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Shirdi Sai Devotee Rakhi from USA says : Today I wish to share a beautiful leela. Baba and His ways are always amazing and full of meaning.

I do Khichadi Parayan (Part of Brahma Muhrat Parayan) and offer khichadi to Baba in USA. It’s actually Wednesday evening for me(in USA) and when Pooja ji always said at the end of the parayan to donate Khichadi, I find it hard to do that. And last week I said Baba that only I eat your khichadi, to whom should I donate it to?

Today (Wednesday) I was suppose to go to meet an acquaintance after my parayan who was in the hospital, I came to know about her sickness from a common friend, and I decided to go meet her with some friends. I got a text from my friend who was accompanying me to meet that lady in the hospital. My friend texted me and said that she was coming directly from office and if I want I could take snacks and go to meet the sick person. I informed my friend that I could take khichadi for the sick person as I had nothing else ready and I was preparing the khichadi. The lady I was going to meet had been very sick, she has two kids and has both her kidneys failed and has been hospitalized for a few months. After parayan I took khichadi and thought Baba had given me a chance to distribute khichadi, but back of my mind I was unsure as friends who go to meet her take tea and snacks for her.

When I went to see her I took the Khichadi prasad to give her and it was my first ever meeting with her and that too in the hospital. She believes in Swami Samarth and I told her that I think Baba had sent the khichadi for her, as I asked Baba last week to whom should I distribute and here I was sitting and helping a sick person feel better. I was so happy to know that Baba sent for her the khichadi prasad through me. I came to know she had high acidity that day and tea would have aggravated her symptoms and I have learned the importance of why Baba used to make khicadi as it’s tridoshic that means suitable to eat for anyone. I was thinking "Deva You know how to reach where?” it didn’t end here, knowing that I was going to meet her I wanted to take something for her as she had been suffering a lot and so I took the Saviour of our life The Sai Satcharitra book with me a Marathi version. The Sai Satcharitra book from where it came to me that’s also another miracle during this Mahaparayan. We were trying to send books to devotees who didn’t have books for Mahaparayan. I got a Marathi and Urdu book which I didn’t know who would use it. Today I had the choice to take English or Marathi book. Something in me said to take the Marathi book for her.

That lady was so happy and she felt so blessed getting the Sai Satcharitra with the khichadi prasad, and she wanted to read it as she didn’t have it. She felt better and tears were rolling down her eyes as she felt Baba’s presence as a good sign to her.

Baba is great and His ways makes you speechless and I was overwhelmed with emotion. Baba says, "I pull my man from seven seas" and today I experienced it in person. Wonderful are Baba's ways and His Leelas. Om Sai Ram.

Om Sairam

Baba never wants anyone’s wealth. He is ever hungry for bhaav and true devotion. He never lets down true faith and makes sure that the faith triumphs! We would never know how much He Himself suffers on behalf of His devotees and what we suffer due to our past karmas is only made mild due to Baba’s grace! Love You Sai. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

-Pooja Garg
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  1. Amazed at your experience Rakhi ji... Mysterious are Lord's ways... Jai sainath

  2. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Baba's been really kind
    Sai Sai Sai Sai