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Shirdi Sai Devotee Ridhu from Australia says: Sairam dear devotees. I wanted to share my experience which happened yesterday (30th Aug 2018). I am very lucky to be part of Mahaparayan. I have many other experiences but I would share this one first.

I am married from last 14 years and I have a very nice and cordial relationship with my in-laws. I consider them as my parents. They keep on visiting us from India and also they help me a lot in looking after my son.

But then some misunderstanding occurred between us. I felt very bad about that. Instead of clearing the misunderstanding I prostrated before Baba and asked for forgiveness and also to remove negativity from their mind. Praying this I started reading my allotted chapters. I also read Stavan Manjiri which I usually read every Thursday. I requested Baba to please solve the issue. Baba listened to me and everything was resolved between us by the evening and we all are happy now. Baba only changed their minds.

Also When I came to know about khichadi Parayan I desperately wanted to take part in that. But its 8.30 am in Australia at that time when we have to read our chapters. I have to go and drop my son to school during that time. So I was very sad and asked Baba how can I do it Baba? Suddenly I thought I can do Parayan. I can wake up at 4. 00 am. AEST and read a chapter everyday. So I started my khichadi Parayan on 2nd August and it will be finishing on 11th September. 41 days. I make khichdi for Baba everyday and read my chapter. I keep Udi water in front of Baba and when I finish I give that khichdi and water first to Birds and then to all the family members. I am so happy to read the chapters. It seems that I am reading Satcharitra for the first time, though I have been reading it from last 3 years. Thank You Baba You are so kind to fulfil my wish. I Love You!

Thank You dear Baba! Dont have words! Kya Kahu Baba hum sab itne lucky hai apki sharan me aakar. Please hum sab ka khayal rakhna aur hum kabhi koi aisa kaam na kare jisse apna mann dukhe. (What to say Baba that we are so lucky to have come under Your umbrella of grace. Please take care of everyone and see to it that we never do any such work that would hurt us.) I love You Baba. Please, please help me to follow right path and serve You till the last breath of my life and also after that. Thank You Baba!

Jai Sai Ram!

Ridhuji Baba will definitely accept Your Khichadi Parayan and must have relished the Khichadi (also in form of birds) made with so much of love by you for 41 days. Through you Baba has shown a new kind of parayan. Thank You for sharing. The Khichadi Parayan that we do is actually Brahma Muhrat Khichadi Parayan where we have devotees from all the continents reading together at the same time but as per 4am IST Thursday. Many miracles have taken here and many devotees have experienced His presence. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg
#Experience 399

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

P. S. We started publishing one experience on daily basis from 30 Nov 2017 as many experiences have been received. Your experience would also get published as per the sequence. Please share your comments, it really matters a lot. You can share your experiences related ONLY to Maha Parayan to mahaparayanexperiences@gmail. com and which are not related to Maha Parayan on Devotees Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba

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