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Shirdi Sai Devotee Manibala from India says: Sairam all. I am Manibala from MP-142 Group. Since some days I was following dreams of all Gods. Even yesterday night (30-01-2018) also I got a dream.

In my dream I was traveling to some place and I got down somewhere. There I saw an ancient temple which consisted of Subramanyeswara Swamy, Lord Shiva and Ganesh statues in that temple. There some Pooja rituals were going on. Later on after some time I went to another small temple and inside the temple I saw there were many books and religious things. There again I saw Lord Ganesh statue and Lord Shiva linga. Pujari came towards me and said about one picture which was hanging on the wall and that picture was of Baba. It was the picture of Baba grinding the wheat.In that picture Baba had worn a stone studded necklace. The pujari showed the real necklace to me; the one which Baba had worn in the picture and I touched it too. At that moment I woke up and felt really shocked.

I don't know why I got such a dream. But Baba is doing all these in my dreams to convey something. Don’t know what it is. There is something where Baba is conveying me to do. Baba alone knows it.

Om Sairam

Visit to Shirdi and Baba’s appearance in dream is equally auspicious. Baba grinding wheat as we have seen in Sai Satcharitra also means He grinding our karmas, vices and sins. May be through dream He wants to convey that may be through Mahaparayan or something else in your life He is working for you. And something that is His own like Mahaparayan (like His necklace in dream) you have got the opportunity to be in contact with it(Mahaparyan or something else that you know) through some Baba’s angel (like volunteers) just as through pujari ji you got the opportunity to touch it. So when you surrender in total you can experience that your life will not be the same and would soon be studded with good karmas. This is what I feel and rest Baba knows. Love You Deva. Jai JAi Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg
#Experience 376

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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  1. Sai Ram very nice interpretation of the dream Pooja ji ,you are Baba's chosen jewel for this.Also nowadays Mahaparayan experiences are getting known only through Saiyugnetwork WhatsApp group,it would be nice like previously it is also done in all MP WhatsApp groups on regular basis.Sai Ram
    Thanks Shruthi

    1. Thank u Shruthi ji. I am just very blessed to be chosen as one of His instruments although full of flaws, but its Baba's grace that He can make a dumb man talk.
      Sharing in MP whatsapp group like before would be difficult as now whats app has got certain restrictions (only 5 groups at a time) and so sending only once a week along with the allocation list via principals and organisers. U can develop a habit to read from the blog before u go to sleep as everyday one mp exp is published on this blog and 6 on devotees experiences blog (which are not related to mp)