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Shirdi Sai Devotee Nikita Wasnik from India says : Sairam everyone. I am from MP-112 group. Wholly and solely the miracles that Sai does in our lives are so unexpected and surprising. I don't know some time how to be grateful to Sai for the miracles Baba does even in Nano millions of seconds.

I had a very bad sleep last night (hardly slept only 4-5 hours) and got up feeling drowsy and tired, my eyes and head was heavy and a very vague feeling in the middle of chests which was a kind of heavy and stretchy, got constipation because of this and acidity too. So apparently it attracted everything i.e constipation, acidity, burps, gases, stomach and back pain (periods started) etc. and made me feel like a totally mad person. I was feeling like I was drowning inside and lost my breathe, unable to walk properly, felt unconscious etc. I was at my worst situation ever. I thought I would end up in an ICU (was joking inside my head).

Then taadaa! Its again apne Babaji ki Udi (our Babaji’s Udi). It then did step by step exit of every sought of uneasiness that I was feeling. With that small amount of Udi in a glass of water, I got easy motion within 2 mins of drinking it(released constipation, gases etc.). Then while I was done with it; the uneasiness of my lack of sleep went into air and I was yawning in 2 times. Wow! I started feeling as if I woke up from deep sleep, then I was running in home and was able to do all household work. It was burp by burp and yippee I was back to normal in just few minutes!

The power of Sai depends on how much we Trust and keep our Faith in Him. Koti Koti Dhanyawad Baba.

Nikita Wasnik

Very truly said Nikita ji that power of Sai depends on how much we trust Him. One gets the experiences as per one’s faith. Thanks Baba for the wonderful gift of Udi - The Panacea which takes the form as per our faith! Love You Sai. Jai Jai Ho Sai..!

-Pooja Garg
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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen...!


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