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Shirdi Sai Baba Came In The Form Of Sai Satcharitra On My Birthday MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |

Anonymous devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba from India says: Om Sai Ram to everyone. I am very happy to share my experience with you all which took place on my birthday. I am a student preparing for my entrance exam. First of all I want to thank all members of Saiyug network who are doing selfless and beautiful services to Baba and spreading Baba's glories across the globe, it enhances divine energy multiple folds. I want to specially thank Hetal didi and Pooja Garg ji who are Baba's special graceful children. They are really doing fabulous work for Baba and the beauty of which is indescribable, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share my experience with you and here it goes.

I enrolled in Mahaparayan group from 13th September, 2018 following my constant inner instincts that I should join Mahaparayan. I was knowing my schedule was such in a way that I won’t be able to read chapters for some Thursdays so I was hesitating but some inner force was constantly pulling me to join and so I took it at as Baba's wish and without thinking I joined. Coming to my main experience, my birthday was going to come and on my birthday I asked Sai Baba,"Sai what gift are You going to give me? It’s my birthday Sai." But nothing happened till evening and I was upset due to some of my personal reasons too. Then I went to Baba's temple in the evening. I sat there and was just looking at Baba's face and was very upset for my personal reasons and with Baba also. Then I came back home after sometime. I gave chocolates to my neighbor aunty because it was my birthday. Then she said "why chocolates?" I said," it’s my birthday” and she wished me. She was not knowing earlier that today was my birthday. As we share nice bond she wished me very nicely. She said "I have something for you, I got 1 book which is regarding Sai, I thought I will give it to you". I said "which book? Sai Satcharitra?" She said, "I don’t know exactly let me show you."

I said," it will be mostly Sai Satcharitra. I don’t want it because I already have. Then I added but you can give to me because I know few people who want it so I will give to them". Here, I want to tell everybody during this conversation Baba made me forget everything that today was my birthday and I was wishing that He gifts me something. It was absolutely normal day conversation. I also want to tell you that in aunty’s home they are following "pushti marg"(its 1 path of Hindu religion where they worship only Lord Krishna). She was doing cleaning for Diwali, and from cupboards near roof of room on side walls of room where we store stuff which is not necessary in routine life. She got the religious book’s bag and from that 1 of them was Sai Satcharitra and she said as when she saw that book, the first name which came in her mind was mine. She said this later but for narration I am mentioning it here for the flow of the story. She also said that they would give all other books in temple because they didn’t want them.

Then she brought the book to me and showed it to me. I said to her, "I told you na, it will be Sai Satcharitra only and see it is Sai Satcharitra", but the book was the old version not the One that we all read in today’s date. I saw the book. I don’t know after seeing the book, I said," this is very beautiful and it contains Sai Baba’s image in the all of adhyayas (chapters).

Then I said, "I loved this book. I am only going to have this book please give to me only." I took the book. During this whole conversation I was not aware of anything that it was my birthday and that I had asked something to Baba; nothing I remembered.

After I received the book, it then struck that today was my birthday and I was asking Baba for a gift. Baba gifted me with "Sai Satcharitra" which is Baba Himself only. What a priceless gift I got on my birthday! I thanked her so much for giving this on my birthday. I was extremely happy and overjoyed with emotions and love that Baba has for us. I started jumping and became very very happy.

Here I want to mention few lines of importance of Sai Satcharitra. It is the granth(book) which sings the glory of our dear Sai. The actual writer of this book is Baba Himself. This (granth)book is also Baba Himself. Hemadpant was just the instrument to write this (granth) book. It is all mentioned in the book, the old book also contained Sai Baba's big colorful photo at the very beginning of the book, Sai's holy padukas(feet) at the end of book and also small pics of Sai on every adhyay and it is also written in Sai Satcharitra that photo of Sai Baba means Sai Baba Himself. Only when He comes in form of photo, it is equal to Baba's presence. I was so happy that I asked gift from Baba and Baba Himself came forever to stay with me.

I also want to mention that I was wandering for many days in my mind if god's angel come and give some feather or something precious special I will feel! Is that kind of something can happen? And then I will keep gift with me all the time throughout my life and I will be protected and god will come to rescue me all these kind of thoughts were running. I am specially mentioning because He actually gifted me the book which I can keep with me all the time.

I also want to mention that neighbor aunty didn’t know that it was my birthday and why she gave me the book on that day only? Why she found the book on that day only? I also want to tell you that it was not her family's book. It was her relative's family book. Why they kept it in their home all along these years if they didn’t want it they could give in temples in previous years also. I just want to tell that it was all Baba's leela and Baba' s timings.

After getting the book, on next day, before sleeping I asked Baba about my problem and then randomly opened up the page of that book and to my very much surprise, the adhyay 27 opened which is "pothidan" itself (meaning charity of book)and straight my vision was on the lines on opened page, "this book is very precious, I am gifting it to you, you read this." where Baba is talking to Shama giving Him Vishnu Sahastranam my direct vision was also on words" I am giving this book to you, you have to keep this along with you, it will benefit you "again conversation between Shama and Baba regarding eknathi Bhagvat again my vision on words, "take care of this book, due that your situation is going to improve" conversation between Kaka Mahajani and Baba regarding Bhagvat, I was so so so glad that I can’t tell you in words. I felt as if Baba was telling to me only it was exactly matching my situation otherwise why would I have opened that page only?

I think the post is so long but this incidence is definitely going to enhance your faith for Sai Baba.I also want to mention that after joining Mahaparayan in 1 month only, so many great other small small things also happened. It is my belief, my inner strong belief that it happened only due to Mahaparayan because it is Baba's initiative. On my previous birthdays also I used to wish something to happen but it didn’t happen or I was unable to identify I don’t know but after joining Mahaparayan within 4 to 5 days good things started happening. I will not say my difficulties and problems are reduced but I used to see change in the way that I am able to get some help mysteriously after joining Mahaparayan. I mean it’s my inner belief that in Mahaparayan I get results so so fast and beyond that as jiva we may not able to see the results as we expect after devotion but Baba is there with us only working on our problems and our ultimate well being because He is our Sadguru.

He knows what to give and when to give very well. Please I request all the devotees to continue doing Mahaparayan and having faith and perseverance in Baba. He is going to take care of all your needs without telling a single word because He knows everything. I also want to mention that I am also reading Stavan Manjari everyday which is also a divine hymn of Baba after joining Mahaparayan to get rid of all my problems because it has that kind of divine power which is mentioned by Dasganu on blessing of Shree Sai Himself. Om Sai Ram again sorry for the lengthy post, may Baba bless all of us.

Sai Ram

Without Baba’s will Sai Satcharitra cannot come to us. It’s just not the red book but Baba Himself and a blessing to the mankind. If we hug the book and with true faith ask anything we do get the answers exactly matching our situations; myself too have experienced this innumerable times! Thank You Baba for Your immense blessings and especially for these three: 

 1)Udi - The Panacea 
 2) Sai Satcharitra - Baba’s Guiding Torch and 
 3) Global Mahaparayan which is for the Samasta Loka. 

 Love You So Much! Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg
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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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