) and hold his feet; ultimately he is sure to be saved ( ch 48 Sai Satcharitra) then what to speak of one going with pure bhaav? Baba knows everything about everyone and what He looks is for our true bhaav and when its pure then He Himself sees to it that it is taken care of and not let down. Love You Sai. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

-Pooja Garg
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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen...!


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  1. Om Sai Ram, Really nice experience. Baba has truly blessed yourself and your family

  2. Hi Saigomathy, Would you like to share your number, want to connect with you .