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Anonymous devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba from USA says : Sairam to all my Sai family members. This is a anonymous devotee from USA. My daughter and I always ask Baba before making some decisions. My daughter wanted to join Wrestling team at her school but I was hesitant because of the nature of the sport. When we asked Baba He hinted us to join the wrestling team. So she joined the team and everything went well almost till the end of the wrestling season where she had collarbone fracture 2 days before the end of the season during wrestling practice.

The doctor said that surgery was not needed and put her on a sling and told her not to do any sports and physical exercise for about 2 months. Baba hinted us to start sports in 2 weeks. I prayed to Baba telling that Your Udi water is the only medicine and heal her collarbone and I gave her Udi water 3 times a day.

In 2 weeks she took off the sling and started her sports against her doctor’s advice. Everything was fine and she didn’t have any problem participating in sports and when we went to doctor in 2 months for the follow up he took the X-Ray and said that the bone had healed. Baba never lets His devotees down and keeps up His promise.

On a different day my daughter came home from school with high fever of 102.7 degrees. We asked Baba and He hinted us not to take any medicine and just Udi water. I gave my daughter Udi water and in an hour her temperature decreased. Baba is our doctor, mom and dad. Thank You Baba for being with us each and every moment and protecting and taking care of us and guiding us.

Love You Sai Maa.

Baba we can never thank You enough even in several births for Your presence in form of Your Udi which is a ‘Panacea’. Here the Udi took the form of a Healer just as It takes different forms as per our faith and need of the situation be it a Mother, a Father, a Cook, a Counselor, a Guru, an Engineer and what not!  This becomes possible only when there are no cracks or fractures in our devotion, love, faith and patience towards Him and His Udi which are the same. Love You Sai. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

-Pooja Garg
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