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Shirdi Sai Devotee Swati Ghoshji Says: Sairam my dear Sai brothers and sisters, this is Swati, a very humble devotee of our dearest Baba. Sorry Baba for this very late post. Though I have tried to pen down this post earlier, I failed. It is only Baba’s grace that can enable us to write about His leelas. So, let me first invoke Baba in the form of Lord Ganesha and Maa Saraswati to help me with this write-up. Just like any Sai devotee, even my life is a blessing of our Mother Sai. I don’t think there are any words in existence in this entire cosmos, that can express the glory of our Holy Mother. So, I don’t know how to convey my gratitude to our Sai Baba. I can only imagine myself digging my face in the folds of His kafni and sleep off in peace just as a child would rest in his mother’s lap.

Next, I would heartily thank Poojaji and the entire Mahaparayan team who have shown a new spiritual world to ignorant devotees like me all around the globe. At any given moment, whether at office or home, I am surrounded by atheists or not so spiritual people. So, I could never enjoy the nectar of Sai bhakti fully, which increases only when you share it with people around. But association with this Mahaparayan, has opened up new gates for me to explore and understand our Baba more, with like-minded devotees. Truly speaking Poojaji, yours, Laveenaji’s and Manju’s devotion is quite infectious; people around you all would unknowingly get immersed in Sai bhakti.

This leela, which I am going to expound here is about how Baba helped me to become the class teacher of MP-140. Please forgive me for my lengthy write up and any mistakes I might make. In the year 2017-18, I was a member of MP-140 and in the continuation year, 2018-19, I am not sure why my name was suggested for being the class teacher. Maybe, it was Sai’s way of increasing my connection with Him. So, when Poojaji asked me, I was apprehensive and it was only when Baba gave me a go via His signals, I agreed to be one. I got in touch with Seema Goyalji who was already one of the captains in the previous year. She not only boosted my morale, but also sent me the list of all devotees, who were ready to continue in the 2nd year.

After consolidating the list, I realized that I needed 16 more devotees to complete the group and the parayan was due to start in 7-10 days. Now I was in a fix, because I hardly go to Sai temples and have no connection with any of them. So, where could I get the devotees to complete my group? I asked for help in the Darbar groups, but hardly received any recommendations there. Two of my cousins agreed to join and so the deficit count reduced to 14. Then it was sheer Baba’s grace and leela, that Manjuji’s name flashed in my mind. She became my angel and on reaching out to her, she immediately gave me a list of around 15 devotees. Most of them were her temple friends, and in 3-4 days, my group was complete. Hence, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Manjuji, who became my knight in shining armor and helped me in this new journey.

Here, I was anxious about how the group would be formed and see the wonder of Baba’s grace – He has blessed me with some wonderful people in my group who with their selfless nature have always made our parayans successful. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my captains, Nandiniji, Seema ji, Moumitaji and Shilpaji for rendering such excellent and dedicated service. Also, heartfelt thanks to all my class members, who have always stepped up to volunteer for pending chapters. Unknowingly, I have developed an affection for all of them. Really, they are all Baba’s blessing on me and I get to learn so much from them.

This experience has taught me what Shraddha is, what faith on Baba means. If we venture out to do something good, if our goals are noble, then Baba will stand by us through thick and thin. When there is no one with you at times of distress, Baba does help and pulls you out of your sorrows. He is the Holy Mother and He knows what is best for all of us. So, if we haven’t got something which we prayed for, be rest assured that it was never good for us. He being the mother, how can He let, any calamities or bad stuffs to befall us. So, we should have absolute faith in His will. When we don’t know ourselves and our own weaknesses, then how can we know our so-called friends and relatives, whom we think we are acquainted with, since many years. Similarly, it is impossible to know all the people whom we meet every day and their motives/weaknesses, the hurdles in the tasks which we plan to undertake and the situations around us.

We are actually aware of only 1% of the truth. So, based on this, how can we trust our decisions and our desires? Probably, they can be more harmful for us. But our Baba knows everything; He is the omniscient one. He definitely knows the best course for each of us and He will guide us in such a way that we would be at an arm’s length from all of these dangers and get whatever we deserve, which would ultimately be good for us. So, submitting all to His will, we should enjoy whatever fruits He wants us to eat and digest. After all, mothers know what is best for their children.
Thanks Baba, for helping me to complete this writeup which was pending since long. I dedicate it at Your feet. Thanks everyone for reading this with patience. Hope, with Sai’s blessings, we His children, are able to imbibe His teachings in our day to day life.

Om Sai Ram!
Swati Das Ghosh

Mahaparayan is a blessing where without Baba’s will no one can join. It is He Who decides who will read where, in which team, which chapter. He has His angels spread across and who are working to make it a success and keep the torch of Mahaparayan going. 

Really Baba, we can’t ever thank You enough for the Mahaparayan which is indeed a true blessing, our Guiding Torch, a boat provided by You to cross this wordly ocean in this Kaliyuga. Thank You for choosing us for Mahaparayan and also giving us a chance to Your some seva which will ultimately help us evolve spiritually. Love You Sai. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental ...!  

Pooja Garg
#Experience 814

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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  1. Congratulations madam jai sree sairam you will be blessed with a nice healthy baby

  2. Sai ram, i am also experienced His blessings, my brother admitted in hospital and can't diagonise. All tests done and the fever was due to unknown virus. Doctors can't treat him and they re in dilemma. But He Himself cured my brother. Ohm sai namo nama Sree sai namo nama
    Shirdi sai namo nama
    Parthi Sai namo nama!!!!!

  3. Sai ram�� By Baba's grace I too had an experience. I joined mahaparayan group On march 2020. My husband office is far from home . So he took one house and stays their and could come to us only during week end.After the Corona virus he could come only after two week.He was staying alone and I was worried about him.last Sunday when I called him he said that he has sever headache. Every day when I pray to Baba I use to pray for whole world and for my family to help us to get rid of Corona. When I heard about my husband's headache i prayed to baba to protect him from Corona and what ever the reason for my husband's headache to heal him.At night i had some Udhi which is brought from shridi. I applied it on my forehead and had some and prayed to baba to heal my husband. Then next morning when I called my husband he said that he is perfectly fine. Thanking to Baba for healing my husband and being with my family as always he is. SAI RAM��������

  4. சாய் சங்கல்ப பிரேயர் மூலம்எணதுமகன் பி. ஜெயகணேஷிற்கு வேலைகிடைக்க பிரார்தனையில் வைத்து வேலைக்கான உத்திரவு சாயின் அருளால் கிடைக்க பெற்றது குருப்பிற்கும் பிரார்தனை செய்த அனைவருக்கும் நன்றி சாய்ராம்மஹாராஜிக்கு ஜே வே.பாகிருஷ்ணன் சாய்கீர்தன் வரிசைஎண்8