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Shirdi Sai Baba’s Amazing Phone Leela MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |

Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Srinandhini Shivakumar from India says : Om Sairam! I’m blessed to share this leela of Sai which reconfirmed the power of our Satcharitra Parayan.I am using a phone that is 4 years old with very less memory (8 GB), which is no longer in production and for which, all software updates have also been stopped. I knew I needed to get a new phone sooner or later but kept postponing as it wasn’t urgent.

On Saturday, 2nd June 2018, its battery gradually drained off and I put it on charging as usual, expecting it to get switched on as soon as sufficient charge had got in. However, as time passed it refused to switch on despite being on charging for hours and trying all means. I started panicking as I had to report in my 365 Parayan group and Vishnu Sahasranamam group that day. Also, we didn’t have any spare phone at home and I needed a phone everyday to report in various groups.
We rushed to different authorised service centres to change battery or revive it by any means. By then it was 06.15 pm and many were closed. The shop staff were also trying to push us to buying a new phone instead and said the exchange value of this one was very less - lesser than 2000 Rs. I was in 2 minds - I knew I needed a new phone and can’t do without one but hadn’t done research on the best model, and I was also unwilling to give up on the current one as it had been functioning perfectly till now.

We decided to give it another attempt and went to another service centre 5 Km away. They said they would take min 4-5 days to diagnose the issue which would cost 1.5k and if it needed battery change, it would cost 8k and it was not worth it. I then took a decision to buy a new phone on the spot as I anyway needed one now and also set this one right later and use this as a backup phone without giving for exchange.

We zeroed in on the model and went to pay the bill via EMI option as there was 8k cash back offer on credit card. I never use my credit card as we prefer debit always and went for this only for the discount. Imagine our shock and dismay when the card kept getting declined! I was thinking, “Sai, what are You playing at? Please show me the way!” Calling customer care didn’t help either. We left the shop tired and dejected, intent on setting the card right first. All kinds of thoughts came to mind - was it blocked? Was the bank trying to call me to verify and not able to reach me as my phone isn’t working anyway etc etc.

I touched Baba’s feet in a roadside shrine requesting Him to do what He thinks is best for me. Then we checked the card by changing pin, swiping it elsewhere etc and it was working fine! That was the first relief that at least the card was ok. We then decided to go buy the new phone the next day at an outlet near our place as it was too late that day.

We came home, I again put the phone on charging and left it to have dinner. Here comes Baba’s leela! After 2 hours I heard the phone ringing faintly and ran to it. It had somehow switched on and showed 2% charge! With trembling excited hands I took the call, too scared to remove the charger. It was the monitor / volunteer for the day Ritu ji from my 365 Parayan group calling to ask if I had completed the chapter for the day as I couldn’t report! Gushing with happiness and shock I blabbered, “Yes, yes I completed reading but couldn’t report as my phone crashed, I’ll report right away!” Then the phone switched off again and it seemed as though we were back to square one. I kept praying to Sai and again left it alone, after half an hour it had switched on by itself with very less charge. However there was no network for me to go online and post. I prayed to Sai, “You have done this much, won’t You do this also?” And put Udi on the phone. Lo and behold! Got network! By then Ritu ji had posted on my behalf. My phone revived after 6 hours purely due to her calling me checking for Parayan completion! Thank You so much Sai and Ritu ji! This is nothing short of a miracle!

It doesn’t end here. The next day I decided to get a new phone anyway and keep this as backup and went to the shop near my place. Imagine my surprise when I came to know I’m getting an even better deal at this outlet for the model I had chosen the previous day! And yes, the card worked perfectly! Thank You thank You Sai! Your ways are indeed unfathomable!

You did this phone leela

  1.  To Gift me with a new phone for my birthday the upcoming week. 
  2. Declined the card the first time so that I could get an even better deal next day.
  3.  Revived my old phone miraculously with Parayan call so that I can keep it as backup without spending for repair.
  4.  Showed me the power of Udi by bringing back network. 
  5. Showed me that no quest on an empty stomach is successful and most importantly, 
  6. The power of faith in You, my merciful loving Sai! 

Thank You Baba! Om Sai Ram.
Srinandhini Shivakumar

When Baba makes us volunteer for any of His Sewa, it is only He and He who gives us the strength and willingness and favorable situations and people to enable us to fulfill our commitments. Actually in real sense He does everything making us instrumental. It is all Baba’s Leela and we are a part of His grand show. I thank Baba a million times for making me a catalyst too and giving me a small role in His play for like He did when Rituji unknowingly called you. Baba Bless us all ever with Your motherlike loving glances and fatherly like loving protection. Om Shri Sai Nathay Namah.

-Pooja Garg
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