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Amazing Mahaparayan Miracles In My Life During Season 1 MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |
Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee Says From Australia Says: I want to share my experience of Mahaparayan by thanking our Almighty Sai and Pooja di and Hetal di and all the other team members who actually made it possible. I am blessed to be a part of It and I would now share my experience. Sorry Baba for posting it late. Sorry for the very long post. In my post I would share the blessings that Baba gave me during the Mahaparayan from 30th Sep 2017-18th Oct 2018 (Sharings are of Season 1 only).

When I first read the post of MP I wholeheartedly prayed to Baba that please Baba I want to get admission in Your University (as it was written by Pooja di it’s like Baba’s university, there will be a teacher, House captains, principal and Vice principal). After reading that post, all I wanted was to be a part of it. I filled the form and finally I was in. We went to India in October 2017, and before leaving my home in Australia, I prayed to Baba if, “I cannot come to Shirdi in India trip then there’s no point in going to India”. When we reached India, I had to face many challenging issues, due to my husband, never enjoyed a single day there and still was praying to Baba to call me to Shirdi. We went to India on 12th October and we had to come back on 13th November. Until 2nd November there were no plans as I didn’t know how to go to Shirdi. I thought maybe Baba didn’t want me to come. On 30th October, I got a message from my Sai brother who lives in Bhubaneshwar, “Behna you are in India, don’t go back without meeting Baba”. After reading this message I felt like I should now definitely go to Shirdi no matter what happens. Finally a distant cousin of mine messaged me that he was in Shirdi. I was surprised to see that message. He said he would help me and let me know how to go there. He arranged everything and finally I reached Shirdi on 7th Nov. My Hotel name was Sai Miracle. Reaching Shirdi in few days was really a miracle and room number allotted to us was 1008. Jai Sai Ram. So, first Shirdi trip and that too during the centenary year. Wow! Thanks a lot Baba.
So after starting Mahaparayan, Baba called all of us to Shirdi which I never thought I would be able to go.

After coming back, as my husband was a habitual drinker, he lost his government job. Also, had a legal court case on him and I felt everything was over then. But it was not like that. Baba always gave strength during that bad time. Baba gave me two jobs so that I can bear the expenses and made me more independent. From past 14 years I was so scared of my husband but now Baba had given me strength to speak out what’s wrong. Baba looked after me and my son during that bad phase. So from Baba’s 11 sayings, one of the sayings is “Whosoever puts their feet on Shirdi soil, their sufferings will come to an end”, is true in every sense. Due to all these happenings in life, I started chanting Baba’s name more and more. I took part in SMP Stavan Manjiri Parayan, Vishnu Sahasranaam parayan and Baba assured me that by reading Vishnu Sasranaam Baba will help me to pass all the hurdles of life (Experience no: 286 of Mahaparayan Experience). If Baba had not taught him the hard way he would have never left his drinking habit and would have never respected me. Yes that’s right he has stopped his 15 years drinking habit and he has started loving his family. We feel that everything is going wrong but Baba has His own ways and plans. 19th April was the court date (a couple of Sai Baba experiences no 2200). For this court case we consulted many lawyers and everyone told us that it was very hard that charges to be dropped against him but Baba helped us in such a way that I would have never imagined. During this difficult phase I read ‘Sai Baba Is Still Alive book’ which gave me more faith and patience towards Baba. I followed what Jaya di has written in that book.

One more thing a week before the court date I read an experience of a lady whose son was in legal trouble. She also read ‘Sai Baba Is Still Alive Book’ which gave her a lot of strength and her son came out of the case. As I was reading this book at the same time, I was astonished because that day I had a strong urge to read the experiences. What a perfect timing to tell me that everything will be alright. My husband also started reading Syavan Manjari every Thursday which was unbelievable. Though he has stopped reading it now but he believes in Baba and tries to go to temple and does Baba’s aarti whenever he can. I also did 11 days Baba‘s kakad aarti at home at 4.30 am. I get severe migraine headaches from past 10 years. So I requested Baba that I should not have migraine as after finishing aarti I had to start work and it would be a long day for me. Just after I said this to Baba, I never got a migraine attack as frequently as I used to get before. It used to be once a week and really bad with vomits and head spinning very badly. But now it’s once in 3 months and that also is reducing. I was dumbstruck as I asked Baba that I should not have migraine attacks for 11 days of aarti and Baba solved the whole issue. I don’t have words to thank Him. My Husband left his drinking habit and Migraine never came back after starting Mahaparayan.

After the court date when Baba solved everything I walked from my home to Sai temple (9 kms) to thank Baba. Baba gave me kaju katli when I asked for it.(Experience 308- Mahaparayan experiences). As written in comments by Pooja di “Baba’s ways are beyond our intellect! He knows everything. One of the 11 sayings of Baba, "I shall be ever active and vigorous even after leaving this earthly body" this is true and Baba communicates to His devotees in some way or the other ways; only we need His blessings to interpret the meaning of His messages. Love You Sai. Jai Jai Ho Sai.” As rice is my favorite I vowed to Baba that I will not eat rice until all settles. So after everything went well I asked Baba, Baba I will still not eat rice. I want You to please come to our home. I want to do a Sai kirtan at my home. The day You will come, I will eat rice. So we fixed a date of 18th May for the kirtan. I was very happy and geared up for everything. I requested pandit ji as it was Baba’s Centenary year to please bring Baba’s padukas from temple. I was holding this Sai kirtan first time in life and I wanted Baba’s Padukas to come home. Panditji warned us before that usually padukas get broken as people don’t pay attention but I assured Panditji that I will look after them. As Panditji told my husband to keep Baba’s charan on his head it fell down and broke. I was in tears and thought Baba didn’t want to come. My heart broke and I kept Baba’s padukas piece in a red cloth and kept it in my worship place. Panditji asked us not to bring any ill feeling about the broken padukas. And from that day onwards Baba had made him more calm and sensible. So Baba came in our house for the first time after starting Mahaparayan.

When my husband lost his job, I worked in a sector where we get rotating roster, and changing shift is a huge task, so I thought I will quit from that job. But Baba had some other plans. I couldn’t think of resigning as I was the sole breadwinner. In that job from last 8 years, there were no casual positions but to my surprise in Jan 2018, she told me that instead of resigning they had opened new casual positions. Baba opened a casual position for me. I was flabbergasted! I messaged my manager that I was available 10-2 (school hours) for 3 days. She asked me to come over. I was very surprised. Every staff member asks me how did you get this timing as its really unusual and when they go and request for the same time, my manager refuses to their requests. I assure you that there is no chance of getting shifts and time you want. What to say, Baba helped me mentally and financially by giving me the other job and that too according to my time. Baba didn’t want my son to suffer and also He sent my in-laws to help me to look after my son. During past years they used to come for just 3 or max 6 months but now as per Baba’s wish they are here from last 1 year and helped me in this difficult time. If my in-laws were not there, I couldn’t have worked. Baba’s leelas are unique. Thank You Baba. One more thing both my jobs are just 10-15 mins drive from my home. Isn’t this amazing? Aisa lagta jaise Baba ne bola “aa jao apni marzi se kaam par”. (It feels as if Baba said, “Come for work as per your wish”Baba gave me more work, to help me with finances and that too with my own preferred timing after starting Mahaparayan.

With Baba’s grace my husband started getting some work. During that time I came to know about BMP Khichdi Parayan so wanted to take part in that. I came to know that we had to start BMP at 4.00 am IST but at that time its 8.30 am and I have to go and drop my son to school. I said Baba I want to take part in BMP and but then Baba gave me an idea, I vowed to do BMP for 41 days and made khichdi every day for Baba. From 2nd Aug to 11th Sep. I used to wake up at 3.30 am sometimes 4.00 am too. But started my reading after 4.30 am AEST as wanted the clock to strike 12.00 in India so that I can read it. I was working 7 days during that time and I requested Baba to help me in completing this parayan and give me strength as well to handle the office work and household chores. My in-laws helped me a lot too. So credit goes to them as well. I didn’t ask for anything from Baba. I wanted to do it as it was Baba’s centenary year and wanted to thank Him for what all He has done. But Baba is Baba! Baba helped me again by giving my husband a part time permanent contract on 6th August 2018, which was a miracle. One day I forgot to put the alarm at night time during my BMP Parayan and my son who is 6 years old woke me at 4.40 am as he wasn’t feeling well. Usually he never wakes up during this time. I thanked Baba a million times for waking me up through my son. He had diarrhoea but he was fine. Thank You Baba for waking me up that day. Sometimes I have long hours at work and rotating roster but Baba made sure that I wasn’t tired and I coped well at work and at home. Baba Ki jai ho! I served Baba by doing BMP Parayan.

After starting MP one of the best things that happened is as follows. My parents didn’t talk to me because I opted for love marriage. They never wanted to see my face or wanted to know where I am. So when I filled the application for MP on 7th or 10th July my father filled the application for Australian tourist visa. Isn’t this amazing? It was my cousin’s wedding here and he came here to attend that. We were not in talking terms with them from last 14 years but my cousin told me that my dad was coming too. Due to my husband’s drinking habit I was very worried as to what will happen if he comes to know about it? He was staying in my aunt’s house. My aunty asked if he wanted to meet me, he said that he would think about it and finally he agreed. So I met my dad after 14 years on 15th Nov 2017. He was happy to see me and we talked very nicely. I took my dad for shopping and also to Sai Mandir whenever we could. They were very stubborn and promised God that they will never talk to me whole life but see how Baba changed their minds. My mum also talks to me but very little. She has a very strong and different personality. My dad was happy to see me and my son. He spoke to my husband nicely; which was a very big thing. Now my dad talks to me and we wish each other on every occasion.

Also I bought 2 copies of Sai Satcharitra from Shirdi. One I gave to my dad and one I gave to my in-laws. And after that, chain of distributing Sai Satcharitra is still on. As written in the 1st chapter that Hemadpant ji makes salutations to Ganeshji, maa sarswati, their kul devta and mata pitaa at the very beginning; similarly Babamade me do so by making me give Sai Satcharitra to both my parents and then to whoever asked me. I am still shocked at this as well. Distributed Sai Satcharitra after joining MP.

After My Shirdi Visit, Baba has drawn my in-laws and my sister-in-law and they are part of MP season 2. And my father-in-law reads 1 chapter everyday religiously after his Shirdi visit. Everytime we talk he only says, “Beta we will go to Shirdi again and will stay there for more days. I want to see everything and want to spend more time with Baba.” During MP I have met so amazing people that I cannot explain. We have a Sai family here and we pray, laugh, cry and share our experiences with each other. Before that I didn’t have any friends and life seemed to be very difficult. Now I am enjoying my life and started loving it. I am thankful to Baba that He took me in His adobe shelter. After reading ‘Sai Baba Is Still Alive’, I wanted to read more and more books on Baba, so My Sai Brother Upagupt Mohanty (Baba bless him always) bought few for me when he went to Shirdi and sent them to me. Now a days, I am reading Sai Rinnaanubanda by Vinny Chitluri ji. Reading about Baba it feels I should keep reading such divine books whole day. The feeling to meet Baba is so intense that I can’t explain in words and after reading now I understand that every word that pours out from Baba’s mouth is impregnated with meaning. I am surprised by reading His Leelas. After joining MP, Baba made me do lots of Chanting. The initiative taken by Pooja di, Harsha di, Hetal di, Rakhi di and all the team members, like Ram Naam Smaran, Hanuman Chalisa,11 times Maha Mritunjay mantra and Sai raksha mantra, Sai Sai Sai 1100 times every day and 5100 times on Thursdays, 9 times Sai Kashta Nivaran mantra every day and, AASM etc. The best thing is that Baba helps me to finish these chantings everyday while I am at work, driving and cooking. I am not boasting about anything but I feel really relieved and happy. Now my heart and mind is at peace.

Problems are a part of life but after joining Mahaparayan I realized that Baba will come and help if we surrender to Him wholeheartedly. I want to thank Baba again and request Him to please keep all Sai devotees under His shelter and show all of us the right path so that we never break Your heart Baba and do whatever You say. Give us strength to serve and help the needful. Please keep reading 2 chapters with devotion. Baba brought happiness in my life, (which I had never thought of). He will look after everyone. Thank you all for taking out time to read this long post. I am very Thankful to Baba. May Baba bless us all.

Jai Sai Ram.
Anonymous Sai Devotee

Thank you for taking so much efforts to instill faith in Sai Bandhus. 
Baba's leelas are endless and so the post looked very long only lengthwise but while reading it was full of love and gratitude for Baba for all that He did. Had tears to read about you and your father meeting after 14 long years and don't know why but remembered Ram and Bharat meeting in Ramayan after Ramji's Vanwaas. Thank you devotee for sharing the beautiful happenings in your life with Baba's grace. May He soon bless all His children just as He blessed you. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental ...!  

Pooja Garg
#Experience 681

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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  1. Om sai ram..... This post boost my faith very much

  2. Hi i m sai devotee, please sairam pray for me to get good job in good salary, i left my old job and i m searching for new where ever i m going i m facing failure ,i have lot of commitments please pray to Baba to give a good job always group prayer has power.please sairam all pray for me

  3. Dear SaiPooja Garg di, pls guide how to do BMP, MANTRAS n other puja of Lord SaiBaba.
    Thanks n Grateful for sharing such a blissful experience. OM SAI RAM๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

  4. Sai Ram Pooja Garg didi ��
    Pls guide us how to do BMP, Mantras, Sai Sanjeevani path n other puja of Lord SaiBaba. Thanx n Grateful.

    Very blissful n hearttouching experience, thanx n grateful for sharing
    Om Sai Ram������������

  5. Please SaiRam..lety younger daughter get her student visa for studies in Germany. It is more than a month since her Visa interview at the German consulate. Her semester has already started.i am so tense that she has still not got her visa and is missing her classes. Please Sai please help

  6. Meri sarkari job ho jaye
    Om sai ram

  7. My Nephew reasontly lost his mother, he already lost his father 4 years back, he is depressed nowadays, not even he is responding to our calls, so I pray for his recovery and baba has to guide his life, he should get settled in his life, om Sairam

  8. Ohm Sao Ram I became more confident after reading MP experience .Thank you so much for have gone through so much and by Baba's grace and blessings showered on you has helped you gain strength and get over all your problems.Stay blessed.
    Now I want put forth my request for a prayer. my son is struggling to get a suitable job in Canada. He just graduated in game design. He should find a suitable job in a good company before his visa expires it already 1 and a half months over .Baba pl. Bless I completed Sapthah reading and did Arthi .for this reason.

  9. It's a great experience . Thanks u for sharing and it's a motivation for my present conditions . Thanks a lot once again to u and saima....

  10. It's a great experience . Thanks u for sharing and it's a motivation for my present conditions . Thanks a lot once again to u and saima....

  11. Omsai! Thanks for posting about how SAI blessed! I read earlier that SAI will test us continuously and with absolute resolve we believe and surrender to him! Finally HE will pull us out of trouble!

  12. Have faith in Baba ji he will surely help you. Sai Baba ji say SHRADHA AND SABURI. It is cent per cent correct.

  13. Om sairam๐Ÿ™really your experience made me wish to read more and more books of baba ๐Ÿ™day by day I am getting closer to baba,I feel him as my father,brother,mother.And whenever I feels dipressed I just share with baba.He only see everything .somehow it will be fulfilled.Very happy to knew about your experience .om sairam๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  14. Dear Saipooja Garg di please guide us how to do BMP,Mantras and other poojas of Lord Saibaba.Thanks n greatful

  15. 'Sai Baba is still alive' can I get dis book in Gujarati language???

  16. Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram๐Ÿ™

  17. Om Sai ram. Really my heart felt as if baba is giving me these advice after reading ur story. Baba I have full faith on you. I am facing a lot of problems in my life. Please bless me baba.

  18. Om Sai ram. Really my heart felt as if baba is giving me these advice after reading ur story. Baba I have full faith on you. I am facing a lot of problems in my life. Please bless me baba.

  19. Om Sai ram. Really my heart felt as if baba is giving me these advice after reading ur story. Baba I have full faith on you. I am facing a lot of problems in my life. Please bless me baba.

  20. Believe baba then he will take care of us,no need to worry for anything he always with us .

  21. Om Sai Ram

    Om Shirdi Vasya Vidmahe
    Sacchidanandaya Dhimahi
    Thanno Sai Prachodayath

    Om Sai Namao Namaha
    Shri Sai Namao Namaha
    Jai Jai Sai Namao Namaha
    Satguru Sai Namao Namaha

    MP 3161 R.No 48 Yellow House
    Om Sai Ram

    Bow to Sai peace to all
    Om Sai Ram

  22. Om Sai Ram
    I would like to share a real truth with you
    why did you face so much problem you know because your parents were in pain past 14 years Baba was able to help you with it but not stop the problem .He had to bring your parents to you to stop your problem
    That wound is very painful dear .
    pls dont feel bad that's the truth
    because as a parent I'm going through that today and waiting for Babas blessings

  23. Sai samadguru maharaja ki jai ho

  24. Om Sai Ram blessings r there always for good people

  25. Om Sai Ram blessings r there always for good people

  26. Om Sai, Great experience of sai leela. Your exp is making us to improve faith and patience nothing but shradha and saburi on SAI. I am waiting for time to post my experience hope to come that day very soon.

    JAI SAI RAM!! I REMEMBER YOUR EKADASA SUTRAS which gives us energy and taste them in the form of above experiences