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Shirdi Sai devotee Geeta Rao from US says : Sai Ram! Becoming a part of the Mahaparayan group is nothing but short of a miracle for me and I am immensely grateful to my Sai for giving me this opportunity. I have been part of this group for the last couple of months or so and beginning today, a Thursday, I am also part of a Sai Chalisa group. Thank You my Baba.

This summer, my younger son took six weeks off from work. He had been working extremely hard at his job non stop almost three years and after his promotion (again Baba's grace). He took some time to visit his grandparents in India, do a short internship there, and then travel with his friends to Japan and Hong Kong. He booked his tickets from India to Japan, Hong Kong, and then to New York.
As he was finalizing his travel plans, my older son and his fiance bought tickets to travel to New York from London. This was their first visit to home since their engagement in June. They would be in New York exactly on the same days that my younger son would be traveling with his friends. Both brothers informed each other after booking respective tickets and realized they would be missing seeing each other in New York very narrowly. Also, since my older son was visiting home with his fiance for the first time, we decided to have a lunch at home to celebrate and introduce our to be daughter-in-law to close family members.

My brother with his whole family, my aunt, and cousins traveled from far and near to be at the lunch. It did not feel good that my younger son would be missing this occasion at home but we tried not to think too much about it as all his travel and hotels had been booked. My husband and I had also traveled to India and we returned in time to receive my older son and his fiance. My younger son left from Hyderabad to Tokyo and arrived safely to spend the next few days traveling in Japan.

Indian citizens do not need a visa to Hong Kong but they are required to pre-register and are sent a document to present to Hong Kong immigration. My son followed the procedure and was sent the document which however listed his birth date incorrectly. He emailed the immigration authorities and requested a change. Hong Kong immigration acknowledged the error with an assurance that a corrected would be emailed to him. The document arrived with the same error. Again from Japan, my son asked for it to be corrected and once again, it came back with the same mistake. It was extremely frustrating.

Thinking that the Hong Kong immigration would correct it upon arrival in Hong Kong, especially armed with the evidence of his correspondence with them, my son did not foresee any problems. However, in Osaka airport, he was allowed to board the flight to Hong Kong. His friends boarded and even at this time, none of them fully understood the gravity of the issue. They just felt that he would take the next flight to Hong Kong. But it was not to be so. There was no one there at the airline counter who spoke English to even look or understand the correspondence with Hong Kong immigration.

He was given a phone number to contact the immigration office; but there was no response. From New York, I called every number listed on the Hong Kong immigration website several times; but no one answered. As the day progressed, my son lost hope that the immigration office would resolve the issue. No one offered any help. I was extremely worried and very anxious. He was completely alone in a country where he or we knew no one.

He decided to book his passage back to New York and he got a ticket for the following day from Tokyo. He left Osaka airport, and after a couple of hours long train rides reached the train station to board the train to Tokyo where he also booked a hotel near the train station for himself. By 7pm or so he arrived in Tokyo, checked into his hotel and went for dinner to restaurant at some distance from the hotel. I could not sleep the whole night and prayed continuously to my Baba to protect my son and get him out from there safely and as quickly as possible.

Till he cleared immigration and security in Tokyo airport, I was nervous and resorted as always to my Sai. My son boarded the flight and arrived in New York via Dallas. And see Baba's master plan, he arrived during the celebratory lunch at our home, while all our guests were still at home! While we went through tremendous stress, we were amazed at how Baba brought him safely home for a very important event for his brother at home.

Just ten days after my son returned from Japan, the country had been hit by a typhoon and earthquake and the very places and airport he was in were flooded and closed. I am so thankful to my Sai to have taken care of my child at every step and having brought him home at a time when he should have been there. There have been other miracles I will soon relate. My son is taking the GMAT exam tomorrow and I pray to Baba to please be with him during the exam. My husband is having health issues and I pray to Sai to please take care of him. Sai Ram.

With Pranams at Sai's feet.
Geeta Rao

Our Silent wishes are also heard by our Sai Maa. His master plans are such that we humans are too small to interpret. Hence let this Master work His magic in our lives and let us be happy in whatever He does for us; for we never know what we call a mishap would turn out be our biggest blessing! 

Today Baba calling to Shirdi. Prayers for all especially all our Mahaparayan participants. Thank You Baba for the wonderful year with growing Sai Mahaparayan Family and witnessing so many amazing and wonderful leelas. Love You Deva. Jai Ja Ho Sai...!

Pooja Garg
#Experience 406

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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