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Shirdi Sai Devotee Shareenji Says: Om Sai Ram to all the fellow devotees! I am grateful to Baba for introducing me to Mahaparayan, like this I’m always connected to Him. I am now about to share my experience of Ekadashi day.

I’ve been Baba’s devotee right from my childhood and I am a Sikh. The reason for me to mention my religion is because I don’t know much about the important days according to the Hindu calendar. On the day of the Ashadi Ekadashi, about like early morning, I dreamt of a picture/sculpture of Lord Vithhal of Pandharpur and within a fraction of seconds I saw our Sai Baba’s picture here. Baba was wearing a red coloured Kafni and patka. When I got up, I naturally thanked Sai Baba for this beautiful dream and felt quite blessed and fortunate for that Baba considered me to be worthy of this dream.

After waking up, I started with my regular routine and by afternoon I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw Baba’s pictures from Samadhi mandir in Shirdi along with Lord Vithhal’s small picture kept next to Baba’s Samadhi. In the caption it read “Shirdi Majhe Pandharpur Sai Baba Ramavar”. I researched a bit on the significance of Ashadi Ekadashi and Lord Vithhal of Pandharpur and found out that in Pandharpur this day is celebrated and revered. I had goosebumps and got quite emotional realizing the significance of Baba’s dream, thus I thanked my Lord Sainath and seeked His blessings.

Moreover, in the Mahaparayan group, somebody put up the Stavan Manjari (praises of Sainath by Das Ganu) and said that it is good to read the Manjari on Ekadashi day. I considered this as a golden opportunity and began reading, while I was concluding I came across a line wherein Das Ganu talks about Pandharpur, believe me, I felt like this was another assurance of Baba’s beautiful dream in the morning and how perfectly He pulled the strings of my day, starting from that dream followed by His pictures from Samadhi mandir along with Vithhal’s and finally reading the Stavan Manjari. (The picture is attached to the experience).

Thank You so much Sai Baba for considering me worthy of experiencing this beautiful bliss on Ashadi Ekadashi. Forever shower Your blessings on all of us.

Om Sai Ram
Shareen Vandal

Baba is Vitthal and Vitthal is Baba. As mentioned in Satcharitra so many devotees like Goulibuva, Balaram Dhurandar had witnessed the glow of Pandurang on Baba’s face.Seeing Baba in a dream is the best happening in itself and for every Sai devotee it’s really a dream come true. His ways He alone knows. Stavan Manjari is another blessing which Baba would like to bless His children with in this Kaliyuga to protect His children and shower His grace on them. Whoever will read it with faith his life would definitely change for the better. Sometimes His ways are beyond our comprehension and He never does anything without a reason! Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

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Pooja Garg

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  1. Thanks for sharing a wonderful Baba's leela shareen ji got goosebumps while reading Baba's Leela's are unfathomable. Om sai ram.

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