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Shirdi Sai daughter Trupti Jain from Australia Says. Firstly I would like to thank Hetal ji, Pooja Ji and team for this wonderful site. I have noticed that a lot of times when I am upset about something and if I open my fb page then most of the times either a devotee’s experience or a message which is relevant at that time comes up which makes me realize that Baba is listening to me. I have been a Sai devotee when I was in 12th standard by my lovely elder sister. She is truly Baba’s blessings in my life. I love her a lot. Baba has always been with me but I never understood His miracles and presence. But from last couple of years my faith has become too strong and I am feeling a bond between my Baba and me. Please Baba be with me always forever and ever, I Love You,This is my first experience which I am writing and I am not good in this please edit it if required.

Last year me and my husband came to Australia only because of my Baba’s grace but when we landed to Melbourne both of our passports were left in flight and after 20 mins we came to know that our passports were missing and we tried a lot but they were no where and no clue too. The luggage were also missing at Sydney and it was a staff fault.

One of our friend who was coming to pick up from airport suddenly said, “oh sorry, I can’t come. Please arrange something”. I was alone, cried and said Baba. “we are totally lost, is this You planned for us..?” Just then within a minute one staff approached my husband at first floor and handed over our passport and said I was cleaning and found it in flight,t also at reception got confirmation that our luggage was coming in next flight and asked us to wait for 20 mins.

We booked one cab and he charged a lot more money like 105$, we paid because we had no idea and checked-in, in one hotel for few days. Later all was set with accommodations. It took one or two months with more and more struggle. One day we went to casino and we were playing with money just for fun and suddenly I don’t know my husband’s machine started working automatically and he won 120$ approx. which was too much. My experience does not end here . Sorry it’s a long one please read more.

To find a job is hell in Australia and it’s an expensive place. As my husband is on student visa and I am on spouse visa we both tried hard to get some job but no response was there. Then I went to my Baba’s temple which was in between to our place and his university. I was asking answers through question answer site . I got an answer I don’t remember exact words but meaning was I will get benefit from south direction and exam will go fine, You will get a job. I tried and got a interview call on Thursday from event company. It’ was a casual job so one day work in a week. Also another Thursday I was searching for job and got cash in hand job and it was in South direction from my place which later I understand and relate with answer.

It’s was cash in hand and too much politics. I got frustrated and left my job again. I cried almost a month and again I asked through question answers. I got reply and meaning was one friend from other caste will help me, do what he will guide and that work would be done. I was 100% sure I will do what Baba was saying. I tried hard I got few friends, reached till interview but nothing happened. One day almost after two months on a Thursday, I got a call from other manager who asked me if I was working and if so then on which days? He guided me with few questions and I cleared my interview and got job in three days.

When I got my training date it was a big fight with our flatmates. Both were couples, they are very rude and always misguided us because we were new and they spent more than 2.5 years in Melbourne. I again asked and cried in front of Baba, “With Your blessings I got a job and it’s 2 mins walk from my place. But they were now saying to go and find other accommodations. What to do?”

We were searching few rooms near to this place and suddenly there was a unit upstairs only , which was going to be vacant in two days. Same night I came to know about Baba’s Divya Pooja. I did five days Pooja to get that unit as leased holder so that nobody will say get out to us. It was a miracle again as we were new and not much bank balance but still got leased unit. People here apply 50 houses and then one will click as leased holder but it was our first house that we tried and we got it.

One more thing when I reached Melbourne I asked almost alternate days about my situation and I got reply read Sai Satcharitra, daily read Sai Satcharitra. I had no idea what it was. After few days one sweet lady gifted me Sai Satcharitra book at temple and explained me about how to do parayan. Then I understood ohh this is Shri Sai Satcharitra. I thanked Baba how wonderful Your Leela but I did one parayan and was unable to read daily. I was not used to this site (Baba’s experiences) I started reading devotees’ experience from last year. I came to know about Mahaparayan (A Tribute to Sai Babaji).

I enrolled and was waiting for reply and to my surprise I was part of it. Later Nipun Ji contacted me for enrolling in read daily one chapter of Sai Satcharitra group on whats app. I was super happy because Sai Baba told me to read it daily. On top of that whenever I got turn to read chapter 51 from last 11 months (it starts in September and today is 12 August) beautiful miracles are happening. Once I got Baba’s pic from Ahmedabad that was on Thursday, Udi packets, more Udi packets. I got darshan of my Baba in dreams and many more which are unbelievable till now whenever I got my turn to read ch. 51. I am very excited whenever I am reaching 49,50 ch. because I know my Baba will come to bless me in a special way.

One day it was bad headache. I prayed to Baba, applied Udi and within 3-5 mins my headache had gone and I slept properly. Also my husband got toothache and it was terrible. We had three days dose only and dental charges are also heavy as not covered in mediclaim. Third day I applied Udi on tooth and pain had gone at the same night. I know it was my Baba’s miracle.

Thank You so very much Sai Baba. I love You. I am crying again because I want to come Shirdi and live happily with my family , friends, husband and my kid (which we have not planned yet) in Indore (My Hometown) as I feel isolated here . Please all devotees pray for me as I want to go Shirdi. It’s been a year and half here. Shri Sachidanand Satguru Sainath maharaj ki Jai.

Om Sai Ram.
Trupti Jain

Baba’s timings are just perfectly perfect! We may feel its late but He knows what is best for all. What He gives can never end and none can take it away from us. Believe in Karma and be good and do good. Baba will be happy and bless His children. Love You Deva, Jai JAi Ho Sai…!

Pooja Garg
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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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