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Shirdi Sai Baba The Architect Of Our Life

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says : Sai Ram to all devotees who are reading this. My heartfelt thanks to all the admins for maintaining such a wonderful site. It is here that all Sai devotees get the platform to pour out their heart’s content in the form of their experiences with our Lord God Sai . Only a Sai devotee can understand how another Sai devotee feels.

For the rest of mankind, who have not had the good fortune of being in Baba’s fold, these experiences may sound abnormal, unbelievable or simply hallucination. But we all know how Baba is with us always and manifests Himself to His devotees, sometimes in person, sometimes in dreams and at other times gives us indication of His presence through many Leelas. My humble pranam to everyone here and to the admins.

I am a devotee from Kolkata. I have shared many experiences on "Devotees experience with Shirdi Sai Baba" site before and this is my first experience which I am sharing on Mahaparayan site. I have taken refuge in Baba’s Charan since 2002. I see Him in every God or Goddess. Whenever I see any picture or moorti, of any God or Goddess, the words that escape my lips is “Om Sai Ram”.

The experience I want to share now is regarding my joining the Mahaparayan and AASM(Anant Akhand Sai Mahajaap). I am going through very trying times. In fact this is the worst phase of my life so far. I don’t feel like doing anything at all. I forget my domestic duties, I have not joined my college(where I am a visiting faculty), I don’t exercise anymore, in fact, life is sort of a blur now. The only solace I find is in the Feet of my Guru Sai. I read His books, worship Him, meditate on Him, talk to Him and follow this website on a regular basis. Earlier also, I would do all these things, but On and Off. Like normal human tendency, when now I am in trouble, I have taken refuge in my Baba Sai. I was very keen to be connected to other Sai Devotees. I wanted to join Sai whatsapp groups.

While going through this site, somewhere around early March 2018, I came to know about Mahaparayan. The more I read about it, the more did I want to join and get into it soon. I filled up the P-form and submitted. And I waited for a reply. I knew that there must be hundreds of devotees who wanted to join, but were unable to, due to unavailability of slots. I was also trying to join the AASM groups by clicking on the links. But all the groups were filled. But I kept faith in my Baba, that if He wills it, I will definitely get to be a part of these Divine Endeavours.

Then, all of a sudden, on 14 March, I got to know about the formation of the 2nd series of Mahajaap. I immediately clicked on the links. I got my confirmation and my roll number on the 15th of March for the AASM. I was so happy that Baba had given me the opportunity to chant His Holy Name.

Though I was planning to visit Shirdi right from January, nothing was materializing. In the AASM groups, we were doing Naam Saptah in the week prior to Ram Navami. Just two days into the Naam Saptah, and miraculously my trip to Shirdi was arranged. Also on Ram Navami, by Sai Maa’s Grace, I got to do Abhisekam of Sainath in the Mukundapur temple.

I then, joined some other whatsapp groups that I found link online. From one of these groups, I got in touch with Neha Dhanpal ji by sheer coincidence and by my good luck. On my request, she added me to some more Sai whatsapp groups. I was so happy. Then after few days, as I was a part of Mahaparayan Experience Whatsapp group, Neha ji asked me if I am a part of Mahaparayan. When I answered in negative, she told me not to worry that she could help me out by referring my name and sending my contact to Laveena ji. But she said (Even I wholly believe too) it all depends on Baba, and if Baba wishes I will surely be added in Mahaparayan soon.

But as luck would have it, Baba blessed me to be a part of Mahaparayan and I was added in MP-210 group. I thought, there might be hundreds of devotees or even more than that(may be thousands), who have filled the P-form during October, November etc, and are still waiting for a chance to get into Mahaparayan.

Baba had blessed me to be a part of Mahaparayan by sending me to Neha ji and Laveena ji, even though I had filled the P-form just recently during early March. I was absolutely elated and could not hold my tears. Thanks to Neha ji and Laveena ji for giving me the chance. And to top it all, I started my Parayan on the day I was travelling to Shirdi i.e on 29th of March. And I was so happy that I started it with Chapter 48, which always makes me most emotional. I felt that it was Swami’s way to tell me “ Place entire Faith in me and you will soon get your object”. Incidentally, from the same day, I also started Parayan through our local Mandir group.

So this is how Maharaj Sai had planned my journey towards Mahaparayan and Anant Akhand Mahajaap, with eye to the minutest details. I or rather we, had a wonderful trip to Shirdi. Had delightful Darshan of Our Baba and felt His blessings immensely. I will share my experiences in Shirdi in my next post. Om Sai Ram.

Anonymous Sai Devotee

Baba enrolls His devotees for His service only when our love overflows and we yearn for His seva earnestly. B taking up seva we are not doing anyone any favour but somewhere working on our own spiritual upliftment and also washing out our karmas. Thanks Baba for Mahaparayan and AASM. Love You Sai. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

-Pooja Garg
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