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Sai In Dream MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |
Shirdi Sai Devotee Divyaji Says: Sai Ram. Thanks to the founders of Mahaparayan group. I joined this group in Feb 2019. I read Sai Satcharitra many times. I do afternoon aarti every Thursday but I feel I was more blessed after becoming a part of global Mahaparayan.

Whenever I pray to Baba about anything, He responds very late. I was very upset with that. I will never make a mistake knowingly. I never hurt anyone intentionally. I am honest in everything. I used to ask Baba regularly, why still He didn’t respond? Even people who never pray are better than me. What is wrong with me? I never get any answer for this.

Recently Baba appeared in my dream and answered my question. Baba said "You will be blessed with what you asked for." Though I didn’t get the thing I asked for, I became very peaceful and stopped worrying about things. I know Baba will give me what I asked for. I am just waiting patiently, I have faith in Him.

Last week my sibling got sick very badly with stomach pain .She went into emergency and doctors confirmed a gynae problem. She needed a surgery immediately and was referred to another doctor. I prayed to Baba. He responded instantly. She visited another doctor and they said that surgery was not required and would wait for one month and then it would get cured on its own. After that she never got any severe problem.
Hope He will cure everything without the need of surgery. Thanks Baba, I am indebted to You.

Om Sai Ram

Seeing Baba in dream is the best thing in itself and for every Sai devotee it’s really a dream come true. Seeing Baba in dream and giving assurance; what more would anyone want for? What Baba says is bound to happen and there is no doubt about it. We are truly blessed to be Sai's children. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental ...!  

Pooja Garg
#Experience 685

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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