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Baba Really Loves Us MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Sai Deepti from India says: This is the experience related to Mahaparayan and khichadi parayan as good thing happened during this. Baba is teaching more than ever and protecting me 24*7. Saimaa is my breath and may be the whole world would neglect me but Baba is always there as my Guru, my Guide and as my teacher. Living every second in His love will make your life beautiful. It will give light on your path and right thing and right time that too which you never expected.

Just get mad in His love and He will make you love. You will get the things you never even expected. One of the blessings and Baba’s love. In 2016 I was having a wish in my heart that I can do palki of my Baba very nicely but condition was I wanted that Baba let not any contribution happen, I can do it myself. I didn’t have any job that time and used to get 2000 as a pocket money. But Baba jaan hears everything. See how He arranges the life thing which I never thought of. Ek maa charo disha me sochti or aisi hi preet mere Sai ki hai (A mother always thinks in all 4 directions and such love is of my Baba too). Baba wanted me to do M.Tech. I don’t know how and when I filled the form and the exam I cleared in 2015. I got scholarship and admission through that score and lo! I was doing M.Tech. and got money for palki. It happened with Baba’s blessings. I was able to arrange everything on large scale as if contribution made but no it was love and only Baba’s source as per my wish.

This was not the end here. My M.Tech was completed by my Baba. He only did everything as I surrendered Baba. I didn’t know anything He only did all. In midway 2017 I got job and all exams were linked with miracle. Obstacles came but always had Baba’s help. My exams got cleared without books, really I can’t express. After office I used to go and give exams on half day. Result was always awesome. There are thousands of miracles in between, but I am sharing the main one.

Last semester we had to submit the thesis. I wanted that Baba let me make it myself. So the job I was doing; Baba made me choose that very topic and I don’t know what I started and how I was having 10 days to submit; otherwise year would be wasted. I went to Shirdi in between and after that I was having 1. 5 days. Baba knows how He was moving my hands. Really I can’t express how He does miracles, gave the brains to link and for me it was completed. But there were hurdles. I remember Baba blinked me that there will be obstruction but I will get monetary help. I got to know that there was some copyright check and lo my percentage was 60 and it should be less than 20. Last date was 4 days after and Baba helped me as I was having training in office. One girl called me from college and she said there is one mam who make thesis. I don’t know at what point of time I said that can I meet her? Can she do my copyright improvement? I remembered Baba said monetary help. He has a deeper meaning in what He says. Then I ran to her. She said, “you know only four days are left?” I said mam, “help if possible.” She said, “Ok, I will try”.

Then there were sleepless nights to her too. Again copyright was checked on last day of submission and date was already out and my copyright was too high. But by Baba’s grace in third attempt it came down to 11 percent. Then people from college said, “don’t worry you come on Monday. I will submit your thesis. Don’t worry at all.” That was Baba as I was scared that date was out. Then Baba helped me for submission by completing the things by some or other help. Then after some days; list was out and my viva was on Thursday. I did Khichadi Brahmamurat Mahaparayan and then when I entered the viva room I asked Baba something and He said “There Will Be Allegations Conquer People With Soft Speech”. I entered viva room there were some issues that had happened. Yes there were allegations but continuously my mind was remembering Baba in my heart Who was saying, “Be quiet, just listen them. Learn from them.” Then at the end I said, “Thank you sir, I really learned a lot from you”. They smiled at me. Baba said, “Exams happen in life but please learn what I want to teach you. Keep patience in life and don’t lose hope. Be good and never get haughty. Just trust me, we will go through this together”.

Then on Guru Purnima day M.Tech. was cleared. With honour I owe this to my mechanical engineer my Baba! I love You Saimaa. I am nothing without Your love. Teach us and love us and make us learn give strength too. Let us not be diverted with worldly emotions. I can’t do anything without You Baba. Let me not hurt anyone. Give me silence and Your name’s echos in my ear.

Om Sairam.
 Sai Deepti

With Baba on our side nothing is impossible be it the toughest exams of our lives like our very goal of this human birth to achieve self realisation then what to speak of daily tests and tutorials that life puts forth. Thanks for always being there for Your children - just a heartfelt call away...! Love You Deva. Jai JAi Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg
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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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