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Shirdi Sai Devotee Smithaji from India says : Myself Smitha Karane from India, want to share an unbelievable leela of Sai with me, which reconfirmed the power of Sai Satcharitra parayan. The leela goes like this.

I was a very new member in Sai Satcharitra parayan, who had just started doing daily parayan. One fine day I joined Facebook. I liked a Sai Satcharitra page on facebook. From then I started getting many Sai images and thoughts which made my each day beautiful. After 2 days of liking this page for my surprise I received an image of Sai below on which it was written as " I Will Visit Your Home ", which I initially ignored, but to my surprise again after some days I received another image of my Sai with message that " I Will Meet You ".

I was so surprised and thought in my mind that is really Baba coming to meet me? The same day I expressed this in front of my son and daughter-in-law that Baba might visit our home in any form and any time.

As the day passed we forgot the incident and suddenly one afternoon at around 4 o'clock when I was busy in doing my work in the kitchen, I heard someone calling from outside. I hurried to see who it was? I was dumbfounded when I saw an old man whose image I will describe now. He was wearing an old shirt and small dhoti and a cloth tied on His head and a jholi was hanging from His shoulder standing in the window as the door was locked.

From the window He asked me for some dakshina. My mind didn't work at that moment as I was in a shock. Anyhow I told him to sit on a chair in my verandah and I bought 70 Rs, a dhoti, a shirt piece and a towel. I also called my daughter-in-law, who came with her daughter who is 11 months old now. We all 3 stood in front of the Baba. And Baba asked is this a baby girl or a baby boy? I told him she is a baby girl, suddenly He placed his hand over her head and blessed her. After that He put His hand in His jholi and removed a small box in which there was Udi. He took some Udi and handed it to us. We felt so blessed at that moment. Then later He smiled and went away. From that moment I felt that my Sai will never leave me alone, He will always be with me wherever I go. Now I feel that I got everything in my life as I got the darshan of my beloved Sai. I am very grateful to Laveenaji who joined me to this wonderful Mahaparayan group.

Om Sairam
Smitha Karane

Everything happens for a reason. Its ‘Rinanubandh’ that has got us together (Our Wonderful Global Mahaparayan Sai Family). His messages are not mere coincidences or something that should be ignored. As Baba always said my words are impregnated with deep meaning and so are His messages that only His devotees can interpret. Baba what a lovely darshan Your devotee Smithaji has got, bless us all with Your kindness ever like this.

Pooja Garg
#Experience 435

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

P. S. We started publishing one experience on daily basis from 30 Nov 2017 as many experiences have been received. Your experience would also get published as per the sequence. Please share your comments, it really matters a lot. You can share your experiences related ONLY to Maha Parayan to mahaparayanexperiences@gmail. com and which are not related to Maha Parayan on Devotees Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba

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  1. Wow...what a beautiful experience...surreal ..had goosebumps..may we all keep getting his darshan!!

  2. Blessed Mam you are .. Meeting our beloved Lord Sai in human form is the ultimate gift/award in our life which is priceless .. Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki jai