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Shirdi Sai Baba devotee Amarprit Brar from Africa says: Om Sai Ram everyone. Sorry Baba for posting my experience late. Baba is a living God and we are fortunate to serve Him. I have experienced Baba and His miracles every moment of my life.

Last Wednesday, I was very busy in my office as following day I had meeting with my Training Coordinators and Head of Training. I was supposed to do some Power Point presentation. I left very late at office. As I came home I was not feeling too well so I told my son to accompany me and buy over counter medication.

As I went there, talked to pharmacist and came back home. As it was Wednesday I had my BMP Parayan so started making dinner, cooked Khichadi and got busy for Parayan. All of a sudden my son had severe headache and he wanted me to go and buy his medication from same pharmacy where I went before. I was running of time and was tensed. But I kept chanting Sai Sai. As I went up to the gate my husband also came and took him.

Now I completed everything, took shower and came to mark attendance sheet where I realised my phone was not there. We looked everywhere, even I went to pharmacy but it was closed at that time. I just kept praying. One of my friend updated on my behalf but my mind was not at peace. How will I do if I lost my phone. Fortunately I had number of a guy who used to work in that pharmacy but he is at different location now. He said as it was too late and that he will find out next morning.

I left everything to Baba and I was never so relaxed before in my life. I woke up very early and completed my Thursday Prayers and went to open my office and school where I realised that even my keys were left with phone. Now my heart started beating hard. Another miracle of my Baba is, I got my Spare Key Bunch which was missing since last year and I burst out of tears looking at Baba when I found my Spare key bunch. Then the Pharmacist called me that "Your phone and keys were there so come and collect it please".

This my Old Man (Our BABA), He sometimes gives us breathtaking lessons. Most surprising thing is that when my son went to buy medicines they would have given my phone and keys to my son but they did not. Another thing is, someone would have taken my phone as once you misplace your phone here in Ghana you can never ever get it back but when my Baba is taking care of all our affairs then who can be against you.

I just want to say is Devotees being true Sai Devotees is itself a biggest challenge, we will walk through fire every moment but we will not get burnt. As Baba always works for betterment of His children only we fail to understand His Leelas because we want Baba to work as per our prayers and needs. Saimaa works and answers our prayers as per His will and divine perfect timing. Saimaa love You ever Baba. Let Your mercies rain on us in abundance.

Aum Sai Rakshak Tat Sat Deva.
Amarprit Brar

Baba the most merciful is ever alive and watching everything every moment; only the thing is that His ways are beyond our understanding. Truly we all are wandering hither and tither, let’s hold on to our Baba’s hand and He will pull us up safely from this whirlpool. Love you Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

-Pooja Garg
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